Why can the cucumber that is hard to grow?

Nothing is more sad than the hard -working cucumber than bitter gourd.Cucumbers are crispy and sweet in our impression, especially the organic cucumber planted by ourselves, but if the following points are not ready, it will really be very bitter.

After human training and continuous hybridization, the bitterness of cucumber has become less and less. The reason why it has a bitter taste is because it contains a compound called gourdin, including common zucchini and other melons.Bittering, cucumber will always have this substance. In the process of growing, the higher the content of gourdin, the more bitter the cucumber is.

1. Cucumber vine injury, Gourd is bitter

This is what many friends know. If the vines are damaged during the growth of cucumber vine, such as accidentally stepped on its vine, the harder the cucumber squeezed out last month, because its stem sufferedDamaged, when it grows under pressure, more gourdin will be piled on the cucumber, and the gourds are bitter. This is also a self -defense mechanism of plants.

2. Why is cucumber bitter?

The cucumber itself contains the two compounds of Hulin B and Hulin C, which will make its leaves and stems bitter, and these animals will not like to eat its leaves.The greater the growth pressure of cucumber, the more gourds in its melon, the more bitter the melon is.

These compounds also mainly exist in its leaves and stems. Most people must not know this problem, and they do not realize their existence, but if the melon also becomes bitter, we will knowIt is usually the most bitter ends of the melon and the most bitter.

3. Choose a variety with better taste

If the cucumber you grow is bitter, you may not choose the right variety. Some varieties have a sweet taste, including Jinyan No. 4, Xinjinchun No. 4, and pearl cucumber.

4. Can be appropriate temperature

The cucumber tastes bitter. The reason may be that the temperature is too low or the temperature is too high. Its best growth temperature is 10-32 degrees.Above 45 degrees.In the afternoon of excessive high temperature, you must shade it appropriately, which can be pulled up with a shade net, which can reduce the bitterness of cucumber.

5. Keep water supply

In a hot and dry environment, cucumber can easily become bitter, maintain, and keep plenty of water to avoid hacking.

About 3 cm under the soil, you can directly pour water through drying. When extreme drought, you should even keep the soil moist to avoid extreme drought.When you are particularly drought, you should also consider dripping or watering.

In an excessive drought area, some covers can also be added around the roots, such as covering wheat straw or straw rods on the bottom of the cucumber root stem, which helps keep moisture and avoid excessive growth of weeds.

6. Avoid barren soil

To maintain cucumber, avoid excessive barren soil. If the soil lacks nutrition, the cucumber will contain a large number of compounds, which will cause the taste to become bitter.In the process of growth, there are enough nutrients. Its growth pressure is relatively small, and it will produce better cucumber.

When planting, improve the soil in advance, and add enough organic soil and compost to the soil to ensure that there are enough nutrients in the entire growth season. In the growth season, it supplements it for fertilizer every two or three weeks.

7. Clean up weeds in time

In the process of growth, if there are many weeds that compete with it, weeds and cucumbers fight for nutrients and moisture, which will cause cucumber growth and pressure, and cucumber will become bitter.

8. Keep growth distance

In order to avoid fighting with each other between cucumber seedlings, it is necessary to ensure that each plant has a large distance. It is necessary to set up a scaffold in advance or set up a shelf to let it climb to grow. The distance between each plant must be at least 20 ~The spacing of more than 30 cm is also critical to ensure that they have enough growth space and enough nutrients.

9. Give sufficient light

Maintaining cucumber cannot be excessive and lacks sunlight, otherwise cucumbers will become bitter. Maintaining cucumber must have sufficient sunlight. It is best to have light of more than 4 to 6 hours a day.

Another thing to pay attention to should not be placed in the sun when the cucumber is cut off.


In order to reduce the bitterness of cucumber, you can try the following methods:

If the cucumber tastes bitter, you can cut the cucumber’s skin, cut off the side of the melon handle for 3 ~ 6 cm, and cut off the flower end.If it is still very bitter, the whole piece is very bitter, then it is basically not eaten, because this cucumber will contain a large number of compounds, which can easily lead to indigestion.

In short, to maintain cucumber, it is to make it less pressure during the growth process, and its melon is sweeter.

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