With a child in my stomach, I will never be born

With a child in my stomach, I will never be born.

A few months ago, I moved the strange town of B and raised silkworms. They said that the silkworm took my essence, so I became as thin as a ghost, but my belly was like a basin, like a monster.

In this greasy place, those species that look fierce but have no self -protective function are creeping with fatty body. The white flowers are full of fat accumulation, and they are not tired of getting the juice of mulberry leaves day and night.

The funny thing is that they have a cute name in the textbooks of ignorant children -silkworm babies.

Spring silkworms are exhausted.

In the era of mechanization of fast food, few people will raise silkworms at home, let alone get rich, as my mother said, I am a bit abnormal.

This statement has accompanied me for many years, but this is not a city of A. This is in the town of B. I am a cultural and temperamental beauty in the town B. I speak in a low voice. I always read books in the sun.The rough cocoon of the wrist and the vegetable market is completely incomparable. Such a closed backward town, the perception of the first -class people is still at the stage of seeing the hands. It is superficial and full of scientific morality.

Every one in the town says that I am beautiful, no matter men and women.

Men in the town like to help me, because my weakness and infection can be invaded, the beauty of the beauty of the beauty smiles on the neck of the swan on the neck of the swan, and the foreigners watch it. I thought I was a rural woman, which was cold.The temperament is more like the last fresh and refined smoke in the world. It is the popularity that the mother -in -law in the family can not learn. The skin that can not be made back to the furnace is condensed.

Usually speaking a little bit, go to the vegetable market every day to pick up vegetables, and listen to the laughter of middle -aged women.

Even if I live on the leaves of picking vegetables, it is also Bai Yueguang in the hearts of men, not to mention that I am raising silkworms. Although I bought silkworms that spent my money, but the silkworm babies spit, I have money.

I am the wonderful combination of naive and beautiful.

Women are not afraid of me. In addition to my offensive temperament, it is more because of my bulging belly.

The man in the town, even if you color, will not move a pregnant woman, not to mention that I have more than one species in my belly. This is the persistence in the bones.Come down.Coupled with the natural motherhood care, I always have a little pity for the living leaves. The dishes that I can’t sell in the evening will leave me. The remaining dishes will be given to me.Accumulate good and virtue.

No one knows how big my child is. The bulging belly is the same as the drum bag on the hill. It is strange to say that the child is so fast by eating vegetables.Big, that is, my face is similar to the dishes. The child sucks my blood and is incredible.

For my child for a few months, no one knows that there must be a story in this poor place in this poor country this year, let alone a single mother who is pregnant, but the people in the town are unified.It’s the answer to the back, don’t know.

This morning, there are some secrets on the streets that are all known in the streets in the evening, but they can not guess this secret. The good person knocked on the side. I just smiled slightly, the eyes were red, the elegant faction and the sorrowful face made the habit shout and yelled.The mother -in -law can’t help but move. Those landscapes who can expose them in the sun do not understand why a man is so difficult to open up, and look at my words and do things.Qinglang’s singing section, I wouldn’t ask my sadness in one or two.

The people in the town are particularly tolerant about strange noble guests, not to mention, I only rented it for two months.

The landlord’s previous passenger car met Miss Ye, who was pregnant and escaped his shirt. Three deceives and two are not cheating.Come over, but people have run away.

Xu Shi had no conscience. Before leaving, the scammer also left me a silkworm that was raised by the bad mother -in -law. He said that he had raised them and had money. I was expressionless about money.

For silkworms, I don’t know how to make it. Just as I have no concept of making money by the elite planning missed in front of me, there is no concept of making money, and there is no desire for nothing.

The person in front of him was not interested. The person who talked about the belly began to bundle the game again. It is estimated that this kind of Ms. Jiao is more strange.Butterfly. "

"Butterfly?" The pupils of a dumb person gathered sharply: "Is it a butterfly?"

"No, it’s a moth."


"Yes, it’s like a butterfly. No butterfly is beautiful, but can make money."

No butterfly is beautiful, but can make money.

Speaking of my heart in a word, I gave it a few hundred dollars, and I gave it a whole.

I have n’t raised silkworms, I have n’t meals, I do n’t understand all survival skills. I only spend money and like to read books. In the rest of the few money, I bought a bunch of newspapers and magazines for the silly waste purchase station.

