Will eating too much noodles can cause indigestion?Demystify the secret of instant noodles #Man Xiaoman

Family people, have you encountered this situation: Once you eat instant noodles, your mother will run out and say, "You can’t eat instant noodles, you can eat it if you eat it, you can take 32 days to detoxify it.Some people say that there are waxes in the instant noodle cup. They eat all the stomachs, and preservatives. Be careful that you have eaten for thousands of years without rotting your children.Eat a instant noodle, scare people.As a convenient and fast food choice, instant noodles have incorporated our lives.However, some people said that eating too many instant noodles would cause indigestion. Is this true?Today, I will reveal this mystery.First, let’s take a look at the basic ingredients of instant noodles.

Noodles, wheat flour, vegetable oil, starch, monosodium glutamate, etc.When we soften the instant noodles, most of the digestive organs will accept and use the ingredients, including the main ingredients such as starch and protein in the noodles.Just like eating noodles at home, the instant noodle itself does not cause damage to the liver.

The liver is the most important detoxification organ in the human body and has strong metabolic ability.In fact, after the food is digested, most of them will not be digested and absorbed, but will be excreted.Even if we consume a lot of instant noodles, the liver can effectively treat and metabolize the ingredients.At the same time, some people worry that the wax in the instant noodle cup will cause harm to health.In fact, the surface of the instant noodle cup is not wax, but polystyrene, which does not cause harm to health.Flammulina mushrooms are really difficult to digest, don’t worry.

How can the instant noodles be so gentle, how can it be not funny?After fried noodles, there is very little moisture, and it is not a place where microorganisms like.Vegetable bags and seasonings are also very dry, so no preservatives are needed at all, and instant noodles are difficult to deteriorate.

Why do some people feel indigestible after eating instant noodles?This may be related to instant noodle components and cooking methods. Instant noodles of high -fat and high salt may cause gastric discomfort or indigestion when a large amount of intake.

Finally, 32 days of poisoning is really the positive energy of eating iron to catch the fence, but the instant noodles are still not healthy foods.Because the proportion of fried fat to salt is very high, but the nutrition is very small, it will be healthier to eat non -fried.We can also add vegetables, eggs and beef to the instant noodles, which can increase nutritional value and improve taste.Just like you in this picture, you look very appetite, look very nutritious, and make people want to eat.Not to mention, I went to eat noodles.It’s so fragrant.

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