Why does "Auntie" have a smell of smell?Is it a sanitary napkin problem or a gynecological disease?

It is normal for women to come to auntie. Generally, they only know them, but some people do n’t know what happened, and every time people know it.It turned out that I smelled a strange smell, not the bloody smell, but the smell of smell, which made people mistakenly think that this person is not hygienic and embarrassed.

Whenever this time, I have the thoughts that I want to drill into the cave. However, embarrassment is embarrassing, and I am inevitable that I have a gynecological disease or a sanitary napkin?Why does it have a smell?Is there any way to improve?

The smell of menstruation should have been bloody. After all, its essence is blood, as well as a small amount of mucus and shed cells. These substances have no odor in themselves.However, because women’s body structure is special and will be affected by external environment, various problems may occur.

Under normal circumstances, everyone will not think that they have gynecological diseases. They will first find the cause from the sanitary napkin. Whether the sanitary napkin is using is fragrant. The fragrance mixes the bloody smell to cause the smell to become unpleasant.If this is the case, you can replace it. Choose tasteless products, and do not use products that add Chinese herbal medicine ingredients.

But in fact, as long as the sanitary napkin is often replaced, it does not affect the taste of menstruation. Therefore, we must consider gynecological problems.Which gynecological diseases may cause the "big aunt" to smell?


Inflammation can make leucorrhea abnormalities, itching is prone to local, because of inflammation stimulation, and women are prone to odor during menstrual periods. However, there are many types of vaginitis.It may also occur in urinary pain in the future.

Pelvic disease

Women have a history of miscarriage, or menstruation after childbirth, which can produce odor in pelvic inflammation infection.After the menstruation is over, you can observe the leucorrhea, whether there are increases and smelling, etc. If you have any, check the pelvic cavity in time.

Cervical erosion

Although it is not a disease, it will also produce odor when merging with inflammation.Especially when the weather is warmer, the smell will be stronger. Women must take medicine according to the doctor’s order. Do not symptoms to stop the medicine without any symptoms, because mold may be residual.If you fall, the disease will reappear, and the odor will be reunited.


If the endometrium is sick, it is mild, edema, congestion, and pus if it is severe, and pus will mix with blood out of blood. At that time, it will cause a bad odor, and at the same time, there will be symptoms such as abdominal pain and fever.

Women have to work after menstruation. They have been sitting for a long time. The blood from the uterine cavity is not smooth, and the stasis is accumulated in the body. Coupled with various inflammatory problems, various unpleasant problems may occur.If you want to know if you have a gynecological disease, you can replace the sanitary napkin first. When the menstruation is over, you can observe the performance of the leucorrhea. If the leucorrhea is normal, it may be simply affected by the sanitary napkin.The situation may be a gynecological problem, which should be treated in time.

Pay attention to hygiene in a special period. When you should change it, you must change it in time. The amount in the front and after a few days has become less.If the weather is sultry, you should choose a thin and breathable product. Each time it is convenient to rinse the hips in time to reduce the odor of blood oxidation and fermentation.

The sanitary napkin must choose a dry type to ensure the local comfort. Women who can use cotton strips can also be used to use cotton strips directly. The area of contact with the skin is smaller and it is not easy to sweat.

Remind women, even if they are not dirty with sanitary napkins and panties, we must change it every day. We can’t see the bacteria above. We must maintain hygiene and not be lazy.In addition, women who like to use pads should also pay attention. It is best to change this habit. It is not easy to breathe, and it will also cover the changes of the secretion. It cannot be found in the body in time.

If you have discomfort, don’t stand it. If you are sick, you should treat it early, and don’t make the inflammation more and more serious.The continuous development of inflammation will not only affect life and mood, make the aunt stink, but also may affect pregnancy.It is recommended that female friends recommend regularly, so that even if there is a disease in the uterus and ovarian, it can be found in time to prevent minor illnesses from being dragged into major diseases.

Some women feel that they do not consult a doctor when they are uncomfortable. Instead, they like to buy sterilized bacteriostatic washing agents online. As a result, the symptoms have not eased after a while, but they are even more serious.Because the washing agent may kill good bacteria, the best way is to consult a doctor and take medicine according to the doctor’s advice.

In fact, the emergence of gynecological diseases also illustrates a problem, that is, the immunity of female friends has decreased. Therefore, while solving the problem, the disease must also prevent diseases and avoid the situation again.

The immunity is improved, maybe these problems will be improved automatically. This requires female friends to stay up late and sleep well at night. At the same time, they must be in a good mood.Immune cells are powerful.Diet is also very important. It is necessary to add calcium and dietary fiber appropriately, drink plenty of water, and eat less fried and spicy food.

In summary, many female friends may have encountered a smell of "Auntie". Do n’t take it seriously. It may be that the sanitary napkin is wrong, or it may be a gynecological disease.The cause of the disease, and then carefully conditioning, I believe it will return to health soon.

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