Women and her boyfriend conspired to rob your girlfriends 46,000 yuan: spray chili water, and beaten with stones

Source: Yangguang.com

On the surface, there are good girlfriends who have nothing to talk about.On the 7th, the WeChat public account of the "Jiangxi Court" released a case: Xiao Gu and Xiao Mei were girlfriends. Because Xiao Gu and her boyfriend Xiao Nan were nervous, they sought to rob Xiaomei money.

One day in June 2022, Xiao Gu learned that Girlfriend Xiaomeigang took a lot of money from the bank and informed her boyfriend Xiaonan.In the afternoon of that day, Xiao Gu invited Xiao Mei to her boyfriend Xiaonan’s dinner, and Xiaomei gladly went.Xiaonan was preparing for the crime tool outside and waited on the uphill section where Xiaomei returned.After dinner, when Xiaomei drove an electric car with a Xiao Gu’s return, Xiao Gu secretly informed Xiao Nan to be prepared.

When Xiaomei drove through the uphill section, Xiaonan used flashlights to light Xiaomei’s eyes. Xiaomei was forced to stop. Xiaonan sprayed Xiaomei’s eyes with chili water and beat Xiaomei with a stone and flashlight.Xiaonan rushed to run away from the electric car driving Xiaomei, and took the 46,500 yuan for Xiaomei to put it under the car cushion, and then discarded the car on the side of the road.

The appraisal of the electric vehicle was worth 1015 yuan.After the incident, the public security organs recovered the stolen money and returned to Xiaomei.

The court trial believes that the defendant Xiao Gu and Xiaonan for the purpose of illegal possession, using violence on the spot to forcibly seize the victim Xiaomei, a electric vehicle worth 1015 yuan and the cash on the vehicle of 46,500 yuan, the amount of huge amount, and his behavior has constituted a robbery.In the joint crime, although Xiao Gu did not handle the robbery, he had discussed with Xiao Nan before he committed the crime. The two were just different division of labor. Therefore, Xiao Gu was also the main criminal, but the role of the primary criminal was relatively lighter than Xiaonan.

The court made the following judgment: the defendant Xiao Nan was convicted of robbery, sentenced to 13 years and six months in prison, deprived of political rights for three years, and fined 50,000 yuan.And fined 30,000 yuan.

Source: Jimu News Comprehensive "Jiangxi Court" WeChat public account

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