Why do you hug me again?She is pregnant, but she is not pregnant with mines.

The picture comes from the Internet

"Why don’t you wear a set that day!"

Bai Chichi’s question passed to Su Moqing through the phone. He was shouted. To be honest, in the growth career of Su Moqing, few people yelled at him so much.The phone, sensitive, also noticed that Bai was crying.

After all, it was a person who had been close to each other, and he was also a woman who had a good opinion. Su Moqing took out his patience.

"What’s wrong with you? Are you unhappy?"

Bai Zhi’s questioning was not powerful. She opened her mouth and couldn’t say what she wanted to say, and tightly pinched the inspection report and said a word gently.

"Su Moqing, I’m pregnant, what should I do?"

Su Moqing came very quickly. After Bai had hung up the phone for a minute, she saw him at the door of the hospital.

When Su Moqing never had such a hurry, he hurriedly went straight to the hospital with the car key. On the way, he kept saying a word in his brain, "Su Moqing, I’m pregnant."

Bai Chi is pregnant?It’s his child!

He has a child?He has a child right away!

When Su Moqing got out of the car, he saw Bai’s long slender figure standing on the side of the road. It seemed as if he was about to faint. He had a tight heart, and hurriedly got out of the car and walked to Bai Chichi.Just hold Bai Chi in his arms, "So hot, what do you stand outside."

She is pregnant!She is pregnant!

Su Moqing hugged Bai Chi, holding a treasure, he looked at her face and looked at her belly.

She really has his child?

The old man was really nervous, and his hands holding Bai Chi were shaking.

At this moment, he was thinking, why is she so thin, she is too thin, and he must feed her fat in the future.

Bai Chi was frightened by Su Moqing’s princess. She looked at Su Moqing’s eyebrows, and she had obvious doubts with a touch of concern. He didn’t believe her.

"I’m afraid you can’t find me."

Bai Chi lowered his head, Su Moqing had obvious cigarette smell, but it was not strong and a little good, but the man’s embrace made Bai Chi very uncomfortable. She wanted to seize Su Moqing’s clothes, but she was afraid of making his clothes getting it.Wrinkles can only grasp your thin clothes tightly, and his face is confused and scared.

"As long as you contact me, I can find you wherever you are."

Su Moqing put Bai in the car and tied her seat belt carefully. "Su Moqing, what did I say on the phone, do you remember?"

Su Moqing shook his hand holding the steering wheel. He wanted to calm down and banged again. When he was so nervous, he was so nervous that he didn’t know how to answer Bai Chi.

Does she really have his child?

Just once, she had his child?This is incredible.

And Bai Chuang couldn’t see Su Moqing’s face, and he couldn’t judge what he was thinking. She could only grieved, "Su Moqing, I didn’t lie to you, I just followed you in bed, I am not the kind of woman you think","

Bai Chi Chi lived independently very early and saw a lot of human nature. The president of the idol drama only existed in idol dramas. In reality, rich people could not avoided her girl like her, so Su Moqing suspected that it was normal.

"Mr. Su, I just checked it online. If you doubt me, you can do DNA testing during pregnancy …"

"Bai Chi, I didn’t doubt you." Just when Bai Chichi explained, Su Moqing replied, "Are you leaned in the car to sleep for a while, okay?"

He now needs a quiet environment to digest the shock that Bai Chi has brought him late.

"Where do we go?" Su Moqing’s words may be comforted to Bai Chi, and her hand no longer dragged the seat belt tightly.

"Your face is not very good, I’ll take you to eat."

Su Moqing saw Bai Chi’s face at a glance at a glance, and now it seems to be smaller. When he was just hugging, he was just like a feather. "Do you usually don’t eat?The chicken is the same. "

The old man had already started to feel distressed, and he must feed her.

"I eat it."

Bai Chi replied whispering, the car drove steadily on the road. Bai Chi may be heard that Su Moqing was willing to believe her, and the psychological burden was not so heavy.A private house.

"Don’t get off the car."

When Su Moqing saw Bai Chi want to get out of the car by himself, he came out of the driver’s seat and held her in his arms again. "There is a stairs here, you should be careful."

In the eyes of the private dish waiter, Bai Chi was cautiously hugged into the box by Su Moqing, and then gently put her on the soft stool.The vegetables are all in the past. "

The waiter looked at Bai Chi, who was already familiar with the whole person again, heaven, this girl looks very small!

"Okay, do you need desserts? Recently there are new bird’s nest."

"Pregnant women can eat, all of them."

After the waiter left, Bai Chicang raised his flushed face. "Do you really believe me?"

It is difficult for her to believe that Su Moqing is so easy to believe her.

"Maybe." Su Moqing believed in his intuition. He knew that Bai Chi was not lying. What made Su Moqing most unwilling was that when he heard Bai Chi said that she was pregnant, he had a little surprise in his heart. That kind of surpriseIt’s really strange to make Su Moqing want to cry.

"This is a checklist." Although Su Moqing believed, Bai Chi was still reporting to him with a blood test.