Three Er who was ragged said that I have never seen someone buying these useless waste paper with a happy smile. Other people’s garbage, I like a baby, the big sun bowes with a big belly and bow to San’er, saying that such precious things are thisGive me the price, it is the kindness of San’er.

Later, San’er also said that if it wasn’t for my expression on my face so sincere, listening to the words of the text just like the instead of saying, the hot pain of the fan like the fan of the big sun.

That is to say, after buying the book, I only know that the money is not so much enough. The money in a few packets is difficult to get the rest of my life when I look at it. I was worried about seeing my silkworm baby for several days before I reacted.You can pick up vegetables and feed them, or you can eat it yourself. No one knows anyway.

This picked up was picked up for half a month.

In fact, no one is stupid. This trembling woman never buy food and cooks smoke every day. The basket of dishes picked up in the day is gone. At this speed, there must be at least hundreds of silkworms at home.

The people in the town are good at heart, but they don’t say anything.

In addition to reading the sun in the afternoon, I also liked on the weekend. I took a walk around the street and listened to my wife on the streets and alleys.The sinking spread, teased me to talk about my love.

The soft voice laughed with a rough voice: "Miss Ye, the story is definitely better."

In addition to smiling and blushing, I have nothing to say. Compared to the participants who are stubborn, I prefer to pass by accident. There are many people who love to tell in this alley. There are really a few people who are willing to listen to the story.Some people also educate their children, and go to Miss Ye to ask Miss Ye.

But Ms. Ye is polite, and if she quit her pregnancy, she has no children to disturb.

In the evening, each family started to eat, and the bureau quickly withdrew. I supported my belly and returned home. I didn’t have that mouth in my house, but soon, I was about to call me a baby who wanted to eat.At least someone will wait for me to go home.

I used to be afraid of the night, but now I am not afraid. Compared to someone waiting for me, I prefer a person. I am not alone. Although my mother has always said that someone is waiting for a good thing, and no one waits.

But I can eat with my silkworm, eat leaves, I also eat leaves, eat the same food, I am breeding, they are also breeding. I even think that I am these silkworms.That day, I recognized even if it was a moth. I could at least fly.

No matter how ugly, it and him are my baby. The swaying lights mixed with gray and rubbing food, peaceful and warm.

After a long time, the fool who spit with silk not long eyes does not understand what he woven the white and warm dreams with the original nature. I do n’t understand. I asked the talents to know that this cocoon can become a butterfly.That cocoon is the grave.

I was shocked to know this, but I still couldn’t change the more white wool balls in the room, and it couldn’t stop the development of natural laws, let alone. Since the nearby delivery, I woke up.Part of it is due to pregnancy, and there are some reasons from winter.

For the first time in the winter of the water village, I did not know how to prepare what to prepare. This Jiao Di lady could not resist her hands and could not mention it. I could only hide in the quilt in the bed.I sent the extra charcoal fire, thinking about the silkworm into a cocoon, the temperature in the house should not be too low, and I made me silently refuse. I still thought about it when I was leaving. When I burned the charcoal, remember to ventilate.son.

In a word, it reminds me of many past events, such as mom, such as the child’s father.

I met him, and it was such a cold winter.

At that time, he also lowered his head for carbon, leaving me giggling in the quilt.

I even remembered that he was helpless and sad, his mother broke into the door, and the chaos tune into colorful wine, dizzy in the brain.All things were miscellaneous and separated together, and I remembered that I forgot to ask him at the hospital, the child’s name.

I don’t know how to ask, and I don’t know how to write, tell him about his encounter.

Or, there is no position to tell.

I am even more afraid that if my mother knows the news of my news, what should I do? The memories under the panic are accompanied by the windy wind, the blow people are chilling, and the children in the stomach seem to feel my nervousness.I stared at my legs and pulled me out of the nightmare. I smiled slightly. This angel was cute.

I want to give him a name, but I am afraid that I have stained him. My name is that I am stolen. This child is also stolen by me. At least the child’s name cannot be stolen.

Zuo Zuo wanted to find three children, and begged him to give his child a name.

A single elder who was single was asked by the girl to give the child a name, and the face had no reason, but I was not a big belly.People are always asking themselves to ask their children’s name. The neighborhood neighbors laughed and said whether San’er was very similar to my man. The girl nodded seriously and did not respond. Instead, San’er was forced to stand it. Hukou:"Call the book, what is his dad’s surname?"

