Why do more and more people are unwilling to marry?One article tells you how important it is

Recently, Guangdong issued the "Notice of Coordinating the Pre -Marriage Pre -Marriage Pre -Pre -pregnancy Healthcare Work".Policies point out that by the end of 2022, Guangdong will fully implement a free marriage inspection and pregnancy inspection. This policy is undoubtedly a major benefit and an important measure to ensure health.

The country has been committed to improving the national marriage inspection rate. However, people’s marriage inspection is not high, and the value of marriage inspections is low.Some people even have a resistance to marriage inspections, and there are not a few lovers who tear their faces due to marriage inspections.

So, what is the reason for everyone to resist the marriage inspection?Is there necessary for the marriage check?

1. Healthy awareness

Many young people’s refusal to be married now is a major manifestation of weak health awareness.

Young people are strong and think that there is no problem with their bodies, and there is no need to do inspection.For the targets that get along all year round, many people think that they have fingered the other party. Is there any problem with themselves and they do not have to be determined by inspection.

2. Damage to the relationship between the two sides

The number of couples who quarreled due to marriage inspections is not a minority.In emotion, trust has always been valued between couples.

Many people think that pre -marital examination is a manifestation of the other party’s performance. It has sentimental feelings and is not conducive to the maintenance of marriage.

3. Conceal personal problems

One of the major reasons for rejection of marriage inspection also includes concealing personal problems.

Some people may have some defects on themselves, or have experienced pregnancy, abortion, etc., do not want to be discovered by their partners, for fear of damage to feelings, and therefore resist the marriage inspection.

Refusal of marriage inspection, but the country has been committed to improving the national marriage check rate, which shows the importance of marriage inspections.

The main purpose of the marriage inspection is to understand the health of both parties and their families, and avoid the health of the two parties due to the existence of some serious illnesses or genetic diseases, affecting the health of the offspring, and ensuring that the "eugenics and eugenics".This is also a manifestation of yourself, partner, family, and offspring.

Line up for a marriage check

Therefore, the marriage inspection is not because of some personal reasons. This is not an act of protecting marriage and maintaining feelings. Instead, it may damage the health after marriage and future health.In short, it is necessary to check before marriage!

However, there are certain limitations for marriage inspections.

First of all, the marriage inspection is not mandatory.Secondly, not all of them can be screened through marriage inspections, such as schizophrenia, depression and other mental illness.

1. Ask the medical history

During the marriage examination, the doctor will ask the health history, personal history, and family history of both men and women. They should be associated with each other. The doctor enters the results and gives medical advice according to the specific situation.

2. Physical examination

In addition to basic physical examinations such as height, weight, blood pressure, vision, hearing, and other basic physical examinations, men also need to do related inspections of male reproductive systems, such as whether the foreskin is too long, testicular, epididymia, penis development, or absentQu Zhang and so on.

Women need to do gynecological examinations, mainly to check whether external genitals and uterus develop abnormalities, whether there are gynecological inflammation, or whether there are lumps in the breasts and nodules.

3. Laboratory inspection

Laboratory examinations include routine blood, urine routine, liver and kidney function, electrocardiogram, chest tablets and other conventional examinations.

In addition, men need to do routine semen examination, hormone examination, and ultrasound examination. Women can do vaginal discharge examination. Under necessary conditions, the core chromosomes of both parties need to be checked.

With the opening of free marriage inspection policies, the national marriage inspection rate is expected to rise, which is of great significance for improving the quality of population, ensuring family life, and realizing eugenics.However, there are still many people who resist the marriage inspection and are not aware of the marriage inspection. Therefore, it is also important to strengthen the marriage and publicity and popularize health care knowledge!

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