Xiao Jingteng appeared after his proposal, and brought his fiancee to the show. The 50 -year -old Lin Youhui’s belly was suspected of getting pregnant

On the evening of June 27, Xiao Jingteng was caught in the news that he had a good news. He proposed to the 16 -year -old agent Lin Youhui.

I thought that Xiao Jingteng, who was immersed in happiness, would let go of work and accompany Lin Youhui after successful proposal. I did not expect that after just one day, Xiao Jingteng was devoted to work. This time, he finally stopped covering up and worked with Lin Youhui.The high -profile flashes caused the encounter to eat dog food.

It is reported that this time Xiao Jingteng appeared in Changsha to prepare to record "Slam Dunk 5". On the same day, he wore a small flower shoulder with a brown short T, and wearing beige trousers. The basketball bag was very eye -catching.Yes, I want to come and build a fiancee tailor -made.

It can be seen that his mood is very beautiful. He keeps saying hello and smiles, and walks with wind. He really responds to the old saying: "Everyone is in a happy event."

Lin Youhui’s dress is very low -key. The white casual top with black pants, raising her hair up.

Xiao Jingteng walked with Lin Youhui’s shoulder while walking, and the happiness was bursting. When she encountered obstacles in front, Xiao Jingteng also reminded Lin Youhui to be careful to bypass them, seeing that Xiao Jingteng was spoiled to her and paid attention to some small details.

Even if he saw someone taking pictures, Xiao Jingteng was still hanging on Lin Youhui. He did not expect that this person who was sticking to his girlfriend was Xiao Jingteng and looked very happy.

However, some netizens also noticed a detail. I do n’t know if Lin Youhui is wearing loose or the problem of shooting angle. Her belly raised is obvious.Some are abnormal.

Is it really "double joy"?It is reported that at the proposal ceremony, some netizens noticed that Xiao Jingteng called Lin Youhui to be a girlfriend but a "mother". Many people did not understand why Xiao Jingteng called his girlfriend like this, and even speculated whether he had a "mother -in -law" plot. After all, Lin Youhui was 50 years old.

Some people also speculated that Lin Youhui was pregnant, so Xiao Jingteng called this way, explaining that in Taiwan, China, if a child will follow the child, it is not unreasonable.

Of course, some people have questioned whether Lin Youhui can’t have a child at this age. Xiao Jingteng can’t be a dad. Although the chance of getting pregnant at the age of 50 is very low, it is not impossible. Moreover, Lin Youhui is very young.If you have a baby, I believe many people will give blessings. After all, there are children at this age, which is the greatest happiness.

On June 27, Xiao Jingteng issued officials to propose a successful proposal, and this day happened to be his girlfriend Lin Youhui’s 50th birthday. Choosing to propose this day is very meaningful.

In order to surprise her girlfriend, Xiao Jingteng made a lot of preparations in advance. A large diamond ring worth hundreds of millions of dollars had 15 carats, which was equivalent to about 23 million yuan. It was really the best to love her.

For Xiao Jingteng, he understands that it is not easy for Lin Youhui to accompany him silently over the years, because the two have been secretly in love and have suffered a lot of grievances, so he wants to make up for her in the future and see Xiao Jingteng so romantic.Tears, 16 years of companionship, witnessing each other’s growth all the way, such love is enviable.

This time, when she appeared in the Changsha record, Xiao Jingteng also said with funny saying that he was just a successful proposal. Before he got married, he wanted to ask, when will you get a certificate and when will the wedding be held?Many people have been waiting for the dealers.

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