Why do pregnant women always fart?

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Guide: After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will inevitably encounter some embarrassing things. Before that, Xiaobian saw that a treasure mother said that since she was pregnant, she became particularly fart, and she had to put a lot of farts almost every day.At the beginning, I thought it was just an ordinary gastrointestinal problem. It would be fine in a few days. As a result, I did not expect that the whole time was so long.

If it was okay when I was at home, it was even more important that when I was in a public place outside, I couldn’t hold back a large -scale social death scene.Speaking of the problem of farting during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers must feel the same. Why do you always like farting after pregnancy?Is there any way to alleviate such problems?

In fact, the main cause of farting during pregnancy is caused by flatulence in the intestine, which is a normal pregnancy phenomenon, and the cause of flatulence is mainly the following points:

1. Decreased intestinal peristalsis

After pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother will secrete a hormone to relax the muscles of the body. This is mainly to inhibit the occurrence of contractions and protect the fetus healthy growth in the uterus.And this also causes the peristalsis of our intestine. When the food is through the intestinal tract, it will stay for a long time due to the lack of peristalsis, and these foods stay in the intestine and fermentation will cause gas and fart.

2. The effect of hormone level in the body

During our pregnancy, all kinds of estrogen hormones are also constantly secreted, and some of the components of some hormones can cause flatulence in our gastrointestinal, which causes pregnant mothers to often have fart and exhaust.And this is also an unavoidable physiological phenomenon. As long as we are still pregnant, the estrogen hormone in the body will continue to secrete, and the problem of farting will naturally exist.

3. The squeeze of the intestinal growth of the fetus

As the fetus continues to grow, the volume of the uterus will also be squeezed to the intestine, which is also the cause of constipation during the third trimester.The space of the intestine is squeezed, so the peristalsis will be further reduced, and the food stays in the intestine for a long time, and more gas will be decomposed under the action of digestive enzymes, which will cause the problem of bloating and fart frequency frequency will be frequent.hair.

So, how can pregnant mothers do during pregnancy to reduce the embarrassment of farting?In this regard, we can try to improve the gastrointestinal health environment during pregnancy through the following methods and reduce fart:

1. Try to avoid drinking carbonated drinks

During the pregnancy, the intestine itself will decompose more gas, and the carbonated drink contains a lot of carbon dioxide gas components. After drinking, it is easy to cause bloating and snoring. After entering the intestine, it will increase the volume of the gas.Therefore, if you love fart during pregnancy, drink less carbonated drinks.

2. Reduce foods with high starch content

After entering the intestine into the intestine, it will be decomposed into glucose and gas components, and this is also the main source of intestinal flatulence. Therefore, you should pay attention to reducing foods with high starch content during pregnancy.wait.

3. Increase the exercise of the body

Proper exercise can help stimulate the intestinal peristalsis through the influence of external forces, so that food can shorten the time to stay through the intestine, so that the food residues will not be fermented excessively in the intestine, and naturally, it will naturally alsoA reduction of bad gases.

4. Drink more warm water

Water is conducive to moisturizing the intestinal tract, relieving constipation, and helping to promote the problem of reducing defecation and reducing flatulence, but we do not have to drink a lot of water at one time.Instead, it is necessary to distribute water in different time periods for a day, and drink a small amount of many times, so as to fully moisturize the intestine, and minimize the cold water as much as possible to avoid irritating the intestine.

Important Tips: During pregnancy, due to the reduction of intestinal peristalsis, stimulation of hormone levels, and squeezing the intestinal growth of fetal growth, the time for food to stay in the intestine will become longer, causing gas to cause flatulence and putFlat problem.Normally pay attention to avoid drinking carbonated drinks, eat less foods with high starch content, increase exercise and drink more warm water, which is conducive to reducing the problem of farting.

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