Will there be a fake contraction at 33 weeks of pregnancy?It’s really not the same, this may be a fake contraction

The identity of the expectant mother in the early pregnancy changed and immersed in the happiness of being a mother.Except for some bad pregnancy reactions, there are generally not too much emotional changes.In the late pregnancy, many expectant mothers always feel nervous, and if they change their body a little, they think that the child is going to be born.In fact, it takes a while before the baby is born.It is usually prone to fake contraction in the third trimester, which leads to many pregnant women think that they will give birth.

Will there be a fake contraction at 33 weeks of pregnancy?

In the late pregnancy, it is normal for pregnant women to have false contractions and need to be distinguished from normal contractions.Under normal circumstances, pregnant women need 36 weeks to give birth, but some accidents or factors will cause pregnant women to secrete them in advance.If it is just false contractions, it will not give birth in advance under normal circumstances.Therefore, pregnant women do not need to worry too much. As long as they master the symptoms before childbirth, they can determine whether they are about to give birth.

What is the contraction of stomach pain at 33 weeks of pregnancy?

1. Pregnant women bring irregular fake contractions in the late pregnancy, accompanied by symptoms of abdominal pain.However, fake contractions generally do not give birth, and you need to wait until the symptoms are contracted and red after seeing redness.Fake contractions need to be paid to bed rest. If it exceeds four fake contractions per hour, you need to go to the hospital for examination to treat tire preservation in time to avoid severe abortion.

2. The contractions that appear at 33 weeks of pregnancy are generally fake contractions. This contraction symptoms are basically every few minutes of pain, lasting longer, and no regular. The real contraction is regular.If the symptoms of contractions occur, there is redness, and the amniotic fluid has been broken, indicating that the pregnant woman is about to give birth.However, the baby needs to wait until the palace mouth is opened.

3, 33 weeks of pregnancy, there is a contralated stomach pain. If abdominal pain is more regular, it is accompanied by red.It is necessary to go to the hospital for examination to inhibit the treatment of contractions.If there is a contralated stomach pain, it is normal to consider fake contraction in the third trimester of pregnancy.It is recommended to observe the abdominal pain. If the contraction is not required, the fetal movement is 1 hour in the morning, middle, and evening, and the fetal movement per hour is greater than or equal to 3 times.

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