Why do I do if I can’t sleep during pregnancy?

When I was pregnant, I enjoyed a full range of care. The behavior of pregnant mothers also had a green light all the way. Many times, they were randomly rampant. In the case of conditions permit, pregnant mothers enjoyed the beauty of sleeping naturally.Theoretically, such a relaxed moment, you should enjoy life, but the new troubles come. When everyone enters the dream, the pregnant mothers can’t sleep, and it is easy to wake up even if I barely sleep.There is a lot of urine on the night, and every time you fall asleep, you have to "count the sheep".What should I do with such troubles?

Let’s analyze the cause of insomnia for pregnant women.

1. Every person who insomnia should go to bed late and get up late. We often say that the morning time is best to sleep. Every time I get up early, it is like a torture. With this reasons for sleeping in a bright and bright, how can we be willing to be willing to be willing to be willinggive up.In fact, the sun began to rise slowly at five o’clock in the morning. At this moment, the yang was born, and the early wake was in line with the laws of nature.Of course, we do n’t need to get up at five o’clock, but we do n’t need to sleep until nine or 10 o’clock or even lunch. Obviously, our body feels more tired. At the moment of sleeping at night, there is no sleep.

2. It is not advisable to "think" during pregnancy.Most of the pregnant women mistakenly think that "quiet care" is nothing more than the brain and carelessness. It seems that such a life is very pleasant, and the brain will become slow.It is not advisable to think about it. It is to relax the mentality of pregnant women, not to stop their heads.During pregnancy, we better use this time to science the knowledge of raising your baby and plan your baby’s education.Nowadays, all walks of life need training to get on the job, and the same is true for parents. You can avoid "panic" and make your baby less sin.

3. Nothing.Whether it is a professional woman or a mother to give birth during pregnancy, everyone will involuntarily relax the mentality.Pregnancy is just inconvenient to move, but it does not prevent the brain work at all. As long as your work is not physical work, you can also "compete", provided that you cannot "overtime".It is even better for mothers to be delivered. We can take advantage of the opportunity to charge ourselves, learn more about reserves, and save a lot after saving.

How can I relieve insomnia?

1. Personally think that when you first push "enrich yourself", let yourself get rid of the "mixed day" mentality of giving birth, and life becomes "busy" and orderly, you will find that you "sleep on the pillow" every night.

2. Pay the time before bedtime milk.Milk helps to sleep, but pregnant women often urinate at night because they oppress the bladder. The sweet substances have the effect of diuretic. In order to reduce the number of times of getting up, the time to drink milk is changed.

3. Don’t watch TV before going to bed.The chasing drama is probably what pregnant women do too much. Everyone has a glimpse of the desire of the whole picture. Those TV series always set up a lot of suspense to attract everyone to chase, so pregnant women should not watch TV at night.Reading books on the bedside, or woven sweaters, etc. are more quiet, making it easier to produce drowsiness.

4. Do not use pregnancy as an excuse during the day. Do not use it as an excuse. Pregnant women need to consume so many nutrients every day. Packing in the body will not only have back pain and back pain, but also cause "obesity".

When you can make your daily life "regular", you will find that insomnia has been cured.Pregnant women are special groups, but they need multi -point behavior, which does not mean "stop operation". The law of conforming to nature is the rule that everyone must follow.

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