Wind blowing the ending of Banxia 4: Understand the ending of the old Su Xiaosu, only to know why Tong Xiao rides a husband and wife for centrifugation

Text/WeChat "The Wind Blow Blind Summer" is adapted from the novel "No Pasting".

"No, I don’t want to leave you, even if you don’t accept me, I won’t go to school even if you don’t accept me. I want to stay in this city and stay closest to you."

This is the original book, Su Guodong’s younger brother (Xiao Su) Su Guoliang (Lao Su) confessed what Xu Banxia said.

Lao Su himself did not expect that his younger brother Xiao Su, like himself, would like this woman who is wrong with their door, and even some women who do not look like women.

When Xiaosu saw Xu Banxia for the first time, it was when he was reported to report pollution to the beach coating. At that time, she was busy with this matter.

The Su family is not wealthy. Old Su Xueyi almost hollowed out the bottom of the family. Xiao Su studied the salary of his elder brother Lao Su at the university.

The family was embarrassed, and Xiao Su has been working hard and studying.At that time, Xiao Su was reading the senior to the winter vacation. He wanted to find a job in advance during the winter vacation. Lao Su took him to listen to Xu Banxia’s opinion, and the three were eating together.

As a result, Xu Banxia took all the work units that Xiaosu was optimistic before.

Lao Su and Xiaosu have different personalities. Lao Su must be stable and overwhelming everything. Xiao Su must be too much money.Xiao Su wanted to work earlier to share it for Lao Su.

So when Xiao Su heard that Xu Banxia’s company did a lot, he proposed to work in her company.When Xu Banxia saw Xiaosu, he had a great potential and potential, so he agreed to go to her to sell internal diligence. If Xiaosu didn’t like it, he could go at any time.

During the meal gap, I saw uninvited construction.Xu Banxia reported her about Wu Jian because of Wu Jian, who had been suppressed without production, and the two had disputes when they met.

Unexpectedly, Wu Jian was going to do it with Xu Banxia, but he was afraid after he finished speaking, because Xu Banxia had grown up since he was a child, and he was famous in the industry.Lao Su knew that Xu Banxia was so powerful, so he did not shoot, and Xiao Su Ke couldn’t sit still:

"What a good man to fight a woman, there is a kind of fight with me."

Seeing this, Wu Jian quickly fled the donkey and fled.It was also the first time to meet each other. Xu Banxia, who started to start with Bai, was full of curiosity and goodwill.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Su stayed in Xu Banxia for a few days, and fell in love with it. He graduated for half a year. Even the school was unwilling to go back, and even the graduation certificate was not needed.

How could the old Su, who was honest and ruled, allowed Xiaosu to be so angry. Regardless of the future, he immediately went to Xu Banxia to discourage Xiaosu.

When Xiao Su saw Xu Banxia, he took out the project plan that he was spending a lot, hoping to get her appreciation.

Xu Banxia knew that the plan written by Xiao Su could not move her, but his plan had a certain visibility, so in order to satisfy Lao Su’s desire and retain Xiao Su’s talent, Xu Banxia asked Xiaosu to take her laptop back to schoolWhile completing her studies, they work for her.

Xiao Su saw Xu Pinells refused his plan and was very disappointed, but still insisted that he wanted to stay with her, so he had the courage to confess to her.But maybe Banxia only became a child’s temper and ignored him.Xiao Su ran away with anger.

Xiao Su’s personality is stubborn. Xu Banxia and Lao Su saw that they could not return to him. Xu Banxia really wanted to keep Xiaosu, a talent, and asked him to manage Tong Xiaoqi’s team training.

Later, Tong Xiaoqi’s team was blocked. She withdrew Xiaosu from the transportation company, and then transferred him to the sales department in the urban area to allow him to take his own management and shipment.

Xiaosu is good at learning, hard work, the most rare is a tiring cockroach.Soon he mastered Xu Banxia’s business door.

In the process of getting along with each other, Xu Banxia has always been the mentality of her sister to Xiaosu, but Xiao Su has always liked her silently.

Is Xiaosu and Xu Banxia just the age gap?The growth background, experience, and personality of the two are very different. Perhaps he can become the second Zhao Lei, but it must not be now.

For Xiaosu, he just met the right person at the wrong time.For Xu Banxia, what she needs now is that Zhao Bou, like a lover who can go hand in hand and communicate with each other. Xiaosu and her growth stage are inconsistent, and she is destined to miss it.

Su Guodong and Xu Banxia knew about running.The two people’s usual contact is either running or at the hospital, or at home, but Su Guodong has never really seen Xu Banxia in his work.

In the TV series, Su Guodong gave up Mangu Xia for a long time.However, in the original book, after Su Guodong was rejected, he still liked Xu Banxia silently, and never really put her down.

It wasn’t until he took his brother to find Xu Banxia for help that he really saw Xu Banxia’s ambition, ability, and insight.If it wasn’t for Xu Banxia’s deliberate relationship, they would be people from different worlds, even if they barely became friends, they would eventually part ways.

Since then, he has really realized the nature of the businessman of Xu Pinellia’s body, and he also disappointed that Xu Banxia’s feelings for him may only be a three -point sincerity and seven points of use.

In front of Lao Su, Xu Banxia needs to have time and patience to put herself a mask that meets the standards of worldly good people, and firmly hold her tail under the big robe, but for a long time, she is tired.Gradually see her, she should take off the mask.

In the TV series, the wild cat is pregnant, but Tong Xiaoqi does not understand why she doesn’t want this child.In fact, wild cats do not want children, but dare not want children.

In order to marry wild cats, Tong Xiaoqi went abroad to give up a well -running team and ran to study chefs. Yes, it was very touching.

Many people say that wild cats can go abroad to study abroad after giving birth.But this kind of effort by Tong Xiaoqi can really support her to continue studying abroad after giving birth to a child?

San Mao said: "If love does not fall to dressing, eating, sleeping, counting money, it will not last long."

If Tong Xiaoqi and their children stay in China, can wild cats go abroad to study at ease?Anyone who has done parents know how difficult it is to take care of children before the age of three, and wild cats can’t help but hang up.Even if Tong Xiao rides alone, is the two of them have deep feelings?

If Tong Xiao rides with his child, go abroad with wild cats, wild cats have to learn, Tong Xiao rides alone with the child’s language, and a family of three of the family of three must be solved by the family of three.The contradictions and conflicts will calm down; wild cats are getting better and better, but they become the family of the family, and the two people’s cognition, three views, and ability gaps will become larger and larger.

Yang Lan said: "The tough bond in marriage is not a child, not money, but a spiritual growth."

Under multiple pressures, who dares to be sure that Tong Xiaoqi and Wild Cats have once disregarded their courage and determination, and will not be exhausted in the day after day and the skin of garlic.

Xu Banxia experienced a failed marriage, so she knew clearly that she would spend a lifetime with what kind of person she wanted to work with, so she rejected Lao Su and Xiaosu without hesitation.

There is a sentence in "Intimate Relationship": "Good partners are a teacher. When you explore yourself, inspire and inspire you."

Zhao Bo is both a nobleman of Xu Banxia and her teacher.They can go hand in hand and unite, regardless of their final feelings, but at least two people have become better themselves after meeting each other.

But what about wild cats and Tong Xiao riding?Wild cats kept running in front, and Tong Xiao rode behind.And this chase of Tong Xiaoqi is to give up self -worth. Will there be good results?

Feelings are like flying a kite. The tighter you pull, the higher the other party will fly.Obviously, whether it is Tong Xiaoqi or a wild cat, this kind of marriage that cannot be made together, or even let the other party stagnate, and give up self -worth, will not last long.

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