Will infection with HPV be cancer?Does it affect the fetus?Three common problems about it, recognize it

HPV is human papilloma virus. HPV viruses are widely spread in humans, which can cause human skin and mucous membranes to have a variety of benign papilloma, especially high -risk HPV16 and 18 types that can induce cervical cancer.The risk of women infected with HPV virus in her life reached about 80%, which also made them worry about it. At the same time, there were many questions, such as whether it would cause cancer after the HPV infection, whether HPV would affect the fetus, etc., you may wish to answer them one by one.

1. Will it be cancer after infection with HPV?

HPV virus is easy to induce a variety of diseases, including cervical vaginal vulvar cancer, genital warts, and pre -cancer lesions.According to the relationship between HPV virus and cancer, it is divided into low -risk and high -risk types. Specific and high -risk HPV infections can induce cervical cancer.Women’s risk of HPV virus in her life is extremely high, but the immune system can be identified and eliminated in time, and it will hardly induce lesions.

Cervical cancer, pre -cancer lesions, and cervical cancer have no typical symptoms in the early stage. It has reached the middle and advanced stage when there are symptoms. Therefore, regular gynecological examination and cervical cancer screening are essential.High -risk HPV infection should do cytological examination. If the results of the examination are abnormal, the lesions need to be eliminated further through the vagoscopic examination.

It is worth reminding that cytological examinations may show false negative rates. If the HPV16 or type 18 infection, the high -risk HPV infection duration for a long time and cannot be ruled out, it is necessary to further do a vulgar examination.As long as the lesion is excluded, it is not too worried to determine that simple infections.

2. Whether HPV will affect the fetus

Whether HPV will affect the fetus without an exact answer. Many scholars believe that HPV infection during pregnancy does not induce abortion, premature birth or fetal malformations, nor is it a high -risk factor that causes merging during pregnancy.However, the HPV virus may cause anal or genital organic acuminatum, laryngeal papilloma, and eye conjunctival papilloma after birth.Women who are diagnosed with high -risk HPV before pregnancy also need to further do cervical cytology and vagosroscopy. As long as high -grade epithelial tumor deformation and genital tract cancer are excluded, they can be pregnant normally.

3. Why does HPV still appear cervical lesions after Yin Yin

HPV’s transmission pathway includes sexual life, shared daily necessities, etc. During the period of female infection with HPV, it is possible to infect sexual partners through sexual life, making sexual partners a HPV carrier, which leads to female infection again.Long -term HPV infection may cause cervical disease, but it does not mean that all cervical lesions are caused by HPV virus infection. Many patients with cervical lesions HPV are negative.

In this case, the results of HPV and cervical cytology are also required, the pathological examination of vaginal and cervical biopsy, the age and fertility history of women, and whether they have fertility, etc., and then formulate a suitable treatment plan.

Kind tips

All in all, women vaccinated HPV vaccines early, benefited early, and vaccinated as far as possible.In addition, women should be clean and self -love, avoid multiple personalized partners, and pay attention to local cleaning and hygiene before each sexual life.Women who have sexual life must regularly go to the hospital for TCT and HPV screening. Cervical cancer can be detected early, early treatment, and increased the 5 -year cure rate.After the HPV vaccine is completed at least 3 months after completing the last needle, it can be prepared for at least 3 months, so as not to affect the growth and development of the fetus.If you are pregnant after the first needle, you cannot get vaccinated again. After the breastfeeding is completed, the vaccination program is reopened.

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