Will a woman’s use of the birth ring affect the health of the uterus?Doctor: Pay attention to 3 o’clock after going to the ring

The breeding ring is a surgery that the lady chooses to receive after giving birth to the baby. This surgery can effectively prevent the lady’s unexpected pregnancy. Of course, since there is a period of recuperation, then what are the precautions after the birthplace?• Let’s take a look at the precautions of the ring. How long does it take to get pregnant after menstruation?

Precautions after the ring in the last section

There are a kind of surgery in the last section, so there are many things to pay attention to. Let’s take a look.

1. Rest properly

After the ring is just put, the cervix mouth is relatively loose and the ring is easy to fall off. Therefore, it is necessary to rest for two days after the ring is put.When urinating, try to avoid being too hard to hold your breath to prevent the sudden increase in abdominal pressure.

2. Keep hygiene

The loop is a surgical operation. In order to avoid infection, the outer pussy should be kept after surgery. Wash the lower body with warm water every night and change the underwear.Sake sexual life (this requires the man to actively cooperate) and take a bath (but can be shower or rubbing) to maintain vaginal hygiene and prevent cross -infection.

3. Pay attention to observation

For a period of time after the Sheung Wan, a small amount of vaginal bleeding is very normal. At this time, you must pay attention to observation. If you have too much bleeding or duration for too long, and accompanied by abdominal pain and fever, you should actively seek medical treatment.

4. Prevents falling off

Within 3 months after the loop is released, especially some women were originally loose and more menstrual flow, and the menstrual periods were more expected to fall off with menstrual blood.Therefore, during the toilet during menstruation, such women should pay special attention to whether the ring has fallen out of blood.Once it occurs, it is necessary to go to the hospital to replenish in time, and pay attention to the replacement model to avoid falling off again.

5. Regular follow -up

The follow -up time is usually in the first month after the loop surgery, and went to the hospital to check it once after menstruation; 3 months (or half a year) and one year again;Or a "environmental inspection" specified in the community).

6. Be careful

Putting ring contraception is not 100 %, and a few women may "get pregnant."Therefore, once amenorrhea occurs during the ring, especially when it is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, partial eclipse, etc., you should go to the hospital for examination early to take remedial measures.

7. Consultation in time

In the process of band rings, if you find abnormal phenomena such as a long period of time (especially more than one year), a long period of menstruation, extension of menstrual periods, or severe influence of the backache, you should ask the doctor and get symptomatic treatment in a timely manner.

Menstruation is an important factor in judging women’s health, so how long does it take to come back to menstruation after the lane?

How long does it take to come to menstruation after the lane

How long does it take to come to menstruation after going on the ring? This is a question that female friends who plan to go to the ring are very concerned. When is the first menstrual period after the upper ring? Let’s take a look.

Menstruation will not be affected by the Sheung Wan.Generally speaking, if there is no side effects after Shekuan, it does not have much impact on menstruation.However, if there are abnormalities in individual differences, it should be checked and treated in time.

The menstrual cycle generally delay within one week is normal.In addition to pregnancy, mental factors, emotional fluctuations, changes in the environment, diseases, drugs, and nutritional conditions, they can cause menstrual delays.If the menstrual period is delayed for more than ten days, it is recommended to go to the gynecology department of regular hospitals for relevant examinations for diagnosis.

Generally speaking, the first menstruation after the upper ring will be menstruation one month after the operation.However, it is also necessary to combine personal circumstances, because the menstrual cycle will also be affected by factors such as women’s age, psychology, endocrine, mental state, and self -physical diseases. ThereforeThis is a normal phenomenon.

If menstruation is not delayed after surgery, and more than 10 days, you must be vigilant.It is also critical to go to the relevant gynecological hospital in time.The best way for women to contraception is to choose the previous link, because it can prevent pregnancy for a long time, so it is loved by female friends.

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