Will vaginitis develop ovarian cancer?Studies have proved that inflammation is an important cause of tumor

Xiao Ai received a message from a fan in the background: "Recently, I have serious itching in my private parts and always wants to catch it with my hands.It is more difficult to cure, I am so scared, will inflammation cause ovarian cancer? "

Vaginitis is a common disease in gynecology, and women of the age may develop.The clinical symptoms of vaginitis are mainly the increased secretions, yellowing, green hair color, and smell of secretions. At the same time, it has symptoms such as vulvar itching, burning pain, and stimuli.

Why does the vaginal part of the private parts also inflammation?This is because there are many microorganisms in the vagina, and these microorganisms will form an acidic environment in the vagina.When a foreign germs or pathogens are attacked, the weak acidic environment of the vagina will be destroyed, which will cause vaginitis.

Incorrectly using vaginal cleansing, permanent surgery, menstrual sexual life, etc., may cause women to "get" vaginitis.

Women who have not reached the age of childbearing, with the development of vaginitis, with the development of the disease, the pathogen experience slowly spreads along the cervical mucosa and the fallopian tube mucosa.Endometritis, fallopianitis, pelvic connective tissueitis.If you have vaginitis during pregnancy, you may cause abortion, fetal malformations and premature birth.

Therefore, if vaginitis occurs, it is necessary to pay enough attention and treat them in time.Will vaginitis develop ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer is one of the common gynecological malignant tumors for women. Because early symptoms are not obvious, they are also known as "silent killer". When patients have weight loss, ascites, and weight loss, ovarian cancer is often in the third and fourth phases.It is a late state.

One of the doctrine of ovarian cancer is pelvic pollution theory, that is, the pathogenic factors of vaginitis and cervicitis enter the pelvic cavity through the uterine cavity and fallopian tube.HPV-6DNA was found in patients with ovarian cancer. Considering that the vaginal and cervical infection retrograde enters the pelvic cavity chronic contact with the ovarian epithelium, and the ovarian surface epithelial cells accumulate to the number of mutations and cause cancer.Therefore, some scholars believe that actively treating vaginitis, cervicitis, and pelvic inflammatory disease can play a role in protecting the ovaries.

However, in general, there is very little probability of vaginitis to develop ovarian cancer. Patients do not have to worry too much. They only need to follow the doctor’s advice and adjust their lifestyle habits.

A new study conducted by the comprehensive cancer centers of Ohio State University in the United States shows that a hormone -like inflammation of the human body is at a high level when it is at a high level, which can cause a malignant blood cancer.

Usually, the human body will release leukendin 15 (IL-15) to stimulate natural killer cells, which can destroy the development, survival, and proliferation of cancer cells and the immune cells infected by virus cells.However, animal model studies have shown that when IL-15 exists at high levels in the body for a long time, it may lead to the occurrence of large granular lymphocyte leukemia, which is a rare but fatal cancer.

In addition, Chinese scientists have published the latest research results in the internationally renowned academic journal "Research on Cancer", which also reveals a new mechanism for inflammation to promote non -small cell lung cancer.Studies have found that inflammatory cytokine IL-1B has increased sharply in serum in patients with non-small cell lung cancer and promotes the proliferation and migration of non-small cell lung cancer cells.At the same time, IL-1B has an inhibitory effect on the expression of cancer-suppression MIR-101, while MIR-101 has an important role in inhibiting cancer.This shows that chronic inflammation and infection are an important cause of tumor.

In fact, about 15%to 20%of cancer currently has a clear source of inflammatory disease.In China, chronic hepatitis B virus has caused many patients with liver cancer to be a good example.50%of the world’s liver cancer cases occur in China, while 80%of Chinese liver cancer patients have a history of hepatitis B.

Chronic inflammation caused by some autoimmune, such as inflammatory bowel disease, may eventually lead to rectal cancer.In addition, smoking can also lead to lung cancer on the basis of chronic lung infection for a long time.These situations show that the immune system, especially when its function is low or insufficient, the "inflammation" response mobilized will not only remove the source of the disease, but on the contrary, it will eventually lead to the cancer of local cells through continuous chronic stimulation.

Different inflammation may be caused by different bacteria and viruses.For example, gastritis is caused by pylori infection, and rhinitis may be chain -bacterial infections.Furthermore, inflammation reactions are an important immune defense mechanism of human body, which helps the body to resist pathogenic microorganisms.

In recent years, the incidence of various inflammatory diseases in my country has continued to rise.According to reports, the incidence of chronic pharyngitis rhinitis was as high as 87.3%; the incidence of chronic gastritis was 30%; the incidence of chronic kidney disease reached 11%, and it was continuously rising.

What method should be used for anti -inflammatory?Inflammation can be used for acute and chronic noseble inflammation; the treatment of chronic gastritis should be used as much as possible to follow the principles of individualization as much as possible. In addition, it should be relieved for symptoms. For example, there is no specific treatment for autoimmune gastritis.VB12, folic acid, iron, etc.; Bile reflux gastritis can use aluminum carbonate, sulfurose, aluminum aluminum, anti -gall amine and other to promote gastric dynamic bile reflux.

To improve the damage to kidney inflammation, it is mainly to inhibit the inflammatory response in the kidneys and protect the kidney cells dominated by glomerus.Clinical is the usual method of immunosuppression.

In life, "inflammation" is common.Many people have a headache and brain heat. The first thing to think of is to find some anti -inflammatory medicine.However, anti -inflammatory drugs are not universal, there are many causes of inflammation, and anti -inflammatory drugs cannot be used randomly.Different inflammatory and anti -inflammatory methods are also different, and the right medicine is the right way.”Zero plan””””不”

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