Will "doubt" and "Yang pass" become stupid?Can I still perform surgery?Can pregnant mothers vaccinate vaccine?

Many netizens have such a doubt about the first day after the rehabilitation, and found that their memory is worse. Is the virus stupid?How long can the elderly who have basic diseases in the family can perform surgery?

Let ’s take a look at the perspective of Guang Weijun’s friend Yang Guo’s family.


Will "Yang pass" become stupid?

On the first day after Yang Guo’s recovery, his nose was congested and poor, and his boss ordered his head to forget …


Yang Guo, what are you?If you lose three or four, it will not be sequelae?Don’t go to work today, check it out.

Yang Guo came to the hospital with doubts, and the doctor of the Department of Brain Diseases analyzed his situation …

Yang Guo, you are now nucleic acid negative.Is there a hospital when I was infected with the new crown?

No.I was cured by my own home, and it took a few days to burn.

Are you good for your body?Is there any hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and the like?Is there any bad habits such as smoking, alcoholism, and drug use?


According to the "Jama Psychiatry" magazine in July 2022, after an adult infected abroad has a new crown, even if there is no admission, about 25%of neurological symptoms, including cognitive disorders, sleep disorders, depression, post -trauma symptoms, etc.Essence

The causes of these symptoms include the effect of secondary virus infection, including hypoxemia, high inflammatory status and hypertonic state, which are complicated.Although there is a point of view that the mechanism of damage to the virus is to directly invade neurons, but most pathological evidence shows that this is not the main factor.

We will arrange some examinations for you to eliminate the quality lesions.

Yang Guo has doubts about his own symptoms

Continue to consult a doctor

Doctor, then I have a poor memory, can I fully recover in the future?What kind of medicine do I need to take?

The new crown is a self -limited disease, and your symptoms can be fully recovered.As for the drug, it is recommended to observe temporarily without special medication.

If there are problems such as insomnia, you can take sleeping drugs or otakin and other drugs that regulate emotions.

It should be noted that environmental and social factors may also cause the occurrence of the above symptoms of neuropathy, and may even be greater than the virus infection itself.I suggest you also have to adjust your mentality, eat well, and actively recover.

After finishing the consultation, Yang Guo shared this information to his colleagues, and hoped that they would not worry too much about the new crown sequelae.


Can I still perform surgery after the sun?

Yang Kang, who has been "Yang Kang" for a while, has recently had back pain and accompanied by leg numbness. His daughter -in -law Guo Xiang brought Yang Kang to the hospital to see spinal surgery …

Spinal surgeon read Yang Kang’s CT film in the clinic and believed that Yang Kang needed surgery, but Guo Xiang had doubts about it.

Mr. Yang’s disc herniation is very serious and needs to perform surgery as soon as possible.

Is it an anesthesia surgery?

Yes, choose partial or systemic anesthesia depending on the situation.

But one month ago, he had just got a new crown. Can he perform such a large surgery?

Spine surgeons According to the patient’s doubt

Please come to the anesthesiologist to consult

Hello, I am Dr. Koma, and I come to participate in the consultation and evaluate your pre -surgery.I think your current situation is acceptable. Are there any questions about the operation?

Generally, it is safe to have a new crown. Is it safe to do general hemp surgery?I think I am still a bit virtual.

Before surgery, do the recovery have a new crowromichen acid test?

In the past, we believed that patients who had infected the original strains or Delta strains needed to be safer to undergo surgery at least 7 weeks after recovery.

However, in the current situation, the popular strains are Omikon, which has a strong transmission, but the pathogenicity is relatively weak.We consider Omikon’s popularity, if not infected with lungs, recovery can generally undergo surgical treatment after 2 weeks.

Because there are still no asymptomatic infections and the possibility of repeated infection, in order to ensure the safety of patients and surgery personnel, patients still need to be detected before surgery.

Let me add it, we will also improve the relevant necessary preoperative preparation before surgery to reduce the probability of the occurrence of surgical complications.

Mr. Yang, you must remember to control basic diseases such as hypertension and slow pulmonary obstruction before surgery, maintain a good mentality and work and rest habits, and strengthen nutritional supplements while paying attention to eating habits.In addition, be careful not to have a relaxed protection psychology to avoid respiratory infections.I wish you a smooth surgery, and then we will see the operating room.

Okay, thank you two!

Dad, I will buy you a blood pressure meter and pulse oxygen instrument!let’s go.

After the operation, Yang Kang’s recovery was good. Soon, the family recovered his health …


Can I still vaccinate when I am pregnant?

After a while, the lives of the family also returned to their lives.Yang Guo, who was planning to want a second child, received good news from pregnancy on the New Year’s Day, but at this time they made it difficult for them to vaccine.

Yang Guo

Wife, haven’t you taken a new crown vaccine to strengthen the needle?

Yes, don’t you fight?I got pregnant

Guo Xiang

Yang Guo

For the sake of insurance, let’s go to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

The couple told the doctor about their questions about the vaccination of pregnant women:

Congratulations to you who are pregnant with your baby!

First of all, according to Xiao Guo’s situation, we recommend inoculation of the new crown vaccine, because the new crown vaccine can effectively reduce the severe rate and mortality rate of mothers after the infection.

Many pregnant women are worried that they will have an impact on their babies and have been unwilling to vaccinate.Since 2020, there have been more than 200,000 safety data for pregnant women with more than 200,000 vaccines.

One key found is that IgM was not detected in the umbilical cord blood after vaccination, indicating that the vaccine did not cause an immune response in the fetus.Seven queue studies found that miscarriage, signs of eclampsia or adverse ending at birth have nothing to do with the new crown vaccine during pregnancy.

Experts issued by the Chinese Medical Society of Medicine Medical Branch in 2022 suggested that pregnancy is not a taboo for vaccination of new crown vaccines.

If you do n’t fight, what will affect the new crown during pregnancy?

This should be considered in two aspects.

On the one hand, mothers may increase the risk of halas.A study in 18 countries shows that the risk of eclampsia in new crown pregnant women has increased by 1.76 times.Therefore, obstetricians are more concerned about the risk of new crown pregnant women with pioneer eclampsia and thrombosis;

In addition, the proportion of newly crown pregnant women is higher than non -pregnant women (1.5% VS 0.9%).The risk factors related to the new crown of pregnant women include: seniority, obesity, pregnancy hypertension/diabetes, and signsonia;

On the other hand, the baby, the current research shows that the fever does not lead to an increased risk of congenital abnormalities in newborns.Among women who are infected with new crowns in early pregnancy, abortion risks have not increased significantly.The proportion of spontaneous premature birth is similar to pregnant women who are infected with new crowns.

In addition, the new crown will not pass through the placenta and umbilical cord to the baby, so don’t worry.

The two couples finally reached an agreement, and they went to the vaccine after finishing the checkup.

Yang Guo

Wife, listen to me.For the sake of baby, let’s go vaccine now!

Okay, listen to you this time!

Guo Xiang

Source: Third Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, Editorial Editor in Guangdong Popular Science Editor: Wen Jialin Xu Rumeng Editor: Chen Guangtai

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