Why do I add folic acid after pregnancy?The 6 effects of folic acid have benefited a lot

Folic acid is also called vitamin B9, which is a water -soluble vitamin.Folic acid can promote the maturity of skeletal cells. If people lack folic acid, they will cause red blood cell anemia and leukocytes. Pregnant women need to supplement folic acid during pregnancy.

The essential nutrients that the fetus is the essential nutrient when growing and developing is folic acid. Moms can take folic acid during pregnancy, so that the baby who is born can be healthy.At the same time, taking folic acid is also helpful to the mother’s health.Next introduce the main functions of folic acid:

1. Folic acid can prevent anemia in pregnant women.Anemia is due to the reduction of red blood cells in the body. Supplementary folic acid can make the body make red blood cells normally.Relevant information shows that about a quarter of women in China will have anemia, so pregnant mothers need to supplement folic acid.

2. Folic acid can prevent the baby’s congenital deformity.Everyone knows that some children may suffer from congenital heart disease when they are born.Taking folic acid can reduce the risk of congenital heart disease and let the birth baby grow up healthy.

3. Taking folic acid can prevent neural tube defects.There are many examples of congenital malformations in newborn babies. Neurotes are a more common example.Mothers who are pregnant need to take folic acid one month before pregnancy, and then insist on taking them for at least three months daily, so that the probability of neurotic defects can be reduced by half or more.

4. Folic acid can promote placenta development.Folic acid can affect the basic structure of DNA and cells to a certain extent. Taking folic acid can make the baby’s placenta grow rapidly, which is still important for babies.

5. Prevent placenta from peeling early.In the middle and late pregnancy of pregnant women, the growth of the fetus requires folic acid. In addition, the mother’s breasts and placenta development also need a lot of folic acid.If the folic acid is insufficient at this time, it is likely that the pregnant woman has premature peeling on the placenta, and hypertension syndrome has occurred. The fetus is also prone to delay in the palace, and premature babies or low energy children will occur.

6. Folic acid can prevent pregnant women from halal.Because folic acid contains a variety of vitamins, taking folic acid in pregnant women can reduce the risk of pregnant women’s osclalic.

The above introduces the main functions of folic acid and folic acid. There is basically no side effects of folic acid. The main function of folic acid is to reduce the risk of defects in newborn.There are many ways to supplement folic acid. You can eat some foods containing folic acid, such as the content of folic acid in spinach is very rich.You can also eat folic acid tablets directly to add and depend on personal hobbies. Both methods are feasible.

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