Will the relationship between menstruation cause conception?It’s time to tell you the truth

Regarding the problem of pregnancy during menstruation, many people are paying attention to this problem. Relevant persons have consulted the gynecological experts in this area. The answer given by experts is that the chance of pregnancy during menstruation is particularly small, butIt is also possible to get pregnant.Furthermore, women are particularly weak during menstruation. If the intercourse at this time will cause a series of inflammation, so it will not be advocated during menstruation.

The first reason for women’s menstruation during menstruation:

Is infection of reproductive system infection

When the women’s menstruation comes, the endometrium (the tissue in the uterus) is ticked down and off the ground.During the menstrual sexual intercourse, it is easy to bring the germs around the vulva and the perineum (between the parts between the vaginal opening and the anus) into the vagina. The cervix and even enter the uterus.It is called endometritis, which not only has fever, lower abdominal pain, but also increases menstrual bleeding, and the menstrual period is prolonged.

If the infected bacterial toxicity is very strong, it may also spread to the outside of the uterus through the endometrial lymphatic pipes and enter the pelvic cavity, causing acute attachitis (including fallopian tubes and ovarian) and pelvic peritonitis.Affects future fertility.Once the fallopian tube is inflamed, the lumen can be blocked once inflamed, and the lumen is blocked.

The second reason that women cannot live sexual life during menstruation:

It is to prevent the occurrence of endometrium inflow into the pelvic cavity and cause endometriosis (under normal circumstances, the endometrium is flowing outside with menstrual blood)

If the sexual life is during the menstrual period, when the woman is excited to reach the peak, the uterus will contract. At this time, the endometrium fragmented in the uterine cavity can enter the fallopian tube with the pressure of the uterine contraction, and enter the abdominal cavity along the fallopian tube.In which place to grow on the spot, endometriosis occurs.

This disease can cause fallopian tubes and uterus. Pelvic adhesion can also cause the surface of the ovarian surface and blood storage. It can not only destroy the development of normal eggs, but also affect ovulation, so it will eventually cause infertility.So menstrual periods are not suitable.

Finally, we warned everyone that intercourse during menstruation is harmful to women, and hopes that women in adolescence will pay attention to safety, especially women who have not given birth to uterine inflammation or uterine sticks of polyps due to menstruation.Fortunately, it will cause irreparable consequences.

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