Su Moqing also picked up the inspection report and stared clearly that the fetus had been written on it for six weeks. Has he really had a child?This is incredible.

Su Moqing’s hand was shaking.

"I know that you are difficult to accept for a while, but this is the fact." Bai Chi lowered his head and looked at her flat belly. She said uncomfortably, "Who made you not wear a set that day."

"This is what your man looks like. Just care about your own happiness. Don’t you understand, don’t you understand? You are so much older than me, you really hate it."

Maybe Su Moqing’s embrace is very warm, maybe Bai Chi is really stupid. She began to complain about Su Moqing’s irresponsibility that day.Is the illegitimate child flying all over the sky?

"What is my experience and what is me who is so old. I can’t think of so much at the same day." Su Moqing was gritted by Bai’s teeth, "Also … and …"

Su Moqing’s ears were reddish. He didn’t want Bai Chi to misunderstand that he was a loved person. After all, they had a common child.

"That day, what’s the case, I really didn’t think so much. It was my fault to make you so small with children. I will compensate you."

Su Moqing never thought that he would meet the third woman who couldn’t be sensitive, so she was not prepared in that aspect.

But Bai Bai heard Su Moqing’s face, but she didn’t believe it, but she looked at him without talking.

Fortunately, the waiter started to serve at this time, otherwise Su Moqing would really talk about his innocent problem with Bai.

After the waiter left, Su Moqing pushed the vegetables to Bai Chi."You eat first."

Bai Chi is really hungry. From last night to today, she basically didn’t eat anything. Now the table is all delicious food she has never eaten before, and she can’t help her. "YouDon’t eat it? "

"you eat."

Bai Chi has no matter if Su Moqing is, a person opens the bow on the left and right, and the private room is different. There is no feeling of nausea after eating. "It’s delicious."

When Bai Chi was full of eight points full, he finally asked his question, "Mr. Su, how did you plan for children?"

Bai Chi didn’t know that he would not want it.

"You tell me this news, how did you plan?"

"I don’t know, Mr. Su."

Bai Chi lowered his head, "The doctor said that the parents need to be aborted, but my parents were gone early. The doctor asked me to find a boyfriend, but I …"

Su Moqing hadn’t had time to digest a long life, and he heard that she wanted to flow off the child at once. He was furious. "Do you want to kill my child?"

Su Moqing, who changed his face at a moment, was frightened by Bai Shi, "I … Do you want it?"

"Bai is late, isn’t my performance obvious?" He hung up the phone and ran to the hospital to pick her up to the private room for dinner.

He didn’t believe it without reservation. Didn’t he show that he wanted children very much?

For this child, his family had already thought of IVF. If he had not allowed him to go on the way to surrogate in other countries as early as possible.

The old man who wanted to do his best was to want him to have a child, and Bai Chicai wanted to kill his child.

He is not allowed!

Su Moqing’s "Bang "’s punch on the table was on the table." Bai is late, give birth to this child, you can do anything. "

Bai Chi was frightened by Su Moqing. She subconsciously said her concern, "I want to study, and I will start school in September."

"Take a break! As long as you give birth to this child, you will satisfy you in any university in China in the future. The premise is that you must give birth to your child."

Su Moqing was so excited that he was a little disappointed. He pulled the tie and looked at Bai Chi a little scared. He took his own momentum slightly. "Don’t be afraid, I will not hurt you, as long as you give birth to the child,I will promise you whatever you want. "

Bai Chichi did not think that Su Moqing cared about the child in her stomach. Looking at Su Moqing’s cold face, she shrank her neck. "If you want, I will give you up."

"Okay, you can continue to eat." Su Moqing squeezed his nose. Today’s impact is too great, and Su Moqing, who has always been calm, almost can’t hold it.

"I have eaten it."

Bai Chi was put down the chopsticks, and it was a pity to watch a lot of unmoved dishes on the table, but she knew that it was not realistic to let Su Moqing pack it. She could only stare at the dishes on the dining table.

"If you like it, take you again tomorrow." It is still a child. I ca n’t bear to see delicious things in my eyes. Su Moqing thought of it and calmed down.

I also forgive that Bai has just said that she wants to flow off the child. After all, she is still young and does not understand the meaning of a child in this world.

Bai Chi looked at Su Moqing and then bowed his head, "It’s late now, I want to go home."

She glanced at her mobile phone secretly, and it was eight o’clock in the evening. I don’t know if she was a little sleepy because of pregnancy and wanted to sleep.

"Don’t think about it. From now on, you can’t leave my sight a meter away."

How could Su Moqing let Bai Chica leave his sight, and he just knew that Bai Chi was long and lost his parents, so Bai Chi Chi took care of himself.

It also explains why she worked in a big hotel, and why she would not resist no matter what they did that day.

Because she has no wayward right, she needs a job to support herself. She said that she is true to make money to college, because she only has the opportunity to change her life.

"I get used to my own life, and I will take good care of myself."

Su Moqing’s oppression is too sufficient. Bai Chichi doesn’t want to always be with him, she is afraid of indigestion.

