Will the medication for illness during pregnancy affect the fetus?Come and talk about doctors with Hunan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Red Net Moment News, September 9th (Correspondent Tan Qiongfang Yan Yan) It is well known that medication during pregnancy will affect the fetus, but the following two types of pregnant mothers are still common in clinical practice. The first is that I do n’t know that I have taken some cold medicines,Beauty medicine and weight loss pills.The second is that some pregnant mothers have a fluke, and they take the medicine by themselves without the guidance of the doctor during pregnancy.It is difficult for pregnant mothers to guarantee that they are not sick during 280 days. If you are sick, you should take medicine. The pregnant mother and the baby are more important.Essence

Several sensitive stages that are easy to cause teratogenic use:

1. Ovulation period-2 weeks of fertilization (can also be considered 0-4 weeks of pregnancy): This period is a combination of fertilized eggs and sperm to become a fertilized egg to bed.Understand?"All": It is manifested as early death of embryo and causes miscarriage; "none" is manifested as the normal development of the embryo without abnormalities.

2. 3 weeks of fertilization-8 weeks of fertilization (5-10 weeks of pregnancy): Keeping key-this stage is the period when the organ of the embryo is highly differentiated and developed rapidly. It is the most sensitive to the drug, so it is easy to cause malformations due to the effect of drugs, such as:On the 15-25 days after fertilization, the heart is 21-40 days (if you want to know more about dry goods, you can contact or pay attention to the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Gynecological Department of the Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital), so you should avoid or inappropriate medication at this stage.If you encounter the need to use the medicine, you should consult the doctor first, and let the doctor consider response measures according to the comprehensive situation of the mother and the embryo.

3. Eight-week fertilization-full moon (10 weeks of pregnancy-37 weeks of pregnancy): Most of the fetal organs at this stage have formed, and the teratogenic effects of the drug are significantly weakened, but only the fetus’s nervous system, reproductive organs, and teeth are still differentiated by differentiation, So it is easy to be affected.If you are sick at this stage, doctors generally recommend taking some medicines marked with the words "pregnant women with caution". At the same time, it will make regular monitoring of pregnant women during the medication.For drugs that are clearly marked with the word "for pregnant women", they need to be used strictly.

Care for the next generation, pregnant women with a small trick, let you use the right medicine when taking medicine:

The first trick: Do not panic when you are sick, seek medical treatment in time, and inform your doctor in detail your condition and inform your doctor in detail.

The second trick: carefully read the manual, and ask if the dosage and method of taking the drug or the pharmacy of the drug store or the method of taking the drug store and whether there are taboos or drugs during the medication.

The third trick: Do not change or missed the drug without permission. The medicine box and instructions for oral drugs need to be properly kept and stored.

The fourth trick: There are any discomfort during the medication, and the medical treatment again in time.

Following the above scientific medical treatment and scientific medication principles, it can not only achieve the treatment of diseases, but also reduce the damage caused by drugs to mother and baby.

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