Why is it "easy to get pregnant"?Women who are prone to pregnancy have 3 characteristics, see if you have any

Have you heard of "easy to get pregnant"?

It is said that people with this constitution will get pregnant accidentally!

@小: I just, the measures are in place, and they still have to win the bid and quit her husband!

@: I just have a pregnancy -prone constitution. If I do n’t pay attention, I will suffer. My second and third treasures do n’t know how to conceive. Obviously there are useful condoms. As a result, I still get 5 times in 2 years. It ’s too hurt.

There are still many similar examples around you. Is it true that the susceptible constitution is true?

In fact, there is no concept of "easy pregnancy" in medicine. As long as it is a healthy woman who is healthy and does not take contraceptive measures, it generally has a greater probability of pregnancy.In other words, the premise of "pregnancy" is a relatively good state.

Generally speaking, women with the following characteristics have a greater chance of pregnancy.

1. The best pregnancy age

The best fertility age of women is 25-29 years old, not more than 35 years old; the best fertility age for men is 27-32 years old, and the latest is not more than 38 years old.

With the increase of age, physical functions will continue to decline, and fertility will be affected. Not only will the chance of pregnancy decrease, but the elderly maternal women also have more risks, and the body is more difficult to recover.Regardless of men and women, it is easier to have the next generation when they are at the best age.

2. Reproductive system health

The reproductive system refers to the ovarian, uterus, fallopian tube and other organs. The premise of being prone to pregnancy must be the health of the reproductive system. Only the ovarian environment is good, and the ovaries will be vibrant;If the cavity environment is good, the fertilized eggs will be successfully grown.

If the reproductive system is damaged, problems in any link will affect normal conception and even cause infertility.In addition, the rule of menstruation means that the endometrium is also regular, the easier the cycle is, and the simpler to prepare for pregnancy.

3. No polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a common gynecological disease. Clinical symptoms are mainly menstrual flow, obesity, increased hair, etc., which can cause eggs to exclude above, or unable to combine with sperm, resulting in difficulty in conceiving and affecting fertility.

In addition to the above 3 points, women’s emotions and other diseases are also related to the probability of pregnancy.

In fact, the so -called "easy pregnancy constitution" is likely to be caused by inadequate contraception.For women who do not have a pregnancy plan for the time being, do not step on the following "pregnancy -prone" minefields, otherwise it will be easy to "recruit".

1. Safety contraception

The safety period is the "non -ovulation period". Many couples think that the safety period will not be pregnant. If you want to relax your vigilance, then you are wrong.The safety period is not absolutely safe. Even women with a stable menstrual cycle may ovulation date may be advanced or lagging in advance, let alone those with irregular menstruation.

2. Breastfeeding contraception

Some women have just given birth to their children and are still pregnant, and they are pregnant again. It is likely that contraception is not in place.When women are breastfeeding, they will inhibit hormones in the lower hill brain and avoid ovulation. However, babies are not drinking milk at all times. At the moment, the secretion of hypothalamus will return to normal. After the eggs are discharged, it is easy to "recruit" without contraception.

3. Use a condom in the middle

After halfway, I hurriedly used condoms, can I still have contraceptives?Xiao Jiu can only say that the exchange of body fluid has already begun, and sperm is likely to "swim" and combine with eggs.

4. Use errors in condoms

The air is damaged, wearing, and the air without squeezing the front end, not timely removal, and too large size, etc., can not play a real contraceptive effect. This is how many accidental pregnancy happen.

What will happen after contraceptive failure?

The most direct ending is to give birth to children, but accidental pregnancy often disrupted many people’s life plans; others will choose short -acting contraceptives, which can be "remedied" correctly, but if it is often used, it can cause a variety of side effects.Some people finally chose abortion, medicine flow, etc., which hurts women’s physical damage.

The flow of people is indeed a remedy after contraceptive failure, but it will cause great harm to women’s physical and mental health.According to statistics, 40 to 60 million cases of abortion occur in the world each year. One survey shows that 7.9%of the causes of pregnant women died of abortion, of which 45%were caused by unsafe abortions.

Abortion, especially multiple abortion, may cause complications such as cervical adhesion, pelvic inflammatory disease, and menstrual disorders. It is also not good for mental health, which can easily lead to depression and anxiety, and even cause infertility in severe cases.

Therefore, if you do not want a child’s plan, you must do a good job of contraception to prevent accidental pregnancy.And those who are "pregnant" should not be proud of it. If you fail to do a good job of contraception, it will also bring risks.

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