"Bai Chi, you have to remember, you are pregnant with the only child of my Su Moqing. Whether it is a man or a woman, he is the future heir of the Su family. So I do n’t agree or allow you to leave my sight.Do you get me?"

It is no exaggeration to say that if other people in the Su family know that Bai has the flesh of Su Moqing, Bai’s late status will instantly higher than Su Moqing, becoming the golden pimple of the Su family, the most expensive person.

"Ah?" Su Moqing’s words made Bai grow up late, "Will your wife in the future have any opinions?"

At first glance, Su Moqing came from the wealthy family. His future wife is also Miss Qian Jin, who is right. How can he agree that the husband’s illegitimate son is the master. This novel dare not write this way.

"Bai Chi, what you should think now is to take good care of yourself, let your baby grow up, and hear it." Su Moqing found that the girl in front of him did not figure out his status, and he was unwilling to explain.Bai is delayed.

"Why are you holding me again?" Bai Chi was held by Princess Su Moqing without paying attention. Although the old man’s chest was wide and warm, she still had some resistance or embarrassed.

"It is dangerous to go down the stairs for a while." Su Moqing said seriously.

"I’m not a three -year -old child." Bai Chi was dissatisfied with Su Moqing as a glass man. She was pregnant, but she was not pregnant with mines, and she exploded as soon as she touched.

"In my eyes, you are a child." At the age of nineteen, he was 11 years old. Isn’t it a child?

"I am a child, then you don’t have a measure to make me a child, don’t you feel awkward?" Bai Chichi took a sigh of relief.

"You were seduce me that day." Su Moqing’s words made Bai’s long face become popular. Although she was pressed, she still remembered what she did.

Bai Chi couldn’t find a refutation, he could only bury his head into Su Moqing’s arms. Anyway, he was willing to hold it, and she would not have less meat.

Su Moqing looked at Bai’s lovely appearance, and he also aroused the corner of his mouth.

The old man’s happy life came too suddenly, but it seemed that he was well accepted.

Su Moqing hugged Bai Chi and just walked to the door of the private room. Uncle Wang also drove to the gate. He saw that there was a girl in Su Moqing in his arms with a pupil earthquake, but there was no expression on his face.

Get off and opened the door to let Su Moqing carefully put Bai up in carefully, and then sat next to her.

The seat belt was tied to Bai Chi, and he asked a little worried, "Will this make your stomach uncomfortable?"

Bai Chi shook his head, a small road made Bai Chi even more trapped, his eyelids were fighting.

"Sleep as if you are sleepy." Su Moqing’s voice just fell, and the personnel who leaned on his body was not saved.

"Why really go to sleep like a child." Su Moqing touched Bai’s late hands a little cold, took off his jacket on Bai Chichi, and instructed Uncle Wang to drive slowly. By the way, he hit a one by the way.Telephone to Assistant Li.

"Assistant Li, you go to the supermarket to buy a life product that pregnant women can use to my home. Including snacks, fruits, washing products that pregnant women can eat, buy the best and most expensive one.Pack it out. "

"Secretary Chen, tomorrow morning, you can use the sofa and bed in my office to be a little bit available for pregnant women. The color can be cute. In addition, put more snacks and fruits that pregnant women can eat in the office.How many pairs.

"There are also toys that girls like. Books or TV dramas that pass the time are prepared. Another table is placed next to my desk. Remember to be very comfortable in the office chair.You prepare a few more sets of light -proof clothes. "

"Bai Chen, you will help me hang a obstetrics and gynecology department in your hospital tomorrow. I will take someone to check in the morning."

Su Moqing whispered the follow -up things, and he regardless of how aggressive the person who received the call, and no matter his friends sent more than 100 information, the "卧 卧" occupied 80 %, and even moreNo matter how shocking Wang’s expression, his hands were trembling.

He just looked at Bai Chi who was sleeping quietly, touched his hand for a while, touched his forehead for a while, and didn’t blink like a idiot.

Of course, Bai Chichi didn’t know that she became a giant panda in Su Moqing since then. She would no longer live alone in the future, and those who love her gradually became more.

At 9 o’clock in the evening, Su Moqing returned to the place where he lived late with Bai.

He only arrived home, and Assistant Li also panting with a large bag of small bags.

Assistant Li just wanted to say something, and was stopped by the big boss.

Assistant Li’s eyes were very good and not myopic. Even if Su Moqing protected Bai Chi very well, he recognized Bai Chi, and he thought of what he had just bought, and he was shocked.

Because the time was too tight, the aunt who called him had not cleaned out the bedroom on the first floor, and Su Moqing could only go upstairs to hold Bai Chi into his bedroom.

He put Bai on the bed again carefully again, watched her rolling into the bed without saying, and lying directly on the bed and sleeping. This move scared Su Moqing to jump hard.one time.

"Bai is late, you press your stomach."

Maybe Bai Chi was sleeping too much. Su Moqing called for a long time. She did not respond. There was no way Su Moqing could only go up and turned Bai Chi a face.He reached out and grabbed Su Moqing’s neck without saying, but also stunned with his head, "It’s warm."

