Why is it not recommended to flow after the first pregnancy of pregnant mothers?These three reasons are the most hurtful

For many young couples who are just married, in general, they will be urged to ask for babies by the elderly in the family. At this time, for some young couples who like children, since they are allowed to have children at home, then prepare for pregnancy and wait for fertilization to fertilize fertilization.The eggs are just fine, but some couples do not think so. After all, it ’s not long to get married. It will not only affect the relationship between the couple, but also for some young couples with better feelings.I hope that there will be room for two people for a few years, so when the family is urged to ask for children, they will always drag.This is the case for Minmin and Xiao Liu. It didn’t take long before they got married. The parents of both sides urged the two to ask their children. Considering the family situation and the income of the two people, Minmin and Xiao Liu decided to ask for the children.Besides, it was too late, but not long ago, when Minamin had ovulation, it was unfortunately recruited. In the case of no preparation, Min Min got the news of her pregnancy. When she first learned that Minmin was pregnant, Xiao Liu was still very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good.Happy, and the family members are very happy, thinking that they can finally bring their grandson, but after a few days, after being thoughtful after Minmin and Xiao Liu, they decided to flow off the child.It is mature, and there is no way to bear the responsibility of raising a child in the income of the two people. Therefore, accompanied by Xiao Liu, Minmin went to the hospital to perform abortion.In fact, for this situation of Minmin and Xiao Liu, since they are pregnant with their babies, it is the best gift from God to them. Regardless of the economic situation, since there isFor the first pregnant pregnant mother, if you do abortion, it will be very harmful to the pregnant mother.

1. The sequelae of some gynecology will be left behind

For pregnant mothers who have done abortion, if the pregnant mother’s physical fitness is relatively poor, or if the pregnant mother’s physical resistance is not good, it is easy to cause some inflammation in gynecology, such as pelvic inflammatory infection., Irregular menstruation, so this requires the daily nursing work after abortion. It is extremely important to do daily nursing work. For pregnant mothers with weak constitution, we must rest in bed in a few days after the operation. Of courseTo keep up, make sure to make the body the least harm.

2. It is easy to lead to infertility or habitual abortion

Flowing surgery is also called artificial abortion surgery. In fact, the embryo in the uterus is peeled out of the uterus through artificial ways and the immature embryo is used to be used by induction. This process can cause great harm to the uterus.And the most likely to lead to the thinning endometrium in this process, which may cause the endometrium penetration of the uterine, leading to infertility in the future.The proportion of pregnancy accounts for the second place in all infertility, second only to the congenital fallopian tube blockage, so in general, women who have poor physical fitness after experienced abortion may be pregnant in the future. Even in the future, they may be pregnant in the future.When you go to the child, it is also possible to have a habitual abortion due to physical fitness. Therefore, the pregnant mother who wants the child in the future will think about it when you are pregnant for the first time.

3. It will cause the pregnant mother’s burden

Just as the examples of Minmin and Xiao Liu in the above case, the two only chose to flow off their children because of economic reasons, so since this choice is made, pregnant mothers must be responsible for their choice of choice to choose.In the process of making this choice, some pregnant mothers may bear greater psychological pressure, coupled with the various experiences experienced in the process of abortion, then it will inevitably leave a more serious shadow in the heart of the pregnant mother.Some pregnant mothers will also have a nightmare after surgery, and they will hate themselves because of their choices during the day. It has been a long time. If you have not regulated your psychological state in time, it is easy to cause depression.This will affect the life of the pregnant mother’s life. Of course, some pregnant dads should also pay attention to. If you want to discuss with the pregnant mother before, you must consider it clearly that if you do n’t need a child, the contraceptive measures must be done.The step that mothers have to choose.

In fact, most women know the harm of abortion to women, and the three points mentioned above need to be paid attention to. After all, do not make a wrong decision at the least time -consistent time.So it is likely to make you regret it for life.

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