Why do you always want to drink water after pregnancy?In the fourth case, pregnant women should pay attention to

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A few days ago I met Xiaomao, who was pregnant for 5 months, and talked for a while.Among them, she said that she has often felt thirsty since she was pregnant. She did not like to drink water, and she had to bring a water cup everywhere now.In fact, many pregnant women will encounter such a situation, that is, it is obvious that it is easier to feel thirsty than before.It is generally related to these four reasons. It is necessary for pregnant women to understand.

1. The effect of pregnancy vomiting

After being pregnant, most pregnant women will be tangled by pregnancy, and that feeling really does not want to have a second time in this life.Even if pregnant women eat very little every day, they will still vomit.For a long time, the water consumption in pregnant women will consume more. If water is not replenished in time, pregnant women will feel thirsty.Generally, pregnant women will have a bad appetite at this time. It is recommended that pregnant women drink plenty of water and have a lighter diet. They can eat some fruits to relieve pregnancy.

2. The fetus discharge metabolites through amniotic fluid

During pregnancy, the fetus also has excretion, and it will be discharged through amniotic fluid.The amniotic fluid is also constantly updated, so pregnant women will have thirst and frequent urination.In fact, the thirst of pregnant women is a signal from the fetus, reminding pregnant women to supplement water.At this time, pregnant women should pay attention to hydrating in time to maintain the amount of amniotic fluid and the metabolic level of the body.

3. The metabolism after pregnancy has accelerated

After women’s pregnancy, the secretion of hormones and progesterone in the body increases, and the body temperature will increase. This will cause the metabolism of pregnant women to accelerate, which will cause pregnant women to feel dry mouth.You know, the metabolism of the human body is inseparable from the maintenance of moisture.Pregnant women remember to drink plenty of water, otherwise it affected the body’s metabolism. Some metabolites could not be discharged in time, which would affect the normal development of the fetus.In severe cases, dehydration may occur.

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4. Pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes

Many pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes due to too much sugar intake or other reasons during pregnancy, and thirst is one of the manifestations of gestational diabetes.If pregnant women have symptoms such as thirst and fatigue, frequent urination, this may be gestational diabetes, it is best to go to the hospital for examination.And you usually drink plenty of water. Do not drink water to reduce the number of times to go to the toilet.

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