Women’s marriage is difficult to circulate "Mother’s Dream" in four degrees, and the doctor may finally "graduate" for the cause of the doctor.


The lower abdomen bulge day by day, and the rhythm of life is a little clear, gathered a drop of joy for the mother … It is the news that the baby is farewell as farewell.There is no signs of abortion or premature birth, probably the nightmare of every woman with incomplete cervix function.

In November 2021, 32 -year -old Ms. Zheng (pseudonym) came to Changsha Jiangwan Hospital for the first time.

"Doctor, you must help me!" Ms. Zheng had a history of the severe uterine adhesion before coming to the hospital and performed three -time adhesion separation surgery, but it re -adhesive due to ectopic pregnancy and natural abortion.

According to the four -dimensional ultrasound examination of our hospital, Ms. Zheng’s uterine cavity was once again severely adhered to 10 points, endometrial defects of 2/3, and combined with incomplete cervical function, chocolate cysts and uterine adenomy muscles.Faced with Jiangwan’s expert consultation team, Ms. Zheng, who has been on the road of Qi Zi for three years, seems to grab the last life -saving straw.

In response to the situation of Ms. Zheng, multi -disciplinary expert teams such as Gynecology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ultrasound, Tire Barming Center, and Anesthesiology of Jiangwan Hospital have been diagnosed and evaluated in detail to formulate a systematic and scientific Chinese and Western medicine integrated diagnosis and treatment plan to helpShe was pregnant and survived her pregnancy.

First of all, Professor You Zhaoling, a nationwide famous Chinese medicine medicine, passed on his disciples and Dr. Qiu Lele, Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Jiangwan Hospital.Comprehensive conditioning to help her indicate all aspects to meet the surgical conditions; then, the "cold knife" uterine adhesion separation was performed for Ms. Zheng for the Jiangwan Gynecology team, restored the normal shape of her uterine cavity, and placed a new type of ultra -thin palace palace.The cavity bracket prevention is re -sticky, protecting the endometrium to the maximum extent, and protecting patients’ fertility.

In April 2022, during the half -year stent placement, the Chinese medicine team prescribed the Chinese medicine prescription for Ms. Zheng for Ms. Zheng.The uterine adhesion score has successfully dropped from 10 points to 3 points. The deputy director of Hunan Province’s laparoscopic demonstration base and deputy chief physician of Jiangwan Gynecological Tan Lin immediately performed a laparoscopic cervical ring tie operation.Dipping and pelvic adenomy pelvic gonadotomy and remove the bracket.

initial diagnosis

1. What is incomplete cervical function and how to prevent it?

According to Dr. Tan Lin: The incompleteness of cervical function refers to the relaxation and expansion of cervical pathology due to innate or acquired cervical inner mouth shape, structure and function abnormalities, and cannot maintain the phenomenon of pregnancy to full moon.

The incomplete cervical function is one of the main causes of abortion and premature birth of pregnancy and late pregnancy.

She pointed out that women who plan to pregnancy should evaluate the risk factors of incomplete cervical function, and the expansion of the palace, Qing Palace, cervical laceration, obesity, and reproductive tract infection are repeatedly expanded.Women with late abortion or premature history should conduct detailed risk factors evaluation.

Reduce cervical operations, active weight loss, and controlling genital tract infections may prevent the occurrence of incomplete cervical function to a certain extent.

2. What are the advantages of cervical rings under the laparoscopy?

Dr. Tan Lin introduced: Cervical rings under the laparoscopy are currently an effective way to treat cervical incompleteness.Its advantage is:

1. Prepare pregnancy 1 month after surgery;

2. There is no wound and stitching in the vagina to avoid reproductive tract infections;

3. The sewing position is located in the cervical gorge. For patients who fail through the vaginal cervical ring and are widely removed from the cervix, the cervical removal can still be implemented.

4. Patients do not need to bed strictly during pregnancy, and life can take care of themselves;

5. There is no need to remove the cesarean section. You can get pregnant again.

6. The choice of the timing of surgery is more flexible, and it can be carried out before or 4-9 weeks before or at 4-9 weeks.

After the surgery was successful, Ms. Zheng chose to go home for embryo transplantation in the local hospital and pregnant as soon as possible.However, due to the bitter mouth of Chinese medicine, Ms. Zheng, who had been drinking for more than half a year, stopped taking the Chinese medicine in advance. Unexpectedly, she found that the uterine effusion was found when she was transplanted into the week.

One month later, Ms. Zheng was ready to transplant again. The inspection found that the effusion still existed. Ms. Zheng hurried to Jiangwan Hospital again. After seven days of Chinese medicine with Chinese medicine with acupuncture treatment, Ms. Zheng’s uterine cavity had disappeared.Once successful.

In February 2023, Ms. Zheng, who had been pregnant for 29 weeks, said excitedly: "Thank you so much!

Changsha Jiangwan Hospital broke the traditional medical mode of medical treatment, and innovated a multi -disciplinary joint diagnosis and treatment of gynecology, reproductive medicine center, Chinese medicine department, eugenic genetic department, ultrasonic imaging center, etc., to provide patients with one -stop pregnancy -to -child closed -loop management, allowing children to seek childcare patientsUnder the premise of saving time and funding, avoiding the trouble of traveling to see a doctor, significantly increased the pregnancy rate and health rate, and bring children’s laughter to millions of families.

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Source: Changsha City Jiangwan Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital

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