Why is my baby a "grape"?

"The doctor said that I don’t have a baby in my stomach, and I am pregnant with a hydatidifier."

"What? Is it a grape?"

Xiaoxia was a career girl. She was only married at the age of 39. She was prepared for more than one year. She finally found the "two bars" in February. Her husband took her to the second department of the Women’s Second Department of Women’s and Children’s Hospital.It didn’t take long to see Xiaoxia crying out of the clinic, only to have the above conversation.What about this?”2023″

What are the ghosts of hydatidus?

As the name implies, the beef tires are long tires like grapes.After pregnancy, the placental velvet nourishing cells hyperplasia and interstitial edema, which form a variety of blisters. The blisters are connected into a string, like grapes, and also called blisters. In other words, the fetus does not develop normally.The possibility of 0.78 hydatiditic tires per 1,000 pregnancy in my country is divided into complete hydatiditic tires and some hydatidoscopy.Fully hydroma, that is, the uterine cavity is basically grape -like blisters, without placenta or fetal; some sexual tires are some grape -like tissues, as well as placenta tissue or unabashed fetal.

How is hydatidal formation formed?

The cause is not very clear at present. Considering that complete beef tires are related to nutrition, economic factors and age.

1. Lack of vitamin A and its precursor in diet (eating more carrots is good for health); lack of animal fat (younger sisters do not picky eaters, do not diet, do not eat meat, scientifically prepare for pregnancy)

2. The incidence of hydatidium is 7.5 times that of young women, and about 1/3 of women who are more than 50 years old may occur.The incidence of less than 20 years of age is also significantly increased, which may be related to the inadequate ovarian function or decline.In

3. There was a history of hydatidal fetus: those who had a hydatidal pregnancy occurred by 1%again.Those who have occurred for secondary hydatidal pregnancy have a re-incidence of 15%-20%.(Mother who used to have a history of hydatidal syndrome, I must go to the hospital for examination early after finding out of pregnancy.)

Therefore, there is no connection with grapes with grapes, but the shape is similar.

What are the alerts?

1. Irregular vaginal bleeding after menopause: Generally starting about 8-12 weeks of menopause, and sometimes you can see grape -like discharge.

2. The reaction of pregnancy vomiting is relatively heavy, the early occurred, and the symptoms duration for a long time

3. Abdominal pain: When the hydatidifier grows rapidly and the uterus rapidly swells, it can cause lower abdomen pain.When the hydatidiform will be discharged, the factor shrinks and has lower abdominal array pain.

Which examinations can be found to be pregnant?

1. Doppler ultrasound, it is also recommended to do vaginal ultrasound: Usually the uterus is greater than the number of pregnancy weeks, no fetal heart, and snow -shaped or honeycomb echoes.The vaginal ultrasound is safe and can identify an abnormal state earlier than the abdominal ultrasound. Do not worry about pregnant mothers.

2. Serum human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG): Most of them are significantly higher than normal gestational values, generally more than 100,000 U/L, up to 2.4 million U/L.

3. The pathological examination is diagnosed after the pathological examination.

Did I have no rescue?

Don’t worry, benign diseases can be completely cured, but some can develop into pregnancy nourishing tumors, so it should be standardized and strictly followed up.

Once the hydatidiform is diagnosed, the palace needs to be cleared in time. Hospitals that can infusion, blood, and rescue ability should be gently operated by experienced doctors and be careful of uterine perforation.If it is difficult to scrape at a time, the palace can be scraped again in 1 week. Each scraper must be sent to the pathological examination.

Is the surgery done, is it completely okay?

no!Some people may have local erosion and distant metastases, leading to malignant lesions, that is, two brothers of hydatidal tires: corrosive hydatidus and fleece cancer.Follow -up at the hospital on a regular basis to detect nourishing cell tumors as soon as possible and treat them in time. During the follow -up period, reliable contraception must be reliably.

Kind tips:

Porttal fetus is not a strange fetus or a evil fetus, but the harm of hydatidal tires is also very large. I hope that the prospective father and mother can pay attention to it. If you find out, you must go to a regular hospital for timely treatment.

Text | Women’s Second Section Ji Cuihong

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