Why do some mothers milk during pregnancy?Don’t worry, this is not a bad thing

After pregnancy, each mother pays great attention to the changes in her body. Once there is any problem, it will be treated in time to allow the fetal treasure to stay in the stomach healthy.Some mothers find that after pregnancy, breast secretion will produce some substances.And this caused them to panic, and they were afraid that this would affect the growth and development of fetal treasure.

Moms can notice this phenomenon in time, and it is careful, but milk secretion is normal during pregnancy.Next, let’s talk about the specific reasons. The doubtful Baoma can read the following content carefully.

1. The secretion and cause during pregnancy

During pregnancy, expectant mothers will have some hormones, such as progesterone, prolactin, etc. These will promote the mother’s milk catheter and the development of the breast, and some changes in breasts.On the surface, the mother’s breasts will become larger and the color will become darker.When it is 16 weeks to 22 weeks of pregnancy, the mother’s skin cells are also differentiated into lactating cells. At this time, a small amount of milk will be produced, but most of these milk is absorbed by their own cells.Therefore, most mothers can’t see their milk, but there are also a few mothers, especially the second -born mother can see the secretion of her milk.

Many pregnant mothers will have milk secreted and causing scabs for a long time. This is milk.This process will continue until postpartum, and the milk during this period is called colostrum, which is "gold under concentrated".When the placenta comes out, milk is also secreted in large quantities.The breasts will slowly be adjusted. The baby eats more and the milk produces more.

2. What to do if postpartum milk is insufficient

The power of mother’s milk is inseparable from the baby. If she is fed, exposed to multiple contacts, and feed on demand, the mother’s milk will be more sufficient.In addition, mothers also need to learn some breastfeeding knowledge and some correct babies in the pose. In this case, breastfeeding will be more comfortable.Mother postpartum mothers should not add formula milk at will, try to keep their mood happy and sleep on time.In this case, mothers will be more confident when breastfeeding, and it is also conducive to breastfeeding.

It will be better to wear breastfeeding underwear after giving birth. On the one hand, it can reduce a little embarrassment, on the other hand, it will not affect the quality of breast milk and reduce breast deformation.The usual underwear will be led to the breast, but it must not be worn in public, so mothers can prepare this in advance.Pay attention to the material of the fabric and convenient when choosing, and try to buy with peace of mind and suitable products.

When there are problems during pregnancy, mothers have more heart -shaped eyes and ask the doctor in time when there are questions.Regardless of the size of the problem, don’t follow your heart. You must know that science is the truth.

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