As soon as I said, I immediately lowered my head and didn’t speak. I bowed to San’er and left in a hurry.

The remaining three children like a bird, and it was snowing.

From that day, this child has also had a name -book, no surname, only name, and only belongs to me.

The winter time is always very fast, the day is getting shorter, but the night is extended at night. In a blink of an eye, the worms in the room are cocoon, and the cocoons in sleep are waiting to be a butterfly.

The people in the town gradually spread out the bureau and shrunk in their own home. Only the people in the vegetable market could see me once from time to time.

Listening to others said that the stomach is very high, but the face is blue, which is exactly the same as the vegetable leaves. The people are like a stick and the dryness.Picking vegetables in one hand, keeping coughing in your mouth, and the getting less food, it seems that there is no more silkworm eating.

However, the adjective is still inseparable from my smile.

Some people in the market can’t bear it, it’s okay to give me a piece of meat and sell the remaining chickens, I will bow with my big belly, the wrinkled skin can compress the meat balls on the stomach, I can also thank it in other ways.That ability, except for bowing, I don’t know how to thank others. I can only work hard to eat the food and go home with the picking dishes.

Although there is no "mouth" to accompany me to eat, I still eat when the sun falls on time on time. Except for cooking smoke, I can hardly tell if I am still in this town. Several good women pushing a sleeping man at night asked.Should I look at this sick lady, and slowly sleep with an unreasonable heart, and insists on the "enthusiastic intestine" for three minutes every night.

Of course, this kindness does not know that the moon and the man who are with me.

A woman came here alone when she was pregnant, and it looked like this. It was necessary to get something sick or something, or not.

It was strange to say. It’s almost the end of the month. I suddenly started to clean up the door to pick up the leaves to pick up the leaves. It seemed that it was the same as the time.Well, the powder on his face shakes like a sieve dustpan. Someone saw it, enthusiastic greeting: "Miss Ye, I am in a good mood!"

"Well, it’s 56 days, the silkworm is about to come out, I will give them something to eat."

"Oh," the older mother -in -law laughed: "Miss Ye is going to be developed."

As soon as I heard this, I said helplessly: "Don’t make fun of me, I just, just happy to become a butterfly, happy …"

"I tease you, give you anxiety."

I do n’t refute, just a shallow smile, the waxy yellow face is no longer a trace of blood. Except for the high belly, none of the whole person looked at meat.

Everyone looks shocked, and everyone does not change the face. This is Miss Ye, which has nothing to do with them.The young guy couldn’t stand it, pulled my basket, and smiled and said that Miss Ye couldn’t pull it. Let me take it for you.

The person who wanted to refuse looked at Ru Chai’s arm nodded, and was grateful to the kindness of the town.

The kind guy gave me the basket to the vegetable market. The old aunts picked the vegetable leaves and put it in and put it in. It was the kindness of the town.

It was just dragging and no effort, let alone dragging back.Someone who drove an electric tricycle came to send food to her mother -in -law, and sent me back.

Town, kindness.

All manpower can give kindness, but it was pinched into a waste paper and threw it into the pit.

I was lying in a pool of blood. I found the earliest discovery of San’er. This young man Zuo Siwei wanted to think that it was too hasty to take a book on the children of others.In the place, correct the misunderstanding on the tongue.

Before passing the street, standing every night, San’er saw the tattoos with tattoos who did not pull the curtains and smashed all the objects of my house.Seventy -eight, three people have never seen these people, they are not locals.

Looking at the bulging muscles, San’er didn’t seem to hear very much, and turned to walk to the waste station.

The door was not locked, and the town collectively deaf.

The only person lying on the ground looked at the scolding person expressionlessly, I expected that they would come, even a few days later than I thought. The only regret was that my mother did not come.I still want to see me.

After all, in this world, I can’t find the second person who can collect corpses.

But my mother didn’t come, afraid of dirty her own hands, and sent me to find a few people who were not familiar with each other, and gave me a lesson.

When I was very young, my mother said, do n’t run, run away in a foreign country, is a wild ghost. It will be eaten by evil ghosts.You can’t find the way home.

I didn’t call me at that time, my name was Hu Shanshan.

In a word, I remember my life.

I do n’t run, and I really do my mother seriously. From the first day I was sold, I knew that anyone could mess with it, as long as I waited for my mother.

This is the craftsmanship of gambled with my ghost father.

