Why are pregnant women’s belly button bumps and concave?Most of them are affected by these three factors, do n’t guess the pregnant mother

The belly button is essentially the scar of the umbilical cord. It is located on the middle line of the abdomen and is usually depressed, but there are also a few people raised.

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After pregnancy, many women like to touch their belly often, but as the baby grows up, some pregnant mothers will find that why is our belly button "bigger"?

In fact, after pregnancy, a large part of the pregnant mother’s navel is raised, but it doesn’t matter what kind of boys and women. Its biggest relationship may be that the "beauty" of the mothers is related to the mothers.

This year, Xiaoxuan and cousin Ning Ning were pregnant. Xiaoxuan often went to the cousin’s house to exchange her pregnancy "experience".

As the baby’s month became bigger, she found that her cousin’s navel gradually protruded. She felt strange because she was pregnant a month earlier than her cousin, but her belly button had always been depressed.

Cousin Ningning said: "Everyone says that the navel protruding is the boy. You may be pregnant with a little princess, but they are all superstitious. No one knows whether it is accurate."

After listening to Xiaoxuan, she was doubtful. Is she really pregnant with a boy?

1) Personal constitution

According to clinical experience, there are two types of people’s navels, one is a depression, and the other is a small protruding state. The diameter is usually between 1-2 cm.

Therefore, the navel is concave or convex, which is actually related to the personal constitution of pregnant mothers.On the other hand, the unevenness of the navel is also related to the tightness of the pregnant mother’s skin.

If you are naturally relaxed, then after pregnancy, the navel is more likely to be "stretched", showing a raised state.

2) The degree of development of the fetus

Under normal circumstances, the navel will only be "raised" in the middle and late pregnancy, which is actually closely related to the development of fetal treasure.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus is small, so the pressure on the abdomen of the pregnant mother is not so large, but the fetus becomes larger after the third trimester, and the pressure on the abdomen will become larger.

At this time, not only the navel will be "raised", but some pregnant mothers also feel the pain of the navel.At this time, the pregnant mother should pay attention to do as much as possible to do less housework, reduce abdominal pressure, and the pain will slow down for a while.

3) The position of the placenta

Finally, the convex of the navel has a lot to do with the position of the placenta.Normally, the placenta will be on the front wall of the uterus, the back wall or the bottom of the palace, and the side wall.

However, when the placenta is relatively low and the ion mouth is very close, the pressure of the pregnant mother’s abdomen will increase a lot at this time, and the navel will naturally raised.

This situation generally belongs to the "placenta front", which is also more dangerous for the baby. Once you touch your stomach and easily hurt your baby.

According to relevant surveys, more than 90 % of pregnant mothers have grown up stretch marks during pregnancy.

If your belly button has always been "concave" after pregnancy, then you are more lucky, because such pregnant mothers are usually tight abdominal skin, and the skin of the abdomen can withstand great pressure.

This also means that the skin fiber of pregnant mothers with a sunken navel is better and it is not easy to break, so it is not easy to grow stretch marks.

Of course, stretch marks generally restore with the end of production, and pregnant mothers don’t have to be too anxious.

1) Control the diet

The stretch marks are because the belly is enlarged by the fetus and the fiber of the skin is formed after the fiber is broken.

Therefore, if you want to prevent stretch marks, you must control your weight while ensuring nutrition.

According to statistics, a single pregnant mother should remain between 11.5-16kg throughout the pregnancy, while the twin mother is between 14-23kg.

2) Appropriate exercise

Proper exercise can also help the skin to increase elasticity, such as simple walks, pregnant women yoga, etc., are not very severe exercises. Pregnant mothers can try it.

Of course, this amount should also be adjusted according to your own situation. Take walking as an example. You can once a day and evening, about 30-40 minutes at a time.

3) Pregnancy oil

Pregnant mothers with demand can also try some products of stretch marks, but these products are mainly aimed at the surface of the skin and play a role of dilute.

For the break in the skin, there is actually no effect. You can choose according to your needs.

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