Will pregnant mothers have a nightmare to affect the baby’s health?

A few days ago, I received a consultation from a pregnant mother.

This pregnant mother is very anxious and worrying the most is the baby’s health.There are two issues that make her tangled most:

1. Why do you dream more after pregnancy?

2. Do nightmares affect the baby’s health?

Answer the second question first, and just say the answer directly: No.

No studies have shown that nightmares during pregnancy will have any impact on the health of the baby.rest assured.

Back to the first question now.

Before answering the open question such as "why", you must first answer "Isn’t it?", That is, to clarify the facts first.For example, if you ask "Why is the earth?", This cannot be answered.

So, do you really have more dreams after pregnancy?

Answer first: Yes.

One of the reasons may be the excitement fluctuations during pregnancy, which affects the rhythm of sleep and leads to more frequent dreams.

Another reason is that pregnant mothers can easily feel tired and sleep longer, which will also increase the number of dreams.(The so -called night dreams are many)

However, there is another situation::

The number of dreams may not change much, but you do n’t remember after you wake up, now you remember it more clearly, so you feel that there is a lot of dreams.

We said before that almost everyone would dream, and most of the dreams occurred in a period of time called "REM".If you don’t wake up while dreaming, then you won’t remember this dream.

If you wake up when you dream, even if you are a small short -lived wake, then this dream is easy to be remembered by you.

After pregnancy, because of various physiological changes and reactions -such as fetal movement, you need to go to the toilet, muscle soreness, etc. -will increase the number of times you wake up at night.Then you are likely to remember this dream.

As a result, you feel more dreaming after pregnancy.In fact, to go to the deep, it is the number of times you wake up at night.

First of all, the mentality must be correct. Don’t worry about this situation.

In fact, dreaming during pregnancy is a healthy way to release your inner anxiety.Not only that, the American Sleep Foundation also said a particularly "anti -intuitive" saying:

Those who often do nightmares during pregnancy will be shorter and easier to childbirth.(In Fact, WOMEN WHO HAVE MORE NIGHTMARES About Labor During their Pregnancy Actually Go on to have shorter and easy

Besides, as a pregnant mother, if you often have a nightmare -related nightmare, don’t worry, maybe on the day of real delivery, your labor process will be more smooth.

Having said that, although a nightmare will not affect the health of the baby, how much will affect the mood of pregnant mothers.Is there a way to reduce the number of nightmares?


First of all, if you are anxious, it is recommended to look at the doctor first and talk to the professionals about the place you worry about.

Many times, the reason why you worry is because you don’t know the truth of the matter, which exaggerates the seriousness of the matter.

In addition, you can make some adjustments in lifestyle and sleep habits. Here are some small sleeping men with exclusive sleeping women. Please accept:

Drink more water during the day, but drink less before going to bed.

Do not eat too much spicy, acidic food (such as tomatoes) and fried foods to reduce heartburn symptoms.If the symptoms of heart burning are obvious, you can raise the pillow when you sleep.

Don’t always lie down.Maintaining moderate exercise has more benefits to the body, such as improving blood circulation and reducing leg cramps.Unless the doctor does not let you exercise because of special circumstances.

A small amount of meals.This can not only ensure nutrition, but also improve nausea and bloating.

When you are tired during the day, you can take a nap.

Learn to relax and breathe, such as meditation.These techniques can also help you keep relaxing at the beginning of the contraction.

Take a hot bath before going to bed to help sleep.

Finally, if insomnia or other sleep problems continue, do not carry it hard. It is recommended to consult a doctor. Everyone finds the cause and formulate a plan to improve sleep.

Every mother is great because she has bred a new life.

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