Will her husband’s medicine affect the fetus during the preparation of Li Ying?

Will do.

Although the only thing her husband does is to contribute a sperm in terms of pregnancy and child, the quality of the sperm is very important. You have to contribute a good sperm.

What are the factors of sperm quality?

External factors that may affect the number of sperm and quality include: smoking, drinking, taking medicine, radiation, and chemical pollution in the environment.

Therefore, during pregnancy, her husband has to quit smoking, abstain from drinking, try not to take medicine or take medicine, and stay away from various possible pollution and radiation, because these factors may affect the number and quality of sperm and destroy sperm DNA.

If the number of sperm is small, it is not easy to get pregnant and the quality of the sperm is not good. In addition to being not easy to get pregnant, it may also lead to abortion and birth defects.

If my husband is due to various diseases

What should I do if I need to take medicine?

First, communicate with the doctor and inform the doctor that you are preparing for pregnancy to see if the drugs you are taking will affect the number and quality of sperm.

If it has an impact, can the medicine be suspended for a few months for a few months.If you can’t stop the medicine, let the doctor adjust it to adjust the medicines that have a smaller effect on the number and quality of the sperm.

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Secondly, unlike women, men’s pregnancy stopping the drug will not be too long, because sperm is "speculated and sold", and a number of new sperm will be rotated every 42-76 days.

After three months of stopping the drug, it is basically a new sperm that has not been affected by the exposure of drugs, which can basicly guarantee the number and quality of sperm.

There are many drugs that may affect the number and quality of sperm, including some antitumor drugs, antihypertensive drugs and antibiotics. It cannot be generalized. Before choosing a drug, it is best to ask an experienced male reproductive doctor.

Here are several common drugs that affect the number of sperm and quality for reference:

Anti -tumor drug alkyla

Anti -voltage drug calcium channel blocker


Autumn waters









Anthone Shuntong

Linzine sulfazine



I wish you a good pregnancy!


While Men have the Advantage of Lifelong Fertility, Proper Preconception Care for Reproductive Life Planning Is Recommended. Rehensive Evaluation of the Medication Regimen and Involve Patient Preferences and PARTICIPATION in theRapeutic Outcomes.

in conclusion

Although men have the advantage of lifelong fertility, it is recommended to perform proper pre -pregnancy health care for reproductive life planning, which should include a comprehensive and thorough assessment of the drug treatment plan, including patient preferences and participation of treatment results.

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