Women have these three kinds of performance suggesting that your body does not ovulate, and it is in vain if you work hard.

Families who want children, both husband and wife will start to count the days. When is the safety period of women, when is the ovulation period of women, the safety period can be used for contraception, and women are more likely to get pregnant during ovulation.

When women ovulate, if the eggs can be successfully fertilized, they become fertilized eggs, and they are in bed successfully, then it means that the pregnancy is successful.If women do not have the prerequisite for ovulation, they may not conceive.

Many women have been pregnant for more than half a year and have not been pregnant. They regret it until they go to the hospital for examination.Some women may have suspended ovulation due to physical reasons, but they did not notice it, and they waste their pregnancy time.

So women know if they have ovulated their bodies?

Women’s body has these three kinds of performance, which may imply that the body does not ovulate, and it is in vain if the husband and wife work hard. Women are best for self -test. I hope that you have no one.

Abnormal physiological period

The physiological period and ovulation period have a certain relationship. Generally, the ovulation period is generally over the countdown of the last 14 days.If a female physiological period can determine the ovulation time through menstruation.If women’s physiological periods are normal and normal, they generally represent uterine health and ovarian health, and women can ovulate naturally.

Abnormal physiological period

If a woman’s body has menopause and amenorrhea, etc., it may indicate that the ovaries are unstable, and this time may not ovulation.Women’s physiological period can reflect the health state of women.

Ovulation bleeding

During the ovulation period of women, the follicles will mature, and the estrogen in women’s body will fall in a short period of time. The level of a small number of female estrogen will drop to normal standards because it cannot maintain the growth of the endometrium, which will cause endometrial endometrium, Form a small amount of bleeding.The amount of bleeding in this case is relatively small, and it is generally maintained for 2 to 3 days. If it is accidental, it has no effect.

Ovulation bleeding

If ovulation bleeding occurs multiple times, it will interfere with normal ovulation and affect normal conception. At this time, it is best to check whether there are gynecological diseases.

Small abdomen, waist soreness

Women’s uterus is close to the lower abdomen and waist position. If the uterus is unhealthy, the lower abdomen will also have faint pain.If women have such a manifestation, there may be some gynecological diseases. This signal may suggest that the body does not ovulate, and the couple may work hard at this time.

If the body does not ovulate, there is no fertilized egg to bed. At this time, the female body will not have the news of successful pregnancy.If you want to get pregnant, treat gynecological diseases first.

If there are these three cases above, women are generally difficult to get pregnant.But don’t worry too much, it is not a big problem for women to not ovulate.Most of the cases do not ovulate, as long as the cause is detected, and then targeted treatment can still restore ovulation.

Women need to check their bodies before preparing for pregnancy. See if there are some gynecological diseases or uterus, there is a problem with the health of the ovary.After confirming that the couple will prepare for a pregnant baby, the effect will be much better, and it will not delay time.

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