You can’t make up!Can’t you be during breastfeeding?Is it possible that Baoma can only do ash "Yellow Face Po"

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There are people who love beauty, especially female friends, but some girls have forgotten their beauty since they are pregnant. They cannot make up during pregnancy. When the child is born, someone will tell you that you cannot make up and headache!

Lingling is 25 years old. It is the same age. He usually likes to dress herself the most. Whether it is clothes or makeup, it is always very delicate.

But now I am almost 7 months pregnant, Lingling has almost forgotten her beauty, because she does not let makeup during pregnancy, Lingling can only face the sky.

Looking at her more than a dozen lipsticks, Lingling can only be addicted, and encourage herself every day. It is enough to endure for the baby for 3 months!

But recently Lingling has been told by the elderly at home. Now she cannot make up, and she cannot make up for her children. This makes Lingling unable to understand that she cannot be put on makeup during pregnancy.Do you have to wait for another 6 months?

I believe that many young Baoma has the same idea as Lingling, why can’t this breastfeeding make up!

In fact, the breastfeeding period can be made up, but it cannot be made up frequently. When making makeup, avoid heavy makeup. Try to choose light makeup. When choosing cosmetics, try to choose a large brand of cosmetics as much as possible.

The reason why it is not possible to make up during breastfeeding is mainly because Bao Ma and the baby have been in close contact during breastfeeding. The cosmetics on Baoma can easily be touched by the baby, so it is necessary to reduce makeup.

Therefore, after Bao Ma puts on makeup, try to avoid being too close to the baby, especially the lipstick still goes to kiss the baby’s behavior, so don’t do it.

In addition, after returning home, you must remove makeup. When you play with your baby, you must be easily encountered when playing with your baby. If you accidentally eat it, it is not good for health.

Although it can be made up during breastfeeding, when choosing cosmetics, Baoma must be cautious!

1. Leaded elements

Many makeup will contain lead. If the baby is exposed to lead, it is very harmful to the body, so when choosing cosmetics, we must pay attention to this.

2. Hormone -containing and harmful chemicals

This type of cosmetics should be avoided as much as possible. When Bao Ma uses, hormones and chemicals will be absorbed by the skin, then enter the blood, and eventually affect the milk. If the baby absorbs these harmful substances, the body will naturally be affected.

In addition, it should pay attention to the cosmetics containing cosmetic acid, because this kind of substance is particularly easy to be absorbed by the human body, and it hurts to the human body.

3. Too many incense

Daily cosmetics contain a lot of flavors. If the baby is exposed to these flavors, it will be prone to sneezing and allergies.

And these flavors will change the taste of the mother’s body, interfere with the baby’s awareness of the mother’s smell, the baby will cry, and it is easy to be unwilling to be close to the mother and not let the mother hold it.

Therefore, when choosing cosmetics, Baoma must choose cosmetics without additive fragrance.In addition, don’t think about the products such as perfume!Let’s bear it for your baby!

4. Too strong pigment

Lipsticks, eye shadows, blush and other pigments are relatively large, and the baby’s body’s resistance is not as good as adults. These pigments are likely to cause a baby’s allergic reaction.Therefore, when choosing, Baoma should avoid cosmetics with too strong pigmentation.

In addition, when Baoma eats, she needs to wipe off her lipstick.

Some Baoma will also ask, can it be dyed during breastfeeding?It is best not to dye your hair. The chemical composition that will contain some hair dyes is a carcinogenic substance. If the baby is exposed to or indirect contact, it is very unfavorable to the baby’s body.

Although it is said that it is not possible to make makeup during breastfeeding, Bao Ma must persist in this link of skin care. We can use some natural skin care methods to protect our skin, such as cucumber face, honey tomatoes, shattered on the face, and so on.

Did you make up during breastfeeding?

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