Why does the spleen and stomach cold eat ginger?Eating ginger in summer is good for your health, let’s take a look together

Lime: Recently, I saw a ginger tea point recommended by Liu Wen, a big cousin Liu Wen, who had a lot of ginger tea dots. I wanted to give my mother and try this ginger tea, but many netizens said that they could not drink. Generally, 50+Moms have reached menopausal, yin deficiency and fire, ginger tea is hot, so people who make the yin deficiency and fire drink ginger tea. Isn’t that hotter?But don’t you say that you eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer?Can my mother drink ginger tea recommended by big cousins?

Menopausal, there are indeed many people’s perineal deficiency and fire prosperous

This is related to personal constitution and age

The rhythm and work rhythm of life are related

Ginger is warm

If you always get angry

It’s definitely not possible to drink it

People with yin deficiency and fire are usually easy

Five upset heat, night sweats, insomnia

In addition, there are some other accompanimental symptoms

Such as dry throat, dizziness, tinnitus, forgetfulness

In the "Yellow Emperor’s Canon"

The so -called yin is half your entire experience

Including yin fluid attenuation

The yin fluid is deficient, and the yang qi is also accompanied by deficiency

So why do people over forty years older

Energy is not as good as those who are twenty or thirty years old

This is a natural phenomenon

Five upset fever

It is a manifestation of yin deficiency and fire prosperous

Add a little warm food ginger in

That is to help the heat, and the fuel is poured on the fire

Ms. Li: Okay first, I am not yin deficiency and fire. I do n’t have the symptoms of five upset fever, insomnia, night sweats, but I ca n’t eat ginger, what about it?In order to catch up with the trend of health, I am still turning over!It is said that drinking some ginger tea in summer is good, health or something!I also made a cup, but now I am a little embarrassed, and my bad breath is even more serious!

This situation is obvious

Explain that you have stomach fire before, and it is a stomach fire

Because bad breath is a stomach fire

Iconic symptoms

In addition to the stomach in the clinic

There will also be people with heartfire

Stomach fire is obviously some hot performance of the upper digestive tract

For example, there are bad breath, gum swelling and pain, and increased diet

There will be dry stools

The heart is really hot, the heart is open to the tongue

So there will be some red tongue and tongue prone to ulcers to foam

I am upset, the urine, yellow red, short, short and less

It is recommended to drink some green tea

Or drink some medicine and eat homologous products

Chrysanthemum tea, jasmine tea, honeysuckle tea are all possible

These cool tea can go to some stomach fire

Heart fire can go to the pharmacy to buy lotus seed core this medicine

It is clear -hearted

As long as there is fire

No matter whether it is virtual or real, you cannot use ginger

If you use ginger, it will help heat

Chinese medicine pays attention to the bias of food or medicine

To correct the bias of the human body

Use cool food or medicine when you are hot

Use warm or hot food when you are cold

Or the medicine to Geze it

Old saying to eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer

Eating ginger properly in summer is indeed good for the human body

Especially people with deficiency of spleen and stomach

Eat some ginger in summer

Jiang has the effect of diverging yin and cold

People without spleen and stomach deficiency

If you think you are too cold this summer

I have eaten some cold Gourd Pear Peach

Proper eating ginger is also good for physical health

People with spleen and stomach deficiency are mainly manifested in the digestive system

If you eat some cold, you will have stomach pain, bloating, and uncomfortable stomach

After eating something, it doesn’t go down

If it is cold

After eating, you will swell your belly, and then you may have stomach pain or even diarrhea

People with cold spleen and stomach deficiency

You can eat ginger throughout the year

But from the perspective of ginger’s Wenli scattered cold

The effect of eating ginger Sanhan in summer is the best

Because Chinese medicine believes that it is necessary to follow the trend

Everything in summer is raw

The season when it starts from the inside

At this time, you can eat some ginger

You can dispersing the Yin cold that has been accumulated for many years

You can also eat ginger in winter

But the effect of dispersing

It’s better to work well than when Sanfu Tian is in the sky

Langya Tianya: I feel that I also belong to the spleen and stomach deficiency. To what extent is the cold?It is just that the stomach and the intestine can feel the cold wind.Usually I dare not drink a cold one. I drank some cold drinks once, and I vomited. I tried ginger tea. At first, I could feel the warmth of the stomach, but the follow -up effect was gone.Shouldn’t I use ginger?

Ginger should be used, but this ginger is wrong

Do not use ginger but dry ginger

Although ginger and dried ginger are the same thing, although they are the same thing

However, it is produced in different seasons

Ginger was planned from the ground in summer

It is a raw gas in nature

Therefore, ginger has the effect of scattered cold

Why eat ginger after a cold and sweat

It is because it is going to disperse

At the end of autumn and early winter

It has absorbed the cold air of the earth

At this time, the strength of the ginger goes inside

But the hot, warm, and cold energy is heavier

Ginger into the stomach

If you have cold stomach, cold stomach, disgusting vomiting

You can drink ginger brown sugar water

Belly, cold belly, diarrhea

At this time, the effect of ginger is not good

Dry ginger is guarding without leaving

Save the cold in this place

Because it was dug out in winter, it is still quiet

Dry ginger generally gets a pharmacy to buy

Let’s talk about what is going on in a large period of summer eating ginger

Actually someone is very careful

I saw Liu Wen’s not recommending simple ginger tea

But ginger lemon tea

Lemon has the effect of relieving the heat, clearing heat and diarrhea, nourishing yin

Eat a little bit more stomach, cold stomach, and even stomach pain

But there is still a little hot, I still want to eat some cold

Such friends can drink some ginger lemon tea

People with yin deficiency and fire prosperous summer

You can also use ginger lemon juice tea

But menopause is annoying and heavy sweats

If you eat some cold, you will feel uncomfortable

At this time, it is best to use some drugs that nourish yin and clear heat

Then put a little ginger

Or a little Ginger Georgia

Just protect the stomach

Source: healthy and light

Source: New North

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