You don’t need to grieve your stomach when you are pregnant. These "happy water" are healthy and delicious

For the fashion OL in the city, it is normal for drinking ice latte, cola, and milk tea every day. However, after pregnancy, for the health of the baby, pregnant mothers have to say goodbye to these high -sugar and high -calorie drinks!Watching others enjoying these "happy water" without worry is really painful!In fact, pregnant mothers can also have their own "happy water". Today, I will teach you to make a good and healthy "happy water" during pregnancy!

Don’t drink water within an hour before going to bed to prevent frequent nights.

It is said that water is the source of life. Drinking plenty of water is good for your body, and pregnant mothers should pay attention to hydration.The blood flow in the body will increase a lot after pregnancy. At this time, drink plenty of water to help blood circulation and digestion.Especially in the relatively dry season of autumn and winter, pregnant mothers are easy to feel dry. At this time, pay more attention to the supplement of water, but the more you drink, the better!

Many pregnant mothers have encountered frequent urination. This is because the baby grows up and causes squeezing the bladder.Therefore, the amount of drinking water should not be too much, and a small amount is suitable for many times.Pregnant mothers can consume water from 1000 ml to 1500 ml of moisture per day. Pregnant mothers in the second trimester should drink less water appropriately, 1000 ml per day is better, so as not to cause too much burden on the body.

Pregnant mothers can prepare a scaled transparent kettle and a small cup.Irrilla the water you are drinking today in the morning, so that you can easily master the amount of drinking water in the day.Put the small cup at hand and remind yourself to drink water at any time.Be careful not to drink water within an hour before going to bed to prevent frequent nights.

Thousands of rolling water is the water that has been boiled repeatedly, and the concentration of nitrite and arsenic in water will become higher, which will be harmful to the human body. Pregnant mothers should avoid drinking this water.

The gastrointestinal and intestines during pregnancy are fragile. Drinking too much ice can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Severe can also cause contractions to cause abortion. For insurance, pregnant mothers should drink less ice water!

The boiling tap water contains not only bacteria but also chlorine. If the organic matter remains in the water interacts with chlorine, it will produce carcinogens and threaten the health of pregnant mothers!

Do not drink drinks during pregnancy, but you don’t have to treat your stomach!

In addition to boiled water, pregnant mothers can also make healthy drinks to make water better!This can not only achieve the daily drinking amount, but also control the ingestion of sugar, and supplement other nutrients at the same time!

You ca n’t drink drinks during pregnancy, but you do n’t have to treat your stomach at a loss. With your favorite fruits and vegetables, you can make a refreshing drink without losing the drink. It ’s delicious and healthy!

Production Method:

1. Wash the apple, peel, remove the nuclear, and cut into thin slices for later use.

2. Wash the carrots and peel and cut it into thin slices.

3. Rub the lemon with coarse salt, cut 3 slices with a knife, and remove the seeds.No seeds will be a bit bitter.

4. Put apple slices, carrot pieces and lemon slices in a cold kettle, first pour a little warm water, stir gently, and stimulate the aroma of fruits and vegetables.

After 5.5 minutes, pour 1 liter of purified water into the pot and soak for two hours to drink.


These kinds of fruits and vegetables are also delicious!

◆ Cucumber lemonade: A cucumber sliced+3 slices of lemon+1 liter of purified water.

◆ Cherry cherry water: a peach go to nuclear slices+cherry to check half -cut+3 pieces of lemon+1 liters of purified water.

◆ Kiwi Porcelain Water: Two slices of kiwi+half melon peel off the seeds+3 slices of lemon+1 liters of pure water.

◆ Fire Dragon Fruit Blueberry Water: Half of the Red Heart Dragon Fruit Slice+10 Blueberries Wash the half -cut+3 pieces of lemon+1 liters of pure water.

Corn is a high -nutritional rough grain. The content of dietary fiber and vitamins is rich in content, and it has the effect of appetizing and spleen.The rich vitamin E in corn also helps the fetal brain development.

Production Method:

1. Fresh corn is washed and peeled, spare.Do not use frozen corn, which will affect the taste and juice rate.

2. Put 500 grams of pure water in the pot and boil it. Cook the corn pellet and remove it.Note that the water of boiled corn should not be poured off, cool and set aside.

3. Put corn kernels, milk, and cooked rice into the wall breaking machine into mud. The more delicate, the better.

4. Pour the water that just boiled corn and stir well in the corn mud. If you want to taste thinner, you can add more water.

5. Finally, put it in the filter bag and filter it, the taste will be more smooth!

Avocado contains natural folic acid, which can prevent fetal neuromusca defects and avoid malformations.At the same time, avocado also contains a large amount of nutrients such as cellulose, protein, vitamins, which are good for pregnant women’s health and fetal development.

Production Method:

1. Peel the cooked avocado and put it in the wall, put it in a wall breaking machine to make mud.You can also buy butter puree directly.

2. Put milk and water in the avocado puree, and continue to stir with a wall breaking machine.

3. Pour directly into the cup. You can drink it directly. It is recommended to drink it within half an hour.Over time, the milkshake is easy to oxidize, which will affect the taste and taste.

Apple is rich in minerals, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals such as sugar, dietary fiber, vitamin C, etc.Pregnant mothers often eat apples to promote digestion, cook water with apples to drink sweet and sour, and effectively alleviate pregnancy vomiting, helping pregnant mothers to maintain balance in the body.

Production Method:

1. Specifies the apple and cut the seeds and cut into thin slices.

2. Put the apple into the soup pot and add 1.5 liters of water to high heat.

3. After cooking, turn to low heat and continue cooking for 20 minutes.

4. Turn off the heat and let it cool to drink.

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