Women are always unable to conceive their children. It is nothing more than these four reasons. Find a doctor to check as soon as possible!

Now that the second child policy has liberalized, many young mothers want to have a second child, but some mothers will find that they are difficult to conceive their children. So why is this?Why can’t women pregnant?

The first reason: gynecological disease

There are many types of gynecological diseases, but no matter what kind of gynecological diseases, they may be difficult to get pregnant.Moom more is also a kind of gynecological disease. Moom passage means that more than 100 ml is as much as possible, because female estrogen deficiency will directly affect the growth of the endometrium, which will cause the endometrium to fall off, which will lead to the amount of menstruation.Increased, the increase in menstrual flow can easily cause anemia, and it will also cause endometrial variability, which will lead to infertility. Therefore, if there is too much pregnancy during menstruation, you should go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid delays.

The second reason: great mental stress

Women’s mental stress is too large to cause infertility. Now there are many women who usually have work pressure, and if parents still need to urge pregnancy, the pressure will be greater.Easy to make pregnancy may become smaller.Many people may not know that emotions and psychology will also affect conception, so everyone needs to relax the pressure afterwards and make the mood better.

The third reason: I often stay up late

The irregular work and rest are a common problem for young people. Many young people often live in the same life and rest. Especially when they stay up late at night, they come to work every day with dark circles.It is not easy to get pregnant for such people, because these people who stay up late for a long time can easily lead to endocrine disorders of women, and it is more likely to have irregular menstruation, which will affect normal ovulation and the quality of follicles.And men often stay up late, which can easily lead to endocrine abnormalities of men. It affects the quality and quantity of sperm. Men should not think that they are fine, and men should pay more attention to their own schedules.

The fourth reason: the man suffers from reproductive diseases

Some men also have some diseases, which makes it difficult for women to get pregnant. Pregnancy requires that the bodies of both men and women are normal when they are normal. As long as one of them is not right, it is difficult to get pregnant.There are also some men who have abnormal experience or weak sperm vitality. These situations will affect women’s pregnancy.

It is difficult for women to have a lot of pregnancy. Women should find more reasons. Only by finding the right reason can the right medicine be prescribed.If both husband and wife want to conceive their children, they can also go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, so that they can know whether they are suitable for pregnancy.

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