Zhu Dan took a second child’s pregnancy photo, and 39 -year -old mother’s pregnancy did not have any effect.

The marriage between Zhu Dan and the two people around Monday has always attracted much attention from netizens, but netizens seem to be not so optimistic about the relationship between Zhu Dan and the couples on Monday. After all, there are a lot of online bad reviews around Monday before.There were signs of PUA Zhu Dan on Monday, but the couple also proved that the two were true love with practical actions. The two in daily life were actually very loving.

Look at Zhu Dan’s status, in fact, her relationship with Monday should still be very sweet. This time Zhu Dan ushered in the 39th birthday. Although it is almost 40, the whole person is very good.I am still very happy. This time Zhu Dan took a series of beautiful photos of his own. For the first time, she released her two -child. Although she was 39 -year -old, she was already a old woman, but the whole person’s state was very good.There is no deformation.

Zhu Dan, who took the photo of his second child this time, except that the whole person’s body became bigger?The limbs are completely slender without any changes. It can be seen that Zhu Dan’s state is really good. If the family is unhappy, I believe that Zhu Dan will not have such a state. Zhu Dan in the photo is still a simple black and black and in the photo.Short -shoulder hair, after the light makeup, gives a more gentle feeling. It may be because of pregnancy. The whole person’s temperament exudes the maternal glory.

Although Zhu Dan was pregnant, he still boldly chose a tight dress. The dress of the dress was tightly wrapped in Zhu Dan’s figure. Although it was pregnancy, Zhu Dan’s figure still remained perfect. Except for his stomach slightly slightly, he was slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly small.In addition to the change, there was no change before pregnancy. Zhu Dan chose a light yellow dress with a very gentle color this time. The skirt was stitched with earthy yellow striped patterns and icon printed patterns to make the entire skirt look more bright.

Although it is pregnancy, Zhu Dan’s private server is still very beautiful. All the choices are all kinds of fairy -fluttering dresses, so that Zhu Dan still maintains a beautiful state even during pregnancy.The loose dress, the loose dress is very suitable for Zhu Dan’s pregnancy figure. It looks full of fairy feel. The white loose skirt blocks Zhu Dan’s big belly, and he can’t see any pregnancy at all.

Zhu Dan’s state after pregnancy looks better than before. The whole person is full of glory of motherhood. It looks extremely gentle and becomes more perfect than before pregnancy. After pregnancy, Zhu Dan prefers a variety of loose dress., After the upper body of the dress, she can be perfectly covered with her body. Zhu Dan in the photo is wearing this loose dress. The background color of the dress is light gray, which is covered with two dark leaves print patterns to let the entire skirt make the whole skirt.It looks full of vacation style.

Zhu Dan’s appearance really can’t see that it is 39 years old. The state is very young.It looks sweet and cute, with a white T -shirt inside with a bright yellow suspender dress on the outside. The princess style doll skirt also has a large bow on it. How to look at the overall style is cute.

Zhu Dan’s people are particularly tall, so even on the show, Zhu Dan is wearing flat shoes and does not seem to cover any beauty. This tall figure makes Zhu Dan even if he is pregnant.Zhu Dan’s upper body is wearing a pure white sweater, a light gray skirt with the lower body, and a glittering silver thin piece on the tulle skirt, so that the overall shape will not be particularly single. I have to say that Zhu Dan is really a big beauty ~

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