The old man was shocked by Bai’s delay. To be honest, he held Bai for a few times before. He was worried about the safety of the child and had no other thoughts.In imagination, he could even smell the unique fragrance of the girl. The girl’s face stabbed his neck as if he was holding his heart. He should start to raise the flag immediately.

Su Moqing blushed for his physiological response, and scolded himself politely, "Beasts are not as good as!"

Bai Chichi just conceived the child very hard, but he had this damn idea. What is this beast?

The old man scolded himself in his heart, and then gently opened Bai Bai’s hands on the bed, covered her with the quilt, and adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner.His forehead and even his feet were in a normal temperature. He left the bedroom reluctantly.

Assistant Li was still trembling downstairs. The bedroom on the first floor was quickly cleaned up by the aunt of the housekeeping. Su Moqing checked it and felt that it was barely. "Buy a small bed in the bedroom tomorrow."

"Uh … Who sleeps?" Assistant Li didn’t understand the meaning of Su Moqing.

"I sleep." He didn’t have any experience, but he didn’t dare to sleep with Bai Chi on a bed. What if he pressed her, what if he fell asleep and reached out to Bai’s belly?

The best way is that he sleeps another bed, which can take care of Bai Chi and let her take a good rest.

"Okay, I will arrange it right away." Even if I had a lot of questions in my heart, it was impossible to ask Su Moqing to ask Su Moqing, and I could only scream and scream and shout.

"I have something to do tomorrow morning, you push it to the afternoon, and you and Secretary Chen make everything that should be done in my office."

"Now you go back."

Assistant Li opened his mouth, and once again determined that he had a long time to save Wei Xin and his mobile phone number, which was very correct.

It was just that he really did not expect that Bai Chi not only let the big boss treat her another look, but also succeeded in the child of the big boss. Since then, he has reached the pinnacle of life.

"By the way, you will find me from the aunt who will take care of pregnant women from tomorrow. Remember, find good, professional, there is no problem with the price. It must be very professional, experienced, too young or too old.Strict and fierce, you can find out the interview after you find out your suitable person, understand? "

Bai is too young to be too young. When he sounds a little bit, she is scared, so the aunt who takes care of her should not be too fierce. What if she bully her?

Hey, Su Moqing has some headaches. He even wants to take Bai to the old house directly to take care of her at home, but in this case, Bai will be more passive.It’s right.

Let’s ask Bai Chi’s opinion tomorrow. He also came from this age. He knew that he didn’t like others to make any decisions for her, so Su Moqing respected Bai’s thoughts on this point.

At seven o’clock in the morning, Bai was woken up by the alarm. She opened her eyes for a while and did not respond to where she was.

The room is very large, very spacious, bigger than her home, but she is very strange.

Bai was stunned for ten minutes. It was not until the alarm sounded again that she picked up the mobile phone and turned off the alarm clock, and then sent a message to the manager of the milk tea shop, saying that she was still not very comfortable today, and asked for a day off for a day.

The manager should not get up, so he did not reply to her.

Bai Chi didn’t care about putting down the phone, got off the bed, and then walked out of this strange room. He just met Su Moqing who returned to the bedroom.

"Wake up? How about sleeping?"

Su Moqing couldn’t control the late forehead and hands of Bai, and found that it was normal temperature, so he did not return to the room to get a blanket.

"Very good." Bai looked at everything around him, she was a little scared, "Where is this?"

"My family." Su Moqing pulled Bai Bai’s hands to go downstairs to eat, "Be careful."

Bai Chi looked at Su Moqing’s house, there was only one idea, "Your family is so big."

Su Moqing didn’t know how to answer Bai Chi Chi this admiration. He could only hold Bai Chi’s hand tightly, and then watched Liulu Listen to the protection of Bai Chi.

"Do you go to wash first, and then do we eat breakfast again?" Su Moqing took Bai to the washing room, and even crowded the toothpaste to Bai Chi.

But Bai Chichi looked at the toilet in Su Moqing’s house and looked at the large bathtub. She took Su Moqing to the toothbrush that Su Moqing had prepared for her, and looked curiously.

She has never lived in such a good house, and she surpassed her imagination. The house bought by rich people could be so spacious.

"Su Moqing, I feel that your toilet room is larger than my family." Bai Chi washed his face, and let Su Moqing help her wipe her hands. She said her surprise without concealment.

But the speaker was unintentional, the listener was intentional, Su Moqing listened to Bai’s long admiration, and her eyes also had many envy and overwhelmed.

He had a little pain. He didn’t specifically investigate Bai’s long background, but from her words, he could draw that her past had many grievances and difficulties.

"If you like it, you can live here all the time, and I’m bored to change a house." Maybe I went back to the old house with him. There is a garden of the old house. It is his grandmother and mother.Children should also like it.

"How can such a big house be bored." If the house is her, she can live here happily, and she is happy to work hard.