I also took care of me in this mother. When I was on the other hand, I said that my hands were good. The daughter who received a gambling ghost also had aura. After a long time, I discovered that this was a game of gambling ghosts.On that price, my mother scolded my eight -generation ancestors for three days and three nights.

I love to listen to my mother scolding ghost dads, which reminds me of my dying mother. I scolded it like this too.Laughing, hehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhe

One month later, I was sold by my dad to Yanliu Lane again. The most dirty and most broken streets in the city of the city were dry and cheap.Shop, there is no name, no door cards, no shameless clothes.

Before leaving, his father vowed to the girl, and I would definitely come back to redeem you.

I ca n’t hold my mouth with a smile. His father vowed to be exactly the same as that at that time. I ca n’t get angry. I ’m so angry that I’ m so disappeared as my mother. I can only laugh.Farewell to the father of conscience.

From that day, Hu Shanshan died, and it was me who lived, a new girl in Yanliu Lane.

My name was given by my mother. My mother asked me what I called at the time. I thought about my name for a long time, and let my mother stunned, and spit out a mouthful of seeds and smelly in my face.My face was numb, and my mouth was unable to scold and scolded such a mildew name. I was still four or four.Where is the prosperous, but the mother said that it is naturally good, and the people who eat people are soft and soft. I still know this reason. My parents, my mother is my father and mother.

In a few seconds, the male and female mother gave Hu Shanshan another person’s name and gave me another life.

I was 12 years old on July 14, 1983.

On July 15, 1987, I picked up the first benevolent, and the ghost festival opened the bud.

In the gray zone that violates the law, there is a night of shaking like a red lantern. The seniors and sisters have slept hundreds of times on the bed of tens of millions of men.When I thought of the pain to reach the desire, the water stain stained with the bed and opened the charming flowers.

Although I am thinking of losing money every day, the most money in the whole yard is the "more and more stupid" me. People like my mother understand people best.It ’s not for the students to do my homework. What do you want to do so aura? The reason for me to spend money is my beauty in the final analysis. The exquisite face is accompanied by the lazy but hated tough sky seamless.If you ca n’t change it, you ca n’t lose it. The word Hong Yan Shui Shui is the words that we are supreme. Whoever can harm who is the physical scourge, which small house is the ability, is achievement, it is to avoid the old insurance of the old age.We can only rely on men.

Doing this business is not only beautiful, you have to have special things to retain the guests. The two piles of white flowers are mechanically moved.How to keep men’s hearts.

And my eyes know how to retain the heart of men. The innocence of sorrow is the desire of men’s hearts. The combination of dirty and holy is the most beautiful scene in the world and the best weapon to satisfy conquest desire.

The appearance of no chicken in hand is still with unique nervousness and loneliness. I seem to have a magic. Men always look at my eyes with a trace of compassion. When my godless empty eyesThe light is pure and astringent, just like the harmless Lolita.

There will always be a price of beautiful things. Mom said that my sin is more sinful than the whole yard, because I have confused too many men, and women who suck the spirit are becoming more beautiful and hated by God.

The grittering teeth, the meaning of the deep as if I was the woman who was hated.

My mother said this to my "mother" to me. I haven’t told others, and I have pity for me.

Although Li Meimei and Xu Jialing in the same room have been showing off with me once, I am still grateful.

When I grew up, I once thought about my mother’s words very seriously. I thought that my mother was killed because my father was going to sell me. After a large circle, I was sold by my father.The land was caught, but it was a pity that I died of my mother. I thought I was sore here. I didn’t take the initiative to say that I was going to the brothel. I was not filial, but I was jealous of me.

But how about being jealous, men still like me, like to sleep, and like my porcelain white body without any injuries and lines of wrinkles.Oh, God appreciates meals.

Beauty and no brains have never been matched, but it is Bai Yueguang in the hearts of men. The youthful coquettish can break through the hearts of every man, but you can’t leave a mark. I have said it very much.There are more than tens of millions of different faces of women in front of the sensory animal sprint, but no one is in his eyes on the climax.

I have n’t been in school, I do n’t understand why this is so, it ’s still a man with a beautiful suit taught me the mystery.

It was rare to say a few more people that day. It ’s no intention to come here, and it is impossible to give it sincerity.

They are not without me in their eyes, but in their eyes, I am just an appliance, venting their desires.

Once I have me in my eyes, it is love.

