Women do not want children, may wish to eat these three types of foods

Due to the low success rate of contraceptives and non -toxic and side effects of oral contraceptives, not only in Europe and the United States, but also more and more women in China have chosen to use this method to achieve the purpose of contraception.However, women are still worried that taking contraceptives will harm the body.Zhang Qiushi, chief physician of the Gynecology Department of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, said that long -term contraceptives may lead to vitamin lack, and women can consider proper supplementation.

Women’s long -term contraceptives may lead to vitamin deficiency

Zhang Qiushi told family doctors to edit online that the dosage of estrogen contained in oral short -acting contraceptives is not high, but estrogen itself enhances the liver metabolic ability, and many vitamins are the essential assistance of liver metabolism.Element.In this way, long -term oral contraceptives will increase the body’s demand for these vitamins. If not replenished in time, it will cause corresponding vitamin deficiency in the body.

Of course, Zhang Qiushi added that it is not that long -term contraceptive pills must cause vitamin deficiency, but it will increase the chance of this situation. Women generally only need to consume more foods rich in these vitamins.If the corresponding lack occurs, it is recommended to supplement the type of vitamins under the guidance of a doctor.

According to Zhang Qiushi, women who take contraceptives are most likely to lack B vitamins. At the same time, some ingredients in contraceptives will accelerate the destruction of vitamin C in the blood, and may also lead to the lack of vitamin C.

What should women take for long -term contraceptives?

Lemon, strawberry, kiwi: supplement vitamin C

The estrogen in contraceptives can reduce the concentration of vitamin C in the blood, leading to the occurrence of thrombolytic disease, especially the chances of some women who take contraceptives for a long time.

In daily life, we can supplement vitamin C by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. It is commonly rich in vitamin C: lemon, strawberry, kiwi, jujube, red dates, fresh persimmon pepper, hawthorn, tomato, orange, cabbage, etc.

Meat and dairy products: supplement vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is lacking, and excitement, uneasiness, and emotional ups and downs will occur. Those rich in vitamin B6 are mainly meat foods. If it is a vegetarian, you can also consider eating more foods such as grains, malt to supplement.

Aquatic products and egg yolk: supplement folic acid and vitamin B12

There are many women who usually have folic acid anemia after taking contraceptives for a long time. The reason is that it is because taking contracted pills can inhibit the folic acid binding enzymes of the duodenum mucosa, and we must not have time in the process of absorbing folic acid in our intestinal absorption.Participation in this enzyme.

Therefore, if you want to prevent anemia, there are absolutely few foods containing folic acid and vitamin B12. Common foods include animal viscera, shells, milk powder, fish, crab, egg yolk, etc.

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