You can also measure pregnancy without the pregnancy test stick. Do you know these methods?

For each couple who has just been married, he hopes to have his own baby in his life after marriage, forming a happy family of three.

So the couple worked together to start to enter the tense pregnancy period, but the pregnancy was really inaccessible.Perhaps the hope of expectation is not to get pregnant; maybe relaxing, but the baby comes faster.

So the most tired during pregnancy is every woman.

After all, you need to use a test strip or a pregnancy test stick to detect each time after the same room. So is there any faster way to know if you are pregnant?"Don’t say it, really!"

We need to know that for women, as long as the fertilized eggs have successfully settled in the uterus, there will be some subtle changes in the body. Let us know if we are pregnant through observation.

My good girlfriend Annie talked to me a while ago that her recent encounter.It turned out that the young couple had only been married for less than three months, and her mother -in -law always called to urge them, hoping that they would quickly get pregnant.

For Annie, pregnancy is a very privacy. She is always chased by her mother -in -law, making her feel very bad.And she complained to me: "It’s really amazing to spend money during pregnancy."

Since the two did not buy medical insurance at the time, not only did they eat various supplements during pregnancy, but at the same time they had a lot of costs that they had to use after each room.

This is the popularity to her. In fact, it is not necessarily tested with test strips or pregnancy test sticks. We can also see on our body or underwear.

For women who are preparing for pregnancy, as long as we carefully observe our underwear when we go to the toilet every day, we can actually know whether we are pregnant.

You must know that except for the special circumstances of gynecological inflammation, as long as you suddenly find that your secretions are increasing during the same room, and the color is still dull, then the eight achievements of this situation are that Xiao Yan has settled in his body.

The reason why leucorrhea is increased is also because the fertilized eggs will stimulate the ovarian secretion of these substances after the fertilized eggs are in bed. In this case, the vaginal discharge will naturally increase.

So after the same room, we don’t have to rush to use the test paper to test the pregnancy test. First, observe our physical condition. If these situations have already occurred, then the test results will be more accurate.

Of course, in addition to observing the changes in our own underwear, if the body appears during pregnancy, these three manifestations also represent the success of conception.

● Continuous pain in the chest

Once the fertilized eggs are successfully imposed in our women’s body, it will begin to stimulate the continuous secretion of hormones in our women. At this time, expectant mothers will also change their breasts. The most obvious feature is that it starts to continue to tender pain.

Of course, some women also have breast pain before menstruation. If two times do not conflict, then I can basically believe that it is the symptoms of pregnancy. At this time, we can go to the pharmacy to check the pregnancy test.

● Always feel tired and lethargic

We all know that in the early stages of pregnancy, due to the continuous secretion of progesterone in women’s bodies, fatigue and drowsiness will occur.

In this case, if it is not during the same room, you may feel that there is no rest or lack of sleep, but if you suddenly feel tired and lethargic in half a month after the same room, then congratulations to you.Such a reaction may be pregnant.

At this time, we should never take medicine because we are sick. Many expectant mothers think that we are sick. The mental state is not good. Only after the testing paper is tested, we can make judgments by themselves.

You can get more quickly during pregnancy, the following 3 points must be done.

☞ Life and schedule must be healthy

For both husband and wife, it is very important to have a regular life and rest.This can maintain our physical fitness, but also improve the quality of sperm and eggs.

So in addition to ensuring a healthy diet during pregnancy, we should also quit some bad habits.This allows not only to increase the survival rate of fertilized eggs, but also allows the fetus to have a good growth environment.

做 Before pregnancy check must be done

Before getting married, everyone usually has a pre -marital examination.So when we are preparing for pregnancy, we are better to do pre -pregnancy examination, so that we can not only clearly understand the physical condition of both husband and wife.

At the same time, doctors can also determine whether they are suitable for pregnancy based on the inspection. I believe that as long as the husband and wife are both husband and wife, the baby is healthy and healthy can soon come to us.

It is important to relax your body and mind

We all know that relaxation during pregnancy is very important, because many couples are anxious to ask their children in real life, but the more anxious, the more you can’t get pregnant.

This is because it is not conducive to the discharge of eggs and sperm whether it is for women or men.So if we want to prepare better, do not put pressure on ourselves and each other, and try to relax as much as possible to improve the vitality of sperm and eggs.

So if you are also preparing for pregnancy, do you already understand how to observe after reading the article?In fact, I believe that if we do the above, we have become a step closer to expectant mothers.

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