Why is the "cough god medicine" licorice tablet restricted?Doctor: Many people do not understand its harm

Everyone is very familiar with compound licorice tablets. This is a cough drug that the older generation trusts. It has good cheap effects and high cost performance. Once a cold and cough appear, people will buy compound licorice tablets.So far, the development of medical technology and various new types of cough medicines for hospital pharmacies have been listed, but everyone has a preference for rehabilitation square licorice tablets, and they can be bought in the pharmacy to buy it.

Many pharmacies now have stipulated that you must show your ID card before buying licorice tablets. If you do not bring rejection of sales, your ID card will also limit the number of purchases, and you cannot stock up a lot at one time.

Many people are more curious. Why is the compound licorice tablets such an excellent cough effect, why is it inexplicable?Is it because there is no profit?Now let’s learn this together.

First of all, let’s take a look at the mechanism of compound licorice tablets:

The main components of compound licorice tablets are: licorice extract, opioid powder, camphor, and star anise oil.

For the abnormal complications of frequent cough, opioid powder can effectively relieve cough and calm and asthma. At the same time, licorice extract ingredients can promote the discharge of toxin waste, accelerate adhesive phlegm peristalsis, and care for throat function.The interaction between the two has a very superior cough and asthma effect.

The compound glyphosate is restricted to buy, not the cheap price, but its drug component. It will be addicted if you eat too much.

Among them, opioid powder is an opioid body extracted in the poppy shell. The biggest side effect of this drug is addictive.If you take medicine for a long time, the probability of large doses of addiction is very high. It is difficult to quit like smoking.

Therefore, in order to protect the health of patients, the intake dose and relative time of compound licorice tablets are strictly controlled in order to protect the health of patients. At the same time, it will be avoided by infants and young children.

1. Compound licorice tablets can make people addicted, because it contains the poppy extract of opioid powder, which is easy to paralyze the nerves of the human, and the brain has a sense of dependence.Taking licorice tablets should be controlled within three days to avoid drug addiction, and the phase reaction is serious.

2. If you take the addiction symptoms of compound licorice tablets for a long time, you will frequently yawn in your life, sweat cold, runny nose, goosebumps, etc., and even wake up to sleep.

3. Due to the special constitution, individual people will have nausea and vomiting, dizziness, headache, and diarrhea.

4. The ingredients contained in compound licorice tablets are slowly metabolized in middle -aged and elderly people and infants and children. Therefore, these two types of people should take compound licorice tablets. We must strictly follow the doctor’s advice and do not abuse the medicine by themselves.

Diabetes patients:

Compound licorice tablets contain licorice, and chemical reactions occur with protein vitamin hydrolysis in the body, resulting in a higher blood sugar concentration of people.Therefore, high blood sugar and diabetic patients must monitor their blood glucose levels every day while taking licorice tablets, find rising or other side effects, and immediately stop the medicine to take the main doctor.

Patients with Gaoxin Gaoxin:

Licorice tablets will promote the excretion of potassium in the body, thereby forming hypokalemia. Long -term land is highly prone to increase heart sensitivity and induce licorice poisoning. ThereforeStay away from compound licorice tablets.

Patients with gastrointestinal disease:

Compound licorice slices contain star anise/fennel oil/camphor, which has stimulus to accelerate blood vessels and secretes gastric acid. Therefore, patients with chronic gastroenteritis, gastric ulcers, gastric perforation, gastric erosion, and duodenal ulcers are taken to avoid aggravating the disease.Causes digestion of internal bleeding.

Pregnant women and children:

The main reason for women who cannot take licorice tablets during pregnancy are due to the fact that camphor options are abandoned, which affects the normal growth and development of the fetus, and it is easy to induce threatened abortion, fetal stops, and fetal deformities.Therefore, it is necessary to strictly prohibit taking during pregnancy to protect the health of both parties.

Children cannot eat compound licorice tablets. In addition to opioid powder, the existence of antitussive drugs acts on the nerve center, suppress sputum, and is not conducive to the discharge of phlegm.It even affects the development of the overall behavior sensory, and chronic laryngitis occurs over time.

Primary aldehyde solid ketone increases:

Patients with more primary aldosterone will be accompanied by symptoms of hybrid potassium, and the oxalic acid composition contained in compound licorice tablets will promote the discharge of potassium and cause potassium deficiency. The concentration will be severely reduced.Therefore, patients with the increase of primary aldosterone must stay away from compound licorice tablets for health care.

If there is only a slight cough, I can completely drink more warm water through food therapy, pay attention to diet, and drink more warm water for effective conditioning.

If yellow sticky sputum occurs during the cough process, try to take anti -inflammatory potion to relieve cough and asthma, use walnuts, ginger, brown sugar into a broken end, put it in a bowl, take a spoonful of white water daily, you can reach it once in the morning and evening, you can reach it once in the morning and evening.Good treatment effect.

If the cough is more powerful, eat some white fungus, pear and other heat -clearing and detoxifying foods, boil the pear at high temperature, boil into pear water, can effectively clear the sputum, reduce the lungs of the lungs, reduce the free radicals in the body, and remove the effects of interferon to eliminate the virus.If you do n’t work after taking it for three days, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment.The above plan is for reference only. Everyone can try it a little, and you should seek medical treatment.

Based on the above, the intake of compound licorice tablets is limited, which is the feedback of medical technology progress. It is three poisonous medicines.The body brings endless damage.

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