Will the male and wife affect the life of the husband and wife after the "ligation" of men?Many people have misunderstood

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At a recent girlfriend party, Xiao Lin said that she had given birth to two babies. She didn’t want to regenerate. She wanted to ligates or on the birth ring, but her husband felt distressed, so her husband wanted to ligates himself.Xiaolin listened to others that after the ligation of men, it affected the life of the husband and wife, and it was not very good for their bodies, but if they were not ligated, they were afraid of the recruitment. Now there are two babies, and the third one cannot afford it.

Many people think that if you don’t want a child anymore, one party has to do it for birth, and most of the women do it, because they feel that the ligation of men is equivalentThe influence, and the life of the husband and wife will also be affected.Is it really so terrible to ligate men?

In fact, male ligation is to cut off and ligates the vasters, which is to block the sperm, otherwise they will not conceive them, thereby achieving the effect of contraception.

There is another point here that many people have wrong understanding. Many people think that the ligation of men is equivalent to being castrated. In fact, it is not the case. After the operation, if you continue to want a child, you can choose to do a vastery pipe reciprocating.After finishing this operation, you can continue to conceive to be a father.

The current male ligation surgery uses the method of ligation of the tube. Many men think that this method of surgery will hurt the testicles, so that they can no longer be excited and affect the life of husband and wife. In fact, this method of surgery will not hurt the male testicles.Men still produce sperm androgen.

After the ligation surgery, men will cause a certain psychological barrier, which will feel that it will affect the life of husband and wife. In fact, the excitement of men is stimulated by the brain and thus excitement.Other male friends do not need to consider the problem of contraception after ligation. Without the burden of thought, desire is stronger than in the past, so male friends should not worry too much about this. Lice has many benefits for men and women.Not all of them are bad.

1. Follow the doctor’s instructions.

To follow the doctor’s instructions, take the medicine and 24 hours after the ligation surgery, if there is a phenomenon of discomfort or bleeding, you must find a doctor in time.

2. Do not touch the wound after surgery.

After surgery, you cannot touch the wound with your hands. This will cause a secondary infection to the wound. You can choose to wipe your body to take a bath when bathing, so as to avoid the wound infection.Secondly, avoid some physical and violent exercise within half a month after the operation.

3. Contrast measures need to be taken within 2 months after surgery.

Do not perform sexual life within two weeks after the operation, and contraceptive measures should be taken within 2 months after surgery, because at this time, there are remnants.

4. Pay attention to diet.

In terms of diet, pay attention to the balance of nutrients, eat less sweets and irritating foods as possible. You can eat some protein or vitamin foods, such as some fruits, fish, eggs, etc.Don’t smoke and drink immediately.

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