Will the dog get pregnant when you eat medicine?

Will the dog get pregnant when you eat medicine?

The pregnant dog may have a cold. At this time, if the shovel officer finds that the dog is pregnant, you can use some anti -inflammatory drugs for the dog.

Because cold is a disease caused by the virus, medication treatment will be risky.

During the medication, you need to pay attention to feeding pet dogs for some pet deworming medicines and antibiotic drugs to avoid adverse reactions.

If the pet dog is pregnant, be careful not to take aspirin drugs and relieve heat analgesic drugs for dogs.

The above are recommended to observe the situation after medication and decide whether to continue taking the medicine.

1. Nutrition supplement

After the dog is pregnant, it must be more attentive in terms of nutritional supplement. At this time, you can feed the dogs with some nutrients such as nutritional cream to supplement it to supplement it.

For example, nutritional products such as Wang Yi and Shuangxi can not only improve the dog’s own resistance, but also effectively prevent colds. This is caused by the lack of certain elements in the dog’s body.

If you find your own

If the symptoms of a cold occur, the owner can consider supplementing some Wang Yi or Shuangxilai to feed it for the dog.

Because there are some varieties that are rich in zinc elements, they can effectively supplement the zinc elements required during pregnancy, thereby improving immunity and resistance.

In addition, if the dogs at home have other diseases, you can also choose to use Wang Yi to assist the treatment.

In addition to feeding dog food, you can also feed dogs with a little nutritional paste or canned food to help it supplement the various nutrients required in the body.

Second, anti -inflammatory

Dogs have a cold. At this time, you can take some anti -inflammatory drugs for dogs to relieve the disease. For example, some pets dedicated to cold medicines are used for dogs. These medicines are better for dogs.

If you find that the dog is pregnant, you cannot take anti -inflammatory drugs to give it, you can feed it some cold medicine for Wang Xiangyin;

Third, pay attention to keep warm

If the dog suffers from a cold during pregnancy, the owner should keep the dog warm and not let the dog catch a cold.

Pet dogs are most likely to get sick in autumn and winter. At this time, the owner can prepare warm clothes for the dog.

When the owner finds that the puppy is uncomfortable, he can feed it some drugs such as pets to help the puppy recover.

Be careful not to let small animals eat raw cold food.

Usually you can bring more animals out to bask in the sun and eat more nutritious foods.

Fourth, deworming

After the pet dog is pregnant, the shoveling officer can feed the dog with some deworming products.

Common insect repellent is ticks and tablets, which is more convenient to use.

In the process of deworming, it is recommended to be carried out under the guidance of veterinarians, because excessive medication or improper use may have adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses.

You can take Wangli or Cychen for insect repellent for pet dogs. These two kinds of insect repellent effects are better and are convenient to use.

5. Pay attention to diet taboos

Dogs need to pay attention not to eat spicy, cold foods during pregnancy. These foods can cause the dog’s gastrointestinal discomfort and affect fetal development.

You can usually eat more fresh fruits and vegetables for dogs, such as carrots and pumpkins.

For dogs in the later stages of pregnancy, you need to pay attention to eating less meals, pay attention to nutritional balance, and pay attention to supplement vitamins.

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