This dressed man was finally stunned and refreshing, and there was no me in his eyes.

But I don’t care, my task is to serve every benefactor, not let them fall in love with me.

Mom said that prostitutes cannot have love, and love will only destroy women.

I don’t understand love, so my mother’s favorite child is me. I shouldn’t have such a thing. I only need one person’s love.

At least, food and clothing worry -free.

But at that time, I didn’t know that things like love were not controlled by me, and even the omnipotent mothers couldn’t control it.

The moth in the night fell in love with the candlelight, and I fell in love with people.

After a lapse of 10 years, someone asked the first generation of prostitutes who described the dead end in front of the demolition house to the last generation of prostitutes. I did n’t choose to do this.Resolutely chose 1990.

Women are jealous and kind, seeing the creatures that are not similar to themselves are smooth, and they are not allowed to be humiliated. No matter what reason, my mother hates the man I fall in love.

The silly college student who drinks too much, thinks that after a few mouthfuls of cat urine, I do n’t recognize my father and mother when I think of the reincarnation of love.Home.

To be precise, I took him home, and I knew this man.

I live opposite his house, and they are all tenants in this city. He has a completely different schedule as me. I almost can’t touch it. I have seen my girlfriend. Just this Monday morning, I scaredly dragged the box with a disdainful manner.Spit towards the corridor.

At that time, I knew that intellectuals would spit like mothers, and even vomited more proficient than mothers.

Although not common, they can breathe in the same time and space every day. On Saturday, he will be at home. He has a big red bookcase.Know what a book is, but I will count it because I have to collect money.

The boy will read the piano in the afternoon of the sun, and play a poem for my beloved woman.That was another world that I found in the afternoon to dry clothes. I have never seen a pure boy. Most of the men on me are desire and beastly.In addition, I am a dedicated person.

The warm sunshine attracted me more than the night. Under the strong color, I was in love.

Later stories were performed by the singing section. I successfully confused the man with many years of craftsmanship. I entered the palace in my dream. I saw the sacred bookshelf and found myself in the eyes of men at the moment of the climax.

No, as before thousands of times, nothing.

He is still such a pure person, and his clear eyes can’t accommodate my dirty.So at the moment of release, the panic was quickly disarmed and surrendered. He didn’t know who I was, but he could faintly guess my identity. He was in love for the first time. He didn’t know what happened.

He didn’t even know that I lived opposite him, but only after the remaining consciousness and the vague memory of the TV drama professor, he got out of the stove and found the only 200 yuan.Women who are very beautiful but silly are rich. He just feels that it may be simpler to give money.

Two money shattered all my dreams, I couldn’t even say a word, my name.

Two hundred yuan, bought all my self -esteem.

Later, the mother who thought I ran away with a group of people broke the door of Elis. The confused college students were beaten for the first time in my life. I was closed for the first time.Raising the face of college students, ridiculed and sneered at my strange aesthetics, shaking off the gray half of the 200 yuan and said, "Today is half price cheaper, your kid, I received it at 200 yuan, so I do it."

After speaking, I also said something in the ear of college students. The obedient face turned from white to green, looking at my eyes, and she scolded the goods and sluts.The big man who pressed his own slap and slapped me.

The palm of my face was stamped with hot pain, but my heart was wooden. I don’t know what my mother said to make this Swenan beastly hair and the skin of the skin torn blurred, but no matter what, the blood of the corner of the mouth told me that my mother won.My love and this man are completely there.

There is no poisoning, no curse, and winning silent and sore, it is really clever.

After that, I returned to calm again, and helped my mother to make everything in the shop on time. I slept in the room during the day. The tenants on the opposite side had already moved away, leaving no words.

Everything seems to have never happened, the only change is that I no longer pick up customers.

Due to how my mother beats and how to scold, I just do n’t pick it up. I do n’t confess myself with my teeth.After all the techniques, I also have people in my eyes when I orgasm, and this is not respect for people who spend money.

I am a dedicated person.

I have no ability to pick up customers, not to mention, my stomach has begun to get bigger.

This secret was discovered by Amei next to the hair salon next door. Below the wide cloth is signs of slightly convex. Prostitutes are the best talk about when you are a melon seed.Front.

The person who talked to speak was leaking, and I didn’t remember to close the door. I told my mother. I listened to a full set behind the door. I expected that for this day.Waiting for the biggest chip to start the game, this is my mother taught me to deal with men, but I did not expect to use it on myself.

