Why not "three hundred litchi in the sun"?

Recently, the news of "acute poisoning" after a girl after eating lychee has attracted the attention of netizens.At the current season of litchi listing, have you heard of "litchi disease"?Many netizens "Ask the reporter" platform on the Xinhua News Agency’s client asked: Can eating lychee be "three hundred days"?In this regard, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency interviewed relevant experts to answer.

Netizen: Can eating lychee be "three hundred days"?

Reporter: As the saying goes, "one litchi and three fires", litchi is more likely to cause health problems.Because lychee contains a large amount of fructose and glucose, eating more can easily lead to too high blood sugar concentration, which may also stimulate the body to produce a large amount of insulin used for blood sugar in a short period of time.Insufficient, prone to hypoglycemia.Experts reminded this that do not eat litchi on an empty stomach or too much to prevent "litchi disease".

Netizen: Why do you get angry when you eat more litchi?

Reporter: Litchi contains a large amount of glucose, fructose, and various vitamins. Experts introduced that a large number of hot cards will produce after consumption of lychee.Symptoms such as cough. From the perspective of Western medicine, these symptoms are due to the excessive intake of hot cards. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it is "getting angry".

Netizen: What is "litchi disease"?

Reporter: Experts say that "litchi disease" is a "hypoglycemia reaction syndrome" considered by modern medicine. This disease will occur after eating litchi after eating lychee."Litchi disease" may have a series of symptoms of hypoglycemia. For those who are mild, dizziness, sweating, pale complexion, fatigue, panic, thirst, hunger and other symptoms.Or suddenly symptoms such as coma, in severe cases, you can shock and die.

Netizen: What should I do if someone has a sudden "litchi disease"?

Reporter: Experts said that if you have symptoms of hypoglycemia after excessive lychee but do not see other severe cases, you can eat 15 grams of carbohydrates first, raise blood sugar, and then observe for about 15 minutes.Clear carbohydrate.If the patient has convulsions, coma, and unclear consciousness, do not feed any food or water without permission, so as not to suffocate, and immediately call the emergency phone to send it to the medical treatment.

Netizen: How to eat litchi is safe enough?

Reporter: Experts remind that in general, be careful not to eat on an empty stomach, and not greedy.Different groups of "safety" of lychee is different: For adults with normal sugar tolerance, it is recommended to control it within 15 each time; children within 4 years of age are best not to eat the whole grain of litchi.It is recommended not to exceed 4; pregnant women do not exceed 10 per time; elderly people with constipation and people with poor blood sugar control should not eat as much as possible; people who control weight should be as little as possible; people with liver disease, kidney disease, gastrointestinal diseaseMore cautious.

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