"Okay, as long as you are happy, you can live everywhere, let’s go for dinner first."

The old man Su Moqing had other feelings again, and that was distressed, distressed, and distressed.

Su Moqing’s love made Bai’s reference to it, and she was rarely taken care of by people from an early age.

There was no extra love for her parents who gave birth to her. Grandpa and grandma hated her because of the house.

Therefore, Bai Chi was used to supporting everything from a young age. She was timid and bold, and loved money and loved her life. It was an accident that night with Su Moqing. It was an accident with the child in the belly.

Now because the child in the stomach lives in Su Moqing’s home, he also takes care of her so intimately, not only squeezing her toothpaste, but also pulling her to the table and putting the delicious food in front of her.

Bai Chi looked at the breakfast that she couldn’t call in front of her, her eyes were hot, her heart was warm, she was happy and panicked. Su Moqing was so good to her because of the children in her belly. She couldn’t give birth to other thoughts.Essence

Su Moqing watched Bai Chiqi without moving chopsticks, thinking that she didn’t like the breakfast prepared today.? "

"How can I not like it?" The breeds in front of me were dazzling, and there were many fruits for her to choose from. She hadn’t eaten this kind of breakfast after nineteen years. How could she not like it?I just felt that she was not worthy of this treatment.

"Then you eat it first. After eating, we went to the hospital for an examination." Su Moqing’s mobile phone had been bombed by Qi Bochen for one night. If he and Bai Chicang would not go to the hospital anymore, Qi Baichen was afraid that he would be crazy.

At 9 am, Bai Chi was carefully taken care of by Su Moqing to a private hospital, which was also where Qi Baichen worked.

Qi Baichen waited for Su Moqing at the entrance of the hospital and waited for the flowers to thank all the flowers. When he saw them, he was excited. In particular, he saw Su Moqing protect Bai Chi and Guarding a glass person. He walked into the hospital for more than ten meters.The old man was nervous, for fear that Bai Chi was stumbled with his left foot, or any obstacles, etc., Qi Baichen was surprised to toothache, and finally pressed the shock in his heart.

"Mo Qing, are you talking about it yesterday?" Qi Baichen looked at Bai Chi next to him. If she was really pregnant, this little girl really stepped into the rich door.

"What do you say?" Su Moqing glanced at his friend, bowed his head and asked Bai Chi, "Are you tired?"

This sentence made Bai Chi embarrassed that she wanted to find a sewing drill in. From getting out of the car to the present, she walked for more than five minutes. How could she be tired?

Qi Baichen glanced at Su Moqing like looking at the ghost. His Rulai Buddha. How did the old man have a wife and children like a layer of skin and changed so much.

"Okay, then what do you want to do today." Qi Baichen could not realize Su Moqing’s mood, and could only press the surprise in his heart.

"It’s too thin, you can see the check that pregnant women need to do."

"Do you want to make a blood test report?" Qi Baichen believed his friend’s words, but he didn’t believe Bai Chi. Of course, if it was an inspection report of his work hospital, there would be no problem.

Su Moqing was actually a little unwilling. He read the blood test report given by Bai Chi yesterday. Today, the inspection was needed to collect blood. She was so thin. How much need to eat a drop of blood to make up for it.

Bai Chi has not lost the ability to observe the color. She knows that Su Moqing’s friends did not believe her completely, and she didn’t mind, "Mr. Su, I can do it again."

Su Moqing was still a little reluctant. Qi Baichen was anxious. "It’s not a less meat. What do you stare at me? Who am I for?"

It’s really kind and no good news.

In the end, Su Moqing nodded reluctantly, and the blood test report came out soon, and the results of other inspections were slightly slower.

After all, Qi Baichen is not an obstetrician and gynecologist, so he only paid attention to the blood test report. When he saw the report, his breathing became rapid. He punching on Su Moqing’s chest. "Mo Qing, I thought you would be because of that because of that.Damn allergies have become veterans, but never expected that you turned out to be the first of us.

Men say ten words and nine words are yellow, but Qi Baichen forgot that there is still a long girl around them, and Bai Chi is still a little girl who blushed when she heard the words.

Sure enough, when Qi Baichen’s hair was just said, Su Moqing blushed as a monkey butt, and his neck was pink.

"You shut up if you don’t speak."

Qi Baichen didn’t feel anything, but he looked at Bai Chi’s shy blushing and suddenly a little embarrassed, and he even felt that his friend was too beast. It was really irresponsible to make such a small Bai Chi pregnancy.

"I shut up first, and my sister’s other inspection reports should come out. Let me take you to find a doctor and a doctor. In the future, novice dads, novice moms, there are more things you want to learn."

Su Moqing really cared about this. She warned Qi Baichen not to speak randomly in the future, and then took Bai to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

Su Moqing has been a school hegemony since he was a child. You can remember the knowledge points. He used this to take care of Bai. He repeatedly asked about a lot of questions about obstetrics and gynecologists.He just let go of the obstetrician and gynecologist.