Later, I couldn’t hide it anymore. I went to the hospital. I didn’t expect to meet a college student. I didn’t know what I was talking about.Times, I walked over, and he was still talking about himself. At that time, he didn’t know me at that time, but he still remembered that I said to me.

Watching his family coming to pick him up, I just pretended to make his family optimistic about him, talked a few words, and suddenly fell into the ice cellar. The stupid man was still talking, watching their family helpThe back of his leaving, I sighed secretly with the voice that I could only hear, "How can you be like this, I would rather be so good that I am so hateful, and I don’t want to see you like this."

For this matter, my mother didn’t embarrass me too much. She carried a bowl of dark fall soup in front of me at night, not to say, just look at me.

I happened to apply a bright red lipstick to cover my lips pale. I didn’t look at the soup in front of me. I smiled and opened the door to see the mountain and said, "Drink it, mother, can I know where do you get college students?"

"I don’t know, he moved away by himself."

With a bite, some hot feelings rose from the lungs.

"How did he crazy?"

The obedient people seem to be so surprised why I know so much. I nodded proudly with my wrinkles and frozen face: "It is worthy of what I brought out, and I said everywhere, I said today."

"He was mad by himself," the person in front of him suddenly got closer to my ears, slowly spitting his letter to blow the turbid breath into my earlobe. It was my sensitive area.: "I just said, how clean about this business, and the rest of the money, you keep the doctor."

Second, the difficulty of swallowing tears.

"So he said in the hospital to say that he had AIDS?"

Dan Hong’s nails stroked my face: "It seems that you have met him in the hospital.

"Mom," my tearful person raised his medicine to respect his eyes: "It’s useless, I haven’t seen my father, I haven’t lived."

After that, there is no drop.

I always take a big child by myself, and I ca n’t bear to watch this way. I ca n’t get any moths when I think of slipping the tire to hurt the muscles. I let me go back and prepare.Four hours.

Whoever thought that the fetus did not fall, and people ran away.

The time is too long, and my mother has forgotten. I am the daughter of a gambler.

It is said that it is common for the runner to run a runner. Let others run away, but this is my, my daughter, my avatar, I am not happy, I can’t be happy.I bought my two lives that I made for me, and I couldn’t live even when I was in my child.

I don’t hate my mother. Whoever is in this thing can’t get through. The most hate in my mother’s life is that others lie to me. When I was young, my mother lied to me and was thrown into this.When the money ran, when I was old, I met me with such a stall again. How could the red lanterns hanging for a lifetime could watch me from good? How did I live my life?The moment I gave Hu Shanshan, I was living for me. The copy of each step could not be wrong.

It’s just me. I don’t like such ugly silkworms. I don’t see everything that ugly things. I hate all the ways to make a living. I hate the moths that are rushing towards the man.

"" Cocoon broke a mouth.

The coal burned in the "呲" house was burned.

"Ah" Booming overnight.

There is no cocoon into a butterfly, and no new life comes.

My cocoon and my cocoon were burned to the fire I longed for.

Fire trucks, landlords, and residents shouted mixed with the town in the middle of the night, mixed with bloody taste, the rusty wetness accompanied by the rain, everyone had magic in their hearts, and the guilt in the middle of the night was condensed.It became a sin, inspiring the heart of the town’s rescue, and the gas of a mighty horses cannon rescue, meaningless efforts.

The fire with the cocoon lit up the whole day, poured water, washed the stock of the pool in most of the town, and did not press the evil fire.

Dark, there is only one corpse.

To be precise, it is a skeleton.

I have no relatives for no reason, and I do n’t know where the ashes are placed. It is said that San’er came later. I buried me in his graveyard with a leg.It is the intellectuals that are high above. It is my dream that I can’t touch. The only thing that is similar to him is that the wall book.

San’er was like a man than him, at least lost his leg for me.

The only thing to settled the dust was unknown. When the forensic doctors were verified, they were puzzled. It was clearly a ten -month -old belly. How could there be only a skeleton and the people in the town did not understand.It will provoke such troubles.

The story of Hua Die’s Liang Zhu did not confirm that in me who wanted to be a moth. I often buried the other country and was buried in the graveyard of the husband with a belly.

No one knows that I am a prostitute. As no one knows that I am pregnant with a tumor.

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