Zheng Peipei’s daughter atom Hui was pregnant, and she was pregnant for 14 weeks. Netizens said that she was very similar to her young mother.

Zheng Peipei’s daughter atom Hui was released for 14 weeks of pregnancy this afternoon. She was very happy and looked forward to the arrival of the little baby. Netizens looked at the photos and said that she was very like when Zheng Peipei was young.

Speaking of Zheng Peipei, I believe many people are very familiar with. She has played a lot of classic characters, such as playing Mrs. Hua in "Tang Bo Huzun Qiu Xiang" starring Zhou Xingchi, "Mother -in -law" in "Faithy Yue Fei", and "Yangmen Girl General"Playing Tai Taijun in everyone’s impression is very profound, but now they are in their seventy years, and they have retired to live in their later years.

This is a photo of Zheng Peipei and her daughter’s festival last Christmas. It can be seen that the mental state is still very good, and now her daughter is pregnant. I believe she must be very happy.Zheng Peipei’s daughter took a pregnant belly photo and couldn’t wait to see the baby.

Atomic Hui took a photo: "In this difficult year, I am very grateful to God for giving us a gift during this time, a good news that everyone and my family are looking forward to.I can’t wait to see this little life grow up quickly, embrace this beautiful and magical life and feel every wonderful moment in the next. "

In the photo, I saw atomic Hui showing a pregnant belly photo for 14 weeks and 12 weeks, and there were too many happiness and happiness on their faces.How about looking at the atom of pregnancy?In fact, she was the runner -up of the "Miss Hong Kong" competition in 1999. Later, she also participated in "I’m Not a Star" to win the runner -up, and also participated in "The Season of the Season of Fast Speed" to win the championship. She is a very powerful woman.

Speaking of her marriage, she is a little later. Now she is 43 years old. She held a wedding in the Shenzhen Bay Yacht Club in February last year.14 weeks, this is a very happy thing for her, and bless the baby to produce smoothly.

Seeing atomic Hui, I always feel a little inexplicable. Many netizens look at photos like Zheng Peipei when she was young. Do you see it?

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