Su Moqing took Bai Chi and left the obstetrics and gynecology department, and couldn’t help but continue to say, "The doctor said that you are too thin, you have to eat more in the future.If you have a baby now, it ’s different. You need a lot of nutrition. If you are afraid of getting fat, after you have a baby, I will arrange for you to arrange the best postpartum repair teacher?"

Bai Chichi listened to Su Moqing’s instructions. She looked at Su Moqing’s expensive appearance. It was really hard to imagine that he could become so patient for a child. She couldn’t even control it, "I have never lost weight."

"I’m just …" She just had no money to eat.

Bai Chi is suddenly inferior. She didn’t want to say such a thing, as if she said it was to make Su Moqing pity her.

She can only change the topic in Su Moqing’s puzzled eyes."There were some picky eaters before, so eat too little."

Su Moqing frowned and relaxed, "When the aunt who takes care of your aunt is home, you will tell your favorite aunt that she will make your favorite food."


Qi Baichen has always followed them. He really did not expect that his friends’ allergies were late in pairs. They were not close to that. They also quickly had children. He was also a little worried about his friends.

After all, Su Moqing’s women’s allergies have not improved because of Bai’s late arrival.secret.

This allergies are not big, and they are small, because once let the outside world know, let the enemies in Su Moqing know that his female allergies will become his fatal weakness. Allergies will one day forget to eat.No matter how to avoid contact with women, it is always possible to encounter.

Qi Baichen had to worry about that he knew that his friend was sick because of psychological diseases, but he still needed a medical doctor. His psychologist couldn’t help it.

Since it is a family that makes friends get sick, I wonder if love can restore friends?

He wait and see.

Bai Chi noticed that her body became very strange after pregnancy, such as frequent urination, so when Su Moqing wanted to take her out of the hospital, she began to be anxious and wanted to go to the bathroom very much.

Su Moqing learned that Bai was delayed to go to the bathroom, and couldn’t stop thinking, thinking that if he was not for a nurse to accompany Bai Chi, but Bai Chicai refused toughly, "I am not a three -year -old child, I am, I am.You can go to the bathroom yourself. "

Su Moqing could no longer be accepted and could only send Bai Chi to the door of the bathroom, and then paced it in place. He looked at the door worriedly, and his ears stood up. If there was any movement inside, he was afraid he would rush in regardless of everything.

"Mo Qing, are you too nervous? Sister has only been pregnant for one month, and then there are nine months. Do you plan to live such a nervous life?"

Qi Baichen really did not expect that a child who was not born can change his friend, and the change was thoroughly stared at the door of the women’s bathroom like a voyeur.

If it weren’t for Su Moqing at first glance, she would not be an ordinary person.

"It’s not your child. Of course, you are not nervous and don’t worry." Su Moqing did not control the thoughts. "She is still young, she does not realize the meaning of breeding a child, she simply thinks that the child I want, I want it.She was born to me, and then her task was completed. She couldn’t realize that she needed to take care of her after she was pregnant and care for her. "

"Hey, then pay attention to the scale." Qi Baichen knew that what Su Moqing thought would not change, and he could only accompany him as a god at the door.

Fortunately, Bai Shi’s movement is also fast. When she came out, her hands were still wet. Su Moqing didn’t mind holding a paper towel to help her clean it. "Don’t bring water out of the bathroom in the future.? "

"Okay." At this time, Bai Chi was only obedient.

"The lunch time is still early, you go back to the company with me, and I have arranged all the place where you rest in the office."

Bai Chichi had some objections to Su Moqing’s arrangement. She hesitated for a long time and wanted to say and dare not say it.

Qi Baichen kept paying attention to her, and he joked directly, "Sister Sister, what do you want to do, what you want, you boldly told Mo Qing, do not rely on your child, with you, you want you, you wantWhat, Mo Qing will satisfy you as long as you can do it. "

Bai Chi looked at Su Moqing and nodded at him, and she boldly put forward her requirements.

From yesterday to today, Bai Chi has figured out Su Moqing’s thoughts. He cherishes the children in her belly, so she wants to work when she wants to work when she wants to get pregnant. "I want to do things and end."

After all, she was really happy to work in a milk tea shop.

"Okay, I will take you when I will be." Su Moqing agreed.

"Also, I want to go home tonight." Bai Chichi knew that it was inevitable that he had moved to Su Moqing to live, but after all, it was a home for 19 years after all.leave.


Su Moqing heard Bai Chi want to go home and refused directly. "No one in your family takes care of you, I don’t worry."

"I can take care of myself, and I don’t stay for a long time, can I take a week?" She wanted to say goodbye to the house temporarily.

"No, I don’t worry."

Bai Chi was not talking, but his eyes were staring at Su Moqing’s face, and a pair of me was going back.

"I won’t promise you, you’re so dead." Su Moqing’s attitude was very tough.

Qi Baichen watched the two of them awkwardly watched, and quickly hit the round.The baby will be unhappy, the baby is not happy, it will not grow. "

"Then I won’t let her go back alone." Su Moqing remained resolutely.

