Why do some female chairman "auxiliary milk"?It is difficult to see long and secondary milk. Learn these 4 tricks to eliminate quickly

Receive a reader’s letter in the background:

"I am only 21 years old this year, 159 tall, and weighing about 48kg. Friends around me will say that I am thin when they see it, but they do n’t know that I actually have a“ vice milk ”.Hundred, there will also be a pair of milk, how should I eliminate it? It’s really distressed. "

In fact, many people have the same troubles. Some people obviously look thin, but they have a pair of milk, and some people even feel inferior to this.

Vilular milk refers to excess breasts formed by the human body except for normal breasts.Before birth, there were many unsteady breasts on both sides of the body.After birth, the breast degradation on both sides of the body left only a pair of breasts.

There are also a small number of people. Due to abnormal development, some breasts have failed to be completely degraded, and eventually formation was formed.The internal structure of the auxiliary breasts is exactly the same as that of normal breasts. Usually it grows in front of the armpits or under the armpit, and women are more common.

The auxiliary milk is similar to the underarms, which is often unclear.Fat belongs to fat groups and is common in obese people.Milk milk is congenital abnormalities in the breast.Fat or auxiliary milk can be judged through tenderness or changes in the menstrual cycle and early pregnancy.

If in these two special periods, it is obvious that the disadvantage and increase of the masses of the armpits, and after the special period, it will be reduced and the pain disappears. It is most likely a pair of breasts.There is a period of periodic changes, and it will not cause tenderness.

Some people are worried that the auxiliary milk will affect health and can induce breast cancer.According to experts, although clinical auxiliary milk will also occur, small leaf hyperplasia, fibrous adenoma, etc., there are rarely malignant diseases, and vice breast cancer is rare. Therefore, the impact of sub -milk has little effect on health.A certain impact.

If the auxiliary milk is relatively large and seriously affects normal clothes and life, surgical resection can be performed.It should be noted that there is a certain risk of surgical removal of sub -milk, which may damage the armpit blood vessels. Be sure to go to a regular hospital to remove it. Do not choose an unknown small clinic to avoid serious sequelae.

If the auxiliary milk is not large, the impact can be reduced by diet, exercise, dressing, etc.

1. When wearing a chest, do not "plug" the pair of milk into the bra. Instead, you should choose a bran -sized bra to avoid squeezing the auxiliary milk for a long time, resulting in poor local blood transportation.

2. Adhering to the expansion of the chest, it is conducive to eliminating paramilk.The specific method is to take a bottle of mineral water with both hands and do 20-30 chest expansion exercises.Or like raising dumbbells, put the mineral water over the top of the head, and then straighten it, and do it 20-30 times a day.

3. Diet should be light, less oil and less salt and less sugar, avoid taking too much high -calorie food, eat more crude fiber foods such as sweet potatoes, corn, as well as foods such as melon, barley, etc., accelerate the body’s fat and excess moisture in the body.Metabolism helps eliminate parasitic milk.

4. In daily life, pay attention to the cleaning and hygiene of breast skin. Do not use cold or overheated water to stimulate the breasts. You should also avoid frequent friction and rubbing the auxiliary milk. At the same time, you should keep your mood comfortable and avoid excessive emotional fluctuations.

In addition, it should be noted that some women think that the auxiliary milk is ugly, especially when wearing a suspender skirt in summer. The auxiliary milk will be unsightly. Therefore, they like to wear small or too tight bras to wrap the parallel dumps.

This is an indispensable method, which can easily cause poor blood circulation of the paramilk, which is not conducive to breast health.Scientific conditioning through diet and exercise can eliminate the effects of the auxiliary breasts and reduce the effects of the appearance on the appearance.

There are people who love beauty, but because everyone’s auxiliary breasts are different, they cannot be generalized.All in all, whether it is diet, exercise, massage, etc., or surgical resection, it is necessary to use science as the principles, so as to ensure the effect of removing the effect of the auxiliary milk and the safety of its own life.”Zero plan “” 2021 Spring Festival Medical Road Guardian “” 39 Health Super Energy Group”

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