You have been recovering for a few days, and you feel swollen every day when you wake up.

Hello, sisters, I have a look at the corners of my eyes recently. I have never made a video. Today, I clean the skin and clean it. Then I apply a new five -color mask, which is super high.

Let’s do cleaning first, and there are 4 pieces of empty use of a box. I still use collagen water to make a bottom. This bottle is already a little bit empty.No good, better.The two days ago, the swelling was particularly powerful and did not make a video. Today, it ’s better to get the mask. It can still be used.Use one face like me at one time, and the face can be used twice.

I did n’t do cleaning for about five or six days, red, and the video that I felt like I felt like I did n’t look good. After waking up every morning, my face was swollen.I have been smeared now, and I can’t wait for this footprint to sit and wait for 15 minutes.There is also a small tidbuck to look at and sleep.

It has now arrived for 15 minutes. Looking at it for five or six days, there are so many garbage without clearing the blackheads. It is applied to the cold feeling of ice. It can absorb the garbage and acne in the pores.There will be no pain.Looking at it is particularly real, you can tear it off if the whole Zhang can be torn off. Dirty garbage will be cleared on this, and the cleaning is super clean.Try a super gentle cleaning mask, the protagonist is here!

After I cleared the fans, I looked at the red nose red, and I used a red mask today.This is the master. If you go to the red and acne, you can apply this red film like a aunt who loves acne during the period.

This membrane cloth is the imitation human skin membrane cloth of creamy skin. It does not taste much, because it does not contain elements such as flavors and no flavors, so it is also particularly worried about it.Take a look at its super high -level essence, and the face is also cold.During the period of my aunt, the sisters who love acne can apply this red film, and the face value is super high.After finishing the essence, there are so many essences. There is no super safety component at all. It can also be used like pregnant women, because I started to use it during pregnancy. I feel pretty good.Go to search for yourself, and your neck can come a little.

Look at this essence super superb and there is no taste. It is especially suitable for taking pictures. Looking at this quality is super beautiful, the effect is also particularly good.It can be applied for 15-20 minutes. I have finished applying it now, and my nose is absorbed and dry. It is not red here. I painted lipstick when I took a picture. After the application, the skin was white.A super -high mask recommendation, goodbye.After applying it, this membrane cloth is still regular. There is no deformation at all. Only a good membrane cloth will do this. A mask with high effect and good effect and good effect is worth starting.

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