Why not get pregnant, and menstruation is delayed?Doctor: Maybe it is these 5 major factor

There were patients who asked the family doctor, "I have been married for more than 3 years, menstruation has been abnormal, and always delayed. I always think that I am pregnant, but every time I hope it will fail, so I’ m irregular.go to hospital?"

The delay of menstruation is abnormal?

Generally speaking, the menstrual cycle is 28-30 days, which is an ideal state, but the menstruation in the past week or postponed one week is also within normal range.But there is another point that needs to be clear that the normal menstrual cycle, duration, and blood volume are mostly manifested as regular. That is to say, some people have menstruation for two or three months or half a year.It is normal.If the delay time of menstruation exceeds two weeks, or the frequent delay is more than one week, you need to go to the hospital for examination.

Is menstruation delayed pregnancy?

For married or existing sexual life, menstruation is not delayed, and people will always make people think of pregnancy.If the menstruation has not come for more than two weeks, and there is no contraceptive measures during sexual life, you can first check the early pregnancy test strip, or go to the hospital for blood test.If you are pregnant, you need to perform prenatal examinations to ensure the safety of your mother’s fetal fetus.Early pregnancy will appear after 6 weeks of menopause, so you cannot simply use menstruation as the basis for pregnancy, or you need to check.

What is delayed menstruation?

If you are not pregnant, you can consider the following factors if you do not have a pregnancy:

① Endocrine disorders

This is more common in adolescent girls. Their sex gland axis is not yet mature, and menstruation is delayed or advanced. When the gonad axis matures, the menstrual cycle will be regular.Women who are in the menstrual transition period may occur in the decline of ovarian function and changes in hormone levels, which will also affect the menstrual cycle.

② mental stimulus

This is a relatively common reason.Generally speaking, if women have a lot of pressure, depressed mood, excessive tension, and severe mental stimulus, they will delay menstruation, and even amenorrhea will occur.

③ disease

If vagina, cervix, cervical inflammation cause adhesion, suffering from endometrial tuberculosis, premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovary syndrome and other diseases, menstruation will be delayed or advanced in advance.

④ Drug impact

If women have recently taken emergency contraceptives, anti -psychiatric drugs, etc., they will affect the menstrual cycle and cause menstrual delay. However, this is generally reversible. When the drug is discontinued, menstruation will return to normal.

⑤ malnutrition

Women’s pursuit of beauty, excessive weight loss or long -term malnutrition can disturb the body’s original normal reproductive endocrine regulation function, which leads to abnormal menstruation.In the early days, menstruation can usually be restored by a balanced diet. If the time is too long, it may cause amenorrhea and increase the risk of endometrial disease.

Female friends should be reminded here that if menstruation occasionally delays or advances, don’t worry too much. If menstruation keeps delaying, or the original regular menstruation suddenly does not come for several months, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible to check whether the body is strange.

Guide expert: Tan Xiaozhang’s deputy chief physician of the gynecology department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

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