Yi Nengjing was rumored to appear after pregnancy. The streets of Bangkok were encountered. Netizens: Girls’ face aunt figure

On April 6, a netizen took photos of Yineng Jing’s photos of Yineng Jing through social platforms, which caused a hot comment of netizens.The netizen said that he was strolling on the streets of Bangkok that day and saw a lady in the crowd particularly dazzling. After a closer look, I found that Yi Nengjing was found.She took the courage to step forward and asked for a group photo, but did not expect that the other party actually agreed!She also said that Yi Nengjing was very gentle and enthusiastic, and took the initiative to hold her hand during a group photo.

I saw Yi Neng in the photo wearing a small purple floral skirt, a long hair shawl, and his fair skin was exquisite. He couldn’t see that he was 55 years old.However, although her face is small and exquisite, her body proportion is a bit strange.In particular, her arms looked thick, her palms were very large, and her waist was not as slender as her herself.

Seeing this photo, many netizens commented that Yi Nengjing’s face was not in line with her body. The face looked like a girl, but her figure was obviously aunt. The proportion was very strange.Some people also lamented: "She couldn’t escape the tiger’s back." Seeing these comments, the photographer quickly stood up to solve the siege, saying that it was because she did not shoot well and used a wide -angle lens.In fact, Yi Nengjing is very thin and beautiful.

Recently, Yi Nengjing has been encountered frequently. Earlier, another netizens have taken photos of taking photos with her.In the picture, she is still dressed in long floral skirts, her long hair hangs her waist, her face is exquisite, and she still looks like many years ago.Although many netizens talked about her body, she was already an aunt, but in another way, I can think that Yi Nengjing is 55 years old and has given birth to two children. It is very good to maintain this.Judging from her current state, she is in her thirties, and she is with Qin Hao without seeing age difference.

Yi Nengjing can maintain such a state in the age of 50. In fact, it is not just the result of skin care and maintenance, but is related to her marriage status.Although he is a sister -in -law with Qin Hao, the two have been very loving since they got married to now.Even the man’s parents took Yi Neng in his palm, thinking about him everywhere.This trip to Thailand, she brought Qin Hao’s parents, daughter, and three sisters, and three sisters. There were 15 people going to bring a tour group.

Qin Hao failed to go together because of his work, but when he saw his wife take the lead in grouping, he also left a message in the comment area: "Brush my card." Yi Nengjing replied playfully: "Has brushed."The tacit and warm, let the onlookers eat dog food.

Perhaps because the husband and wife are too loving, there were gossip paparazzi that Yi Nengjing had been pregnant for five months, and he was a boy. They planned to give birth to children in the United States.Pastram even revealed even what the baby room was arranged by Yi Nengjing, and the news looked accurate.

However, Yi Nengjing is currently 55 years old. When she was pregnant with her second daughter, she revealed that her doctor said that her physique was already difficult to get pregnant.Later, she was very grateful for her Xiaomi grain, and it took a lot of money to give birth to her daughter for Qin Hao.After the child was born, the in -laws were also very happy, and there was no male and daughter at all.Even when Yi Nengjing wanted to regenerate one, her mother -in -law advised her very intimately that she should not be regenerated and bad for her body.Such a mother -in -law is comparable to her own mother. Under the care of a family, Yi Nengjing’s state is so good, it is really not surprising.

People say that Xiangxin is born, and Yi Nengjing is getting better and better after he married Qin Hao, but it is conceivable that it is really happy.In fact, when the two were together, there were many public opinion that they were not optimistic about them. After all, the age difference between the two was teenage.Now that they have been married for many years, they have proved to each other with actual actions.Qin Hao’s career is getting better and better, but there has been no scandal for so many years.Harry, Harry, who treats Yi Nengjing and Yu Chengqing, is also very good. Harry often comes.

Qin Hao’s family interacts with her sister Xiaomi.It can also be seen from here that Yi Nengjing not only looks beautiful, but also has a high emotional intelligence. It is even more good to see men’s eyes. They are so good to find two husbands.

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