Women in their 50s have two years in two years, and they are preparing for the third child now?It is not simple to find out

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Women in their 50s have been pregnant twice in the past two years

Still preparing to "give birth to three babies"?

Prosecutor was keenly found …

There are "ghosts" in it

Recently, nearly a year after escape from the supervision, the woman Zhou was admitted to the Pinghu Detention Center under the criminal execution supervision of the Pinghu City Procuratorate in Zhejiang."I thought I could escape, but …" Zhou sighed when he was executed.

How did the prosecutor know this "paper serving"?

Women repeatedly performed abroad due to pregnancy and breastfeeding

On September 28, 2014, Zhou was sentenced to 2 years and 3 months in prison for crime of crime of crime of contract fraud.Zhou Mou committed false lawsuits during the probation period. In April 2019, the Pinghu City Court decided to withdraw the probation on it and execute a period of 3 years and 2 months.

In May 2019, Zhou was temporarily implemented due to pregnancy.

In September 2020, Zhou, who had just finished breastfeeding, was temporarily implemented due to pregnancy.

On September 13 this year, Zhou was applied to the court for temporary implementation of the supervision on the grounds of "postpartum breastfeeding".The court solicited opinions from the Pinghu Procuratorate in accordance with the law.

After accepting the case, the prosecutor found that Zhou, who was in his 50s, had been implemented twice due to pregnancy in the past two years. Although he took him to the hospital for examination and confirmationSuspect of serving sentence.

This time, Zhou’s application for "postpartum breastfeeding" was temporarily implemented outside the prison, but it was completely different from the previous application. None of the certification materials provided by Zhou were the original.Copy for birth.

Professional sensitivity allowed the prosecutor to notice that there may be problems in it, so he informed Zhou to provide the original original as a birth certificate, hukou book, and summary of discharge, and went to the procuratorate to make an inquiry transcript.

Sure enough, Zhou took off on the phone and pushed away, and in the end, he did not come to make a transcript at the time of the notice, and played "hiding cats" with the prosecutor.

The prosecutor found Zhou and took her back to the procuratorate to inquire.

In the end, Zhou took the initiative to explain the fact that she had miscarriage and acknowledged that she still tried to get pregnant again several times after miscarriage and tried to escape the execution of punishment, but it was unsuccessful.After that, during the community correction period, she found a way to buy a fake ultrasonic diagnostic report online to avoid supervision; when the original due date was near the original due date, they also used "maternity leave", positioning mobile phones to the hospital, etc., and once again purchased false from the Internet from the Internet.The absence of discharge and birth certification, etc., forged the illusion of "having children".In order to avoid the regular visits of community correction staff, she also compiled various reasons to prevent the staff from seeing the "child".

After understanding the situation, the prosecutor immediately retrieved Zhou’s community correction archives from the community correction agency, and at the same time retracted the diagnosis and treatment records from the local hospital. Combined with the investigation situation and evidence materialsStop misconducting surgery and frequently do pregnancy tests in January, April, and May in January, April, and May.

The Pinghu Procuratorate finally determined that Zhou Mou’s implementation situation has been disappeared for nearly a year from October 23, 2020, and the situation is very serious.

After the survey, the procuratorate issued a letter of response to the court not to the abroad of the supervision, and at the same time, the situation where Zhou was temporarily disappeared from the supervision of Zhou, but his sentence was not full.Suggestions for the execution of supervision; in addition, for Zhou’s trading and use of false certificates to escape the execution of punishment, the corresponding case clues were transferred to the public security organs.

After the proposal was issued, under the follow -up supervision of the procuratorial organs, the judicial administrative organs and the courts handled the case from as soon as possible. The court made a timely implementation decision to accept supervision and officially ended the illusion of Zhou Mou’s continued "penalty to serve."In response to the situation where Zhou traded and used false certificates, the public security organs also made a penalty decision on the 9th of the administrative detention.

Source: Zhejiang Legal Daily

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