Why can Tang Seng get pregnant?Is there a great god in Journey to the West?

(Snail See the Journey to the West No. 1907)

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I believe that as long as people who have seen Journey to the West must be no stranger to a plot: Tang Seng and Zhu Bajie drank the water of the mother’s river, and then the stomach was large, and they had to have children.

Later, fortunately, Sun Wukong and the sand monk defeated Ruyi Zhenxian and obtained the water of the birth of the birthday before solving their troubles.

So the question is, why can men get pregnant?Although it is myth, is this plot too much?

In fact, men are not pioneered by Wu Chengen. Whether in China or Western mythology, there are records of men with children.

It is rumored that on the distant Olympus Mountain, the goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom, jumped out of her father Zeus’s body.

On our Chinese land, men have children earlier than him.

According to the "Shan Hai Jing · Nei Jing" records: "The flood is heer.Ding Kyushu. "

What does that mean?This is actually talking about a paragraph.

In the era of Yaotongzhi, it was said that the God of Water and Vulcan Zhu Rong made a rack, knocked down the pillar of the sky, and did not have a hole in the sky.

Yao was very anxious to find people who can cure water everywhere.At this time, someone recommended it.But Yao didn’t trust him, but no one else could use it, so he had to agree to let him try it.

的 What is adopted by blocking methods, repairing the river bank, barriers to block the flood.

However, the flood could not be blocked at all.

At this time, there was a turtle to give him an idea: Why not go to heaven to borrow the Emperor’s interest soil?However, heaven not only did not lend him, but also criticized him for poor water treatment.

There was no way, he had to take the soil to the world with a stealing method.

The biggest characteristic of this interest soil is that it encounters water to reduce the soil, and the current has finally been forced to return to Tianhe.

The emperor knew that he was angry. He sent Zhu Rong to hold his blame, killed the 鲧 in Yushan, and took away the soil.Then the flood began to flood again.

However, the corpse of the corpse was not bad for three years after the death, and the emperor was afraid that he would disrupt the heaven after he was resurrected, so he sent Zhu Rong to open his stomach. I did not expect a little dragon inside, and finally flew to the hillside and became a handsome boy.EssenceThis boy is Dayu.

Therefore, from this myth, Dayu was born by his father.

In fact, not only in mythology, it is today’s medical proof that as long as the estrogen is used, and the uterus is transplanted, men can also be pregnant and have children.It’s just that risks and difficulties are mostly.

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