"I just want to go back to stay for a few days." Bai Chi was a little grieved. She just didn’t want to enter a strange environment immediately. Isn’t it okay?

"What do you want to go home and get back, I can accompany you back, but you want to go home for a few days, I don’t allow it, I don’t worry about leaving my sight." Su Moqing pulled Bai Chi and went to the hospitalGoing out, "Listen to me, I won’t hurt you. If you still need what you need at home, you can tell me, I will buy it for you right away, can you?"

Bai bowed his head and said nothing.

"Is this good? I will take you to the milk tea shop first, and then accompany you home. If you really want to stay at home for a few days, then leave me." This is Su Moqing’s retreat.

Qi Baichen heard Su Moqing’s decision and praised him directly. This method is good.

"Do you want to rest in my house?" Surprised, Bai Chi was too surprised, "Mr. Su, you went to my home, you will regret what you say."


Bai Chi Chi haha, just say a hard mouth.

She was sure that Su Moqing saw her home, and he would definitely frown and hugged her to escape.

Bai Chi didn’t say much, maybe she insisted on going home and imagined to let Su Moqing see what kind of person she was, and said goodbye to him.

It was originally a person in the two worlds, but the children who accidentally arrived let them tie them together. When the children were born, they would quickly unbuttoned and never had any contact.

Bai Chi is going home to remind herself, and also reminded Su Moqing not to be too good to her, a little indifferent, can it work?

Su Moqing didn’t know what Bai Chi was thinking. He opened the door to protect Bai’s head, watching her sit up, carefully tied her seat belt, and then went to the driver’s seat to drive.

"Where do you know the ancient town of Datang? The milk tea shop is the gate of the ancient town. It is very easy to find." The two said goodbye to Qi Baichen on the way to the milk tea shop.

"Um." Su Moqing watched Bai Chiwa look at the front through the rearview mirror. "I want to say it if I feel uncomfortable, I’m so slow."

"Maybe yesterday was very good, I didn’t want to vomit today." Bai Chi replied.

"Since the rest is very good, why do you have to go home?" Su Moqing really didn’t understand why Bai Chi had to go home.

"Maybe Jinwo Yinwo is not as good as his kernel’s nest, I just want to go back to my house to sleep." Bai Chichi closed his eyes and refused to continue talking with the old man.

The old man was so popular that he could only grind the steering wheel.

"Mr. Su, can you put me down at the entrance of the scenic spot? Bai Chi Chi said after seeing the familiar street.

"Didn’t you refuse to talk to me?" Su Moqing remembered, and just closed his eyes and refused to communicate with him.

Bai Zhi looked at Su Moqing’s back depressed, "I want to get off at the door of the scenic area."

"The scenic area is still hundreds of meters away from the milk tea shop. The weather is very hot. I will send you in." Su Moqing refused again.

"I don’t want the store manager and my colleagues to think that I am raised, and then I will resign in such a luxurious car. Mr. Su, do you understand?" Bai Chi said that she explained her requirements.

"Understand." Su Moqing ate on Bai Chi again, especially after the ancient town of Datang, he watched Bai Chi getting out of the car and entering the flow of people.

He clenched his fist, fearing what wrestling she would kick, and was afraid that someone would not hit her with long eyes. What should I do if the sun is so poisonous?

Just a few hundred meters, Su Moqing couldn’t wait to take out the telescope to observe Bai’s long -term movement, and he couldn’t wait to become Shunfeng’s listening to Bai Chi Chi to say resignation, and listened to how she said goodbye to colleagues.

I kept a sigh of relief and waited for more than ten minutes. Bai Chi was slowly returned to the car.

"Bai is late, and you can’t go alone without my permission in the future." He was scared to death.

After Bai’s resignation, he was a little lost.

At first glance, when she heard Su Moqing’s domineering declaration, she had some weird ideas in her heart. It was a bit happy, a little nervous, and a lot of confused. She subconsciously touched her belly and didn’t know what to think in her head.

After Su Moqing found that he was talking, Bai Chi just sat in the car and touched his stomach, his face was empty, and his heart softened, thinking whether he did it too much.

She is still a child, she is only nineteen years old, and he can’t ask her too much.

"Late, tell me, what are you thinking?"

Bai Chi heard Su Moqing’s soft call, and she looked at him with a better face than a star. "I just thought that after nine months, I had another family who was connected to my blood."

The place where there is a family is home, otherwise it is just a cold house.

Bai Chichi thought that she had adapted to living alone, but now she had a child in her belly, and she gave birth to many expectations.

Is the baby a boy or a girl?Is it beautiful?Is it good to learn in the future?Looking like Su Moqing or her?

A series of problems led Bai’s sense of loss of resignation, and it was more puzzled and looking forward to it.

Bai’s confused look made Su Moqing feel very distressed. "Steps, you can also treat me as your family, and I will take care of you in the future."

"Liar." Bai Chichi answered Su Moqing in his heart, but on the surface she nodded and said nothing.

Su Moqing did not expect Bai Chi to believe his words, but he would prove that Bai Chi will be delayed in the future, and what he said will be realized.

"Time is still early, you will go back to the company first, can I go home with you after get off work?" Su Moqing is a big boss. Recently, the company’s affairs need to make decisions. He can’t continue to delay.

Bai Chichi’s performance from Su Moqing also understood that he could not let her go home alone. She could only nod and look at it.

After Su Moqing drove, Bai was asleep in the back seat.

One of the major symptoms of pregnancy, drowsiness!

She got up early today, and now she can’t resist the fierce sleepiness, and she fell asleep directly in the back seat.

Bai Chi Chi’s asleep was seen by Su Moqing in his eyes, watching her body shaking, her head was uncomfortable on the seat. At this moment, Su Moqing decided to bring Uncle Wang in the future.You can let Bai Chi sleep in his arms in the back seat.

It took an hour to get to the company from the ancient town of Datang, and this time was enough to make Bai Chi sleeping darkly. The kind of one who was unknown when he was sold, and Su Moqing would not wake her up.It came out.

Bai Chichi was accustomed to Su Moqing’s embrace. The sudden weight loss did not wake her up. Instead, she snored Su Moqing’s warm chest with a sense of security and snoring and continued to sleep.

Su Moqing was fascinated by such Bai Mi, watching her asleep, and spoiled, "Like a piglet, go to sleep and sleep."

That being said, people hug in their arms tightly.

Su Moqing’s height is 188cm, and he usually has exercise. The figure is much stronger than ordinary men. His arms are muscles. Holding Bai Chi, a little girl with a height of 165cm and a weight of only 85 pounds, should not be too easy.

If it wasn’t for the fear of waking up with Bai, he walked all the prestige, his long legs, and the person with short legs could only run and follow.

Su Moqing quickly appeared in his company. When he was too late to call him at the front desk, he had returned to his office with Bai Chi.

In less than a day, Su Moqing’s office changed dramatically. Tatami, lazy sofas, small round tables, pink carpets, plush toys, and appeared in all parts of the office.

Su Moqing put Bai on the pink sofa, and carefully covered her with a blanket. Listening to her comfortably, Su Moqing decided to issue bonuses to Assistant Li and Secretary Chen.

He stared at Bai Chi to sleep like a idiot, and the whole person didn’t move.

A few minutes after Su Moqing entered the office, several girls in the front desk covered their mouths and started screaming.

"The big boss hugs a girl in his arms, right?"

A princess wants to fall in love. "The younger sister at the front desk was obviously rippling by Su Moqing’s move, but it was not targeted at Su Moqing.

"Alice to the employee group, anonymous."

It didn’t take long for a certain employee group of Su’s Corporation to explode again.

[The case was broken, the big boss liked a woman and just brought the company..

[Not the people in our company, you guess wrong..

As soon as this news came out, there were not many employees and mood to work. If you touch the fish, you can touch the fish.

At this time, Secretary Chen knew that the big boss had returned to the company. Other employees could still gossip. He couldn’t do it. He knocked on the door of Su Moqing’s office with the document.

"President Su."

Su Moqing heard the voice of the secretary, and then moved away. "Come in."

As soon as Secretary Chen entered the office, Yu Guang saw a woman when he saw the sofa he arranged, and he immediately retracted his eyes and began to talk about work.

"President Su, some of the business you acquired before need your idea, and there are several meetings that you need to participate, do you see?"

Su Moqing reached out and opened the documents given by Secretary Chen. When he thought of several meetings for the meeting, he was afraid that he would not be able to eat with Bai.

His eyes glanced at Bai Chi, and a smile appeared on his face.

Secretary Su Moqing’s changes looked in the eyes, and he couldn’t help but look at the pink sofa secretly, but Bai Bai was too thin and small, and the whole person shrank into the sofa. He only saw a furry head.But such a head of his head, Chen, didn’t dare to look at it. After a glance, he immediately stared at him, and listened to Su Moqing’s arrangement.

"You go to the notice. Starting for ten minutes at the meeting, let assist Li Li in when you go out." After Su Moqing explained, Secretary Chen went out of the office.

Assistant Li and Secretary Chen are those who are close to Su Moqing.

Assistant Li took care of Su Moqing’s life. Secretary Chen assisted Su Moqing’s work. Compared with other employees, they had more time to get along with Su Moqing, and also learned more about Su Moqing.

When they thought that they had followed the boss for almost ten years, there was never a heterosexual, and the outside world gradually came out that their big boss liked the same -sex rumors, and the company’s people were also convinced.

Some people even looked at their eyes a little strange, thinking that they were the big boss.

They went to other companies to talk about their business and some people bribed them. At that time, Assistant Li and Secretary Chen were connected to the same illness. The two often cried with headache.

After all, no one said directly in front of them that they couldn’t explain that the pan was not said to be under the back of the grievance, and he was scolded by his girlfriend when he went home. He was punished by his wife to kneel on durian.

Fortunately, Bai appeared late, breaking the rumors of the big boss liked men, and proved to everyone that they were really innocent.

Such as an invasion delete

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