Why can’t pregnant mothers participate in the funeral?These 4 reasons reveal the truth

In ancient statements, pregnant women are more expensive. This cannot be available or not. For example, you cannot wear gold and silver, you can’t visit the patient, and you cannot participate in the funeral. Especially the funeral of relatives and friends.In this way, Chunxiang is also a pregnant mother who is protected. She is 6 months pregnant now, but unfortunately, a few days ago, her father -in -law died of brain hemorrhage after drinking alcohol.Like my daughter, I am very sad. Now I ca n’t participate in the funeral. I can only meditate for my baby.

I believe that many pregnant mothers know like this, and many pregnant mothers have encountered a lot of strange things when they are pregnant. Whether there are really ghosts and gods or not, as people who spread knowledge, it is still necessary to analyze scientific analysis.Why can’t pregnant women participate in the funeral? The specific reasons are mainly the following points:

1. Most of the funerals who are going to participate in pregnancy are their own relatives. Pregnant mothers are likely to be sad because of sadness.Women who are pregnant usually have nothing to do at home. After all, they usually feel tired, and those funerals who are not going to participate in pregnancy must be a relative and friend of pregnant mothers. Seeing their relatives leave the world, I believe everyone is everyone.It will feel sad, and the pregnant mother is no exception. It was easy to lose blood due to the child’s relationship. As a result, it would be easier to have problems when encountering spiritual fluctuations. Therefore, pregnant mothers cannot go to the funeral.

2. The venue of the funeral is public places.Although the atmosphere of the funeral is relatively solemn, it cannot guarantee that there are no bear children chasing and making trouble at the funeral, nor can it guarantee that everyone can take into account the pregnant woman around them.There are so many situations you push me in public places. How can a pregnant woman, in the crowd, how can it be at ease to ensure that you are absolutely safe?In this regard, pregnant mothers also need to avoid participating in the funeral.

3. It takes effort to take care of the entire funeral process.It takes a lot of time to complete the whole funeral. It takes a lot of time to pay attention to cultivation since pregnancy. In this case, it is relatively easy to cause fatigue.A piece of strength, not to mention participating in a complete ceremony?Considering this, close people will definitely discourage the pregnant mother to participate in the funeral.

4. Emotional excitement during pregnancy is also vulnerable to emotional infection. After participating in the funeral, it takes a long time to adjust.Mourning and crying are intertwined. Even a normal person can’t help crying, let alone a pregnant mother who is easy to be excited?The consequences of emotional excitement are likely to be imaginative and abnormal behavior. Basically, no pregnant mothers will say that they can maintain good sleep when they encounter such funerals.The funeral is also very reasonable.

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