Why do women dysmenorrhea?It is related to 2 reasons. There is a situation to treat

Women will come to "relatives" once a month. Sometimes "relatives" are very mild and will not give female friends any pain or discomfort, but sometimes "relatives" are very irritable, making female friends unbearable, and even affecting it, it will even affect the pain, and it will even affect it.work and life.This "relative" is the legendary menstruation, and the dysmenorrhea is dysmenorrhea that makes women suffer.

Menstruation refers to the endometrium endometrium periodic fall and bleeding. Generally, the monthly period is 21-35 days, with an average of 28 days; each menstrual duration is 2-7 days, with an average of 3-5 days.The menstrual flow is 20-80 ml, with an average of 30-50 ml.Heaven is the ovulation period. At this time, there is a high chance of conception in the same room.

① Primary dysmenorrhea: Women have no disease in their bodies, and dysmenorrhea has not been reasonable before menstrual or menstrual periods. Most of the prostaglandin synthesis, uterine smooth muscle contraction, or uterine ischemia.

② Secondary dysmenorrhea: Women have certain diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, etc., and dysmenorrhea will disappear after cure.

If women’s dysmenorrhea, try the traditional Chinese medicine therapy -moxibustion, so that the heat sensation of the surrounding skin such as acupuncture points has a local and surface thermal sensation.Women with dysmenorrhea can be moxibustion around the navel, placed the lit moxa at 3 cm from the skin, and slowly rotate the acupuncture points at a point as a point.

Moxibustion can be performed before menstruation. Each moxibustion is 15-30 minutes. Do not expect to see the effect once. Moxibustion once or twice before menstruation, and moxibustion for two or three months in a row. Maybe you can see the effect.Remember, do not moxibustion during menstruation, it is easy to bleed too much menstruation.

① When you are full, hungry, overworked, drunk, etc., do not moxibustion;

② Diabetes, diabetes, tuberculosis, hemoptysis, and acute period of hemorrhagic encephalopathy, etc. Do not